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JANUARY Plank Challenge 12/31 - 1/6 (Read 472 times)


    90 sec forward plank

    30 sec left side plank

    30 sec right side plank

    Jan. 6 - done.



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      Forearm planks: 4x 30 seconds front 1x 30 seconds right 1x 30 seconds left 1x 45 seconds front 3:45 total

        2 sets of 60 second planks done after today's 11 mile hosted run -- had some friends join in with me as well including the hostess's 2 huge Big grin dogs!!


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          1 x 60 single-legged forward

          1 x 30 right side

          1 x 30 left side

          That's what I did today, but with arms extended instead of on elbows.

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            I've been doing 1 regular plank, one on each side and then one with opposite arm and leg held up and out...all for 60 seconds.