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Thursdailies 12-27-2012 edition (Read 389 times)


    Mornin' all


    Well, a cold front came through yesterday. Cold being a relative term. Had about a 12 degree drop in temps from yesterday morning to this morning. All the way down to 53*. Oh, and it's windy too. Nope, not complaining at all. I'm thankful I can run, and very thankful I can run in the mild weather we have down here. Now, next August I might be saying something a little different... Wink


    Did 5 miles. Was supposed to be a tempo run, but I just couldn't get going. Fell into a nice relaxed pace and kinda stayed there. I'm blaming the Christmas lights that are still up and on.


    Have a great day! Stay safe and warm!

      Good morning,

      Flarunner 53 degrees is the perfect running temp.  I had a serious snow run yesterday 8 inch came down in the afternoon. Yak trax did a pretty good job but still tuff moving around the neighborhood. I managed to get it done before the city plows showed up.

      I tried to post yesterday but computer would not let me???

      Snow covering 65% of the lower 48 states, Cool


      Have a Great Day !!!

      Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.


        Monring flarunner and Sarge. 53 degrees sounds heavenly right now. Enjoy it.


        Very nice Sarge. Getting ahead of the plows in some nice powder.


        I spent most of the day yesterday shoveling my drive and my FIL drive. Good cross training and had to settle for a TM run with tired tired legs. Felt better on this morning's run.


        It's nice to see the snow but I really do think I need to buy a snow blower. Last year I shoveled once all season. We've already had two snows so I'm guessing I will be in great upper body condition at this rate.


        Hope Santa brought everyone health and happiness (and perhaps a nice single malt or small batch refreshment).



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        delicate flower

          Sarge, nice pic!


          'Morning, folks!  10.3 miles on the treadmill last night (90 minutes).  8:53 avg pace, negative split, slight progression the last five miles.  Pretty easy effort overall.  More of the same planned today.


            Way to go Sarge. I love running in fresh powder. For us right now though there is lots of snow pack ice on the roads.


            Another easy 5.65 on my regular loop. Slow and steady...big mile week.


            It's only a three day work week for me but man oh man has it been dragging.

              Good morning everyone. Hopefully those affected by snow and storms are doing okay. I was reading my running log from last year and on the 27th of December it was 31° and there was no snow on the ground. What a difference a year makes.


              Sarge - great picture!


              Hang in there Slo - you've got the Schmidty weekend to look forward to. Your family always has so much fun. Like Carolyn asked - are you guys burning anything up this year?


              Norm - take that end of the year bonus and buy a snowblower Smile


              First time out in Yaxtrax in quite a while. Forgot what an added effort it is to run in those things. 6 miles in 19° with wind out of the northwest. I was dressed ok but my hands always get cold no matter what I put on them. DH got me knuckle lights for Christmas and I tried them out this morning. I like 'em!

                Hang in there Slo - you've got the Schmidty weekend to look forward to. Your family always has so much fun. Like Carolyn asked - are you guys burning anything up this year? 


                Nope...that's DW's side that likes to burn things. This year it was a homemade cannon. I'll post a pic of it later.


                  Mornin' everyone.


                  Great picture, Sarge! You look happy to be out there.


                  Jlynne, get some water/wind-proof, lined mittens (Saucony has good ones), and add chemical hand warmers if you need them. There is little worse than cold/numb hands that just don't warm up.


                  No snow in this neck of the woods - probably because we are too close to the coast, and thus a little too warm. So we got (and are still getting) wind-driven rain. After hearing the wind howl most of the night, we lost power for a couple of hours this morning. DW and I decided we might as well sleep a little later, since there wasn't much else we could do at the house without power. The next time I woke, the power was back, so I grabbed a hot shower while I could and got the day started. With the wind blowing all sizes of branches around the neighborhood, I decided to not be a moving target, and skipped my workout this morning. Meanwhile, I'm jealous of all of you who have snow!


                  Enjoy!  -  Jay

                  Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

                  Shirtless wonder

                    shadow runner I find doing run/walk intervals in that kind of cold to be pretty tough.  How do you avoid getting chilled during the walks?  If I am lucky I will probably be on a walk/run/walk regime for a few weeks and was thinking it would all be on a TM.  My walks though are going to be more like a mile instead of 2 minutes or so.

                    Twocat: I walk fast.Wink Or rather try not to slow down enough to get chilled as well as not to overdress if possible, i.e., run cool not warm.  I also wear TECHGear shirts that I found at Kohl's last year.  Front is lycra/dry weave material and back is a waffle pattern that vents heat and sweat nicely.  I found they are better than anythng from name brand tech shirts.  Even when I layer polypropylene under or vest over I still don't get chilled.  I think Champion use to make them but not anymore.  Not even sure Kohl's sells them anymore. My DW informs me Kohl's still sell them.


                    Nice running today folks. Great picture Sarge - who was the poor freezing photographer?


                    Rest day for running for me today.  Though I may break-out the free-weights in the garage after DD leaves for work.


                    Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                      I probably shouldn’t mention that I was in shorts as usual today, huh?  But I’m feeling for all of you buried in snow.  We just got tons of rain yesterday, which we needed.


                      I did some road intervals today.  I don’t have access to a track. (Our county locks them up tight; wouldn’t want taxpayers to get any exercise!  Grrrr.)  12x 1/4’s  with ¼ rest; Hanson-style.  A very doable workout that still felt like a workout, if you know what I mean.


                      During my cool-down, I was catching up to an elderly couple out for a morning walk.  The woman was moving easily but the man looked frail and was shuffling slowly.  I coughed a bit so I wouldn’t startle them as I approached from behind.  The man stopped and turned to watch me as I approached.  As I was about to pass he said with a grin, “I guess you’re gonna win.”  Smile  Gotta keep your sense of humor.

                        Good morning folks.  I finally have time to post a few shoutouts.

                        Ribs - The mittens that have the handwarmer packets would probably be the ticket to your cold hands.  I have the 180s gloves for running and like those.  I'm saving the handwarmers for when it really gets cold.


                        Econo - I hope you get your snow fix pretty soon, just go for that drive up to the mountains.  Nice progress Ben is making with your awesome dedication to helping him.


                        I thought about getting a running belt this summer for the half marathon but decided I didn't need it.  I've never used a gu packet but did pin one to my shorts for one of my long runs.  I was chicken to try it and get an upset tummy.


                        Speaking of upset tummies, ow vey!  I felt queasy when I left work yesterday at 4:30.  When I got home the diarreah hit with a vengance.  I don't get sick often, maybe once every 10 years but this was awful.  The puking stopped about 9 pm but I had the chills and could not get to sleep.  I turned the fireplace on and cranked the furnace up to 74°.  MrStarr was upset when he woke up in front of the tv a little too warm.  I had 6 quilts/blankets on and still was cold.   One good thing is that the icemaker in the fridge is fixed now.  The cubes have been coming out as "crushed" for months now.  I got a glass of crushed ice every half hour when I was up in the night and the last time got cubes!  Yeah!  I'm taking the day off today and should get the presents wrapped while I'm home alone.  MrStarr is on his way to Sioux Falls and stuck in bad weather behind an accident on I-90.  He's glad that the guy behind him took the ditch instead of rear-ending him at highway speeds.  SLOW DOWN people.


                        Joe - what running jacket did you get?  I just have a Polartec fleece once that keeps the wind out pretty good.  I add the windbreaker if it's below zero.


                        Leslie - take care of that foot.  Hope you get some answers at the doctor's


                        Twocat - good luck to you on your recovery with the ankle.


                        Florida sounds like a great place to be, MikeE, Maybe you can find Breger1 somewhere, and Flarunner.  55° is perfect running weather.  Although Sarge does look like he's having fun!


                        Troy - I wanted to get a Samsung camera like yours for Christmas but haven't ordered it yet.  Did you have to buy the lens separately.  I found the camera around $300 and the extra 30mm pancake lens for about the same.  MrStarr thinks we need the big SLR digital Canon Ti4 but I'm the one who always takes the photos when we go on trips.  I like the point and shoot that fits in my pocket, and think I'd like a camer like yours a lot better than the huge one.


                        Time for a shower and start doing laundry.  I have a huge pile of dirty clothes in the bathroom now, yuck.

                          4.2 miles this morning.  That gives me 12 miles to go to reach 1200 miles in 2012. 

                          We got about an inch of powder overnight and it was sunny so it was a beautiful run.  I stuck to only streets where the city didn't dump a bunch of salt so I could enjoy the snow.  A rare sunglasses day in mid-Michigan.

                          Humanity runs on coffee.

                          Shirtless wonder

                            Joe - what running jacket did you get?  I just have a Polartec fleece once that keeps the wind out pretty good.  I add the windbreaker if it's below zero. 

                            Fleece always feels heavy for me so try to stick to minimal weight whenever I can.  Which is why I was looking for lightweight running jacket/vest.  Men's Frank Shorter Element Jacket is the brand name.  My DW ordered it from National Running Center.  It was also on sale which is always a plus.  Big grin


                            Here is link to website for Women's version:


                            As for Gu and stomach...drink water immediately after consumption.  Usually 2 glasses during race does the trick.  Training I guzzled about half a bottle but only did it once [at 10 mile halfway point]  prior to marathon to test stomach reaction.


                            Looks like more folks have been running/training.  Great job folks.  I just finished 55 minutes of free weights in garage - all UB.  Garage not heated but after first few excercises, cooler temps were a plus.


                            Later folks.


                            Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                              There have been a lot of snow and dog pictures by starr, wild, rhoon, and sarge.  Neat.  tomw, it sounds like you've gotten in some great grandpa time.


                              Nice long runs for mike, CNY, and baboon.


                              This morning, I was too wimpy to go out in the snow and wind so got in 9 miles on the TM at an average pace of 10:58.


                              A good day and good runs for all.


                              Jeff F

                              Free Beer

                                The snow missed us; forecast was for 1-3 but all we got was flurries.


                                My GD ended up in the hospital with viral pneumonia so between being at the hospital and work I did manage to get in a nice 5 mile run at lunch today.  Pushed the pace; average 8:42.  Starting to feel like a runner again.


                                GD is going to be okay but she hasn't been eating and was dehydrated, she is only 9 months old and has always been tiny.  Should be home in a day or two; just tough on my DD and DW.