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Carefree Friday 2/1/13 (Read 42 times)

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    Good Morning!


    6 (feels like -13) degrees here, so I gave up some running time to drive DS to school so he wouldn't have to freeze at the bus stop.  DD doesn't get that privilege, since I leave for work before her bus comes, but at least I knw she's smart enough to dress warm, unlike my teenaged son.  Roll eyes


    4.5 miles on the TM.


    Happy Friday!

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      Good morning Holly and everyone to follow, I am just trying to catch up as it has been quite hectic both at work & at home the last few days.


      My wife lost one of her aunt’s who passed away at the wonderful age of 98 this week.  She was quite with it right up until the end and was the last of my late father-in-law's 6 sisters to pass.  There are now only two brothers left out of the 7 boys in his family, (yes he was one of13). So we'll be busy with the visiting hours this evening and funeral services tomorrow.


      Jay I hope that the acupuncture helps what ails you.


      Tramps – I too have BTDT, and wish I had read your post before my run Wednesday afternoon, DOH!


      Ribs – what a great tribute to what truly appears to have been a good running friend to all. (I love reading your Blog), and glad you are feeling less tired.


      Tammy – Congrats to your son, I look forward to being able to read what they write about him.


      Mike – I had to chuckle when I saw that you couldn’t figure out what BTDT meant…too funny.Smile


      Esther – Now you really made me laugh when I clicked on your link for Mike, hilarious!Big grin


      C-R – looks like you had a great group to run with while traveling in Dallas.


      Carolyn – Just keep the laughs coming!


      Tom – You did just that with your additional BTDT definitions….way too funny!Big grin


      Now for my runs: Wednesday was supposed to be a 13 mile long run, I figured I would run from the house since it was so balmy but as soon as I started out I could feel that I had no energy at all and ended up slugging out a long tiring 10.67 miles at a very slow pace. 10.67 miles - 1:49:49 (10:19) think maybe the fact that fasting since Tuesday evening for some blood work etc. had anything to do with that? Water throughout the day and a clementine and an apple after my blood work on the way home before this run, what was I thinking?  DOH!!!Confused


      Thursday - 5 Miles - 41:54 (8:23) – much better.


      I have an 11 miler on tap for this afternoon if I can get it in.

      Trails are hard!

        Does anyone else's main forum page look strange?  It's got everthing there, just sort of spread out and in strange locations. Confused  Everything else looks just like normal.


        I have a collallary to Tramp's training rules.  When looking at the forecast, look a little beyond just the temperatures.  When I saw that thursday was going to be in the 50's, I skipped wednesday.  Did not noitce the 30-50MPH winds and heavy rain that came with it.  When the alarm went off and the house was shaking with the rain drumming on the roof, it was PRETTY easy to roll over.


        So went out for two laps around the lake to make up for my wimpiness. 6.2 miles for the longest mid-week run that I can remember.   Still a little breeze at 15+, but very much comfortable at 27°.  The lake had been frozen enough that people were skating earlier  in the week, but the warm day and high wind took most of the ice away.  It did give the very neat ice wind chimes where the remnants were blown up against the shore.  Very bright half moon this morning, too.  all in all a very nice morning.


        now I guess I need to work.

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


          4 miles...TGIF!!!

          Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

          Back on Stride

            Scary freak injury: A friend of mine was running Saturday morning on the snowy path around the lake, wearing her Yaktrax, as I had just an hour earlier. Apparently, part of the strapping broke and the loose end of one of the underfoot coils snagged on her opposite pant leg and pitched her down fast and hard. She broke her upper arm bone, which is now in a sling (no cast required), but I'm sure it's very painful and still swollen. Her husband told me it could be 4-6 months to a full recovery (bones don't heal as quickly at 60 as when we were younger!). That's got to be tough on her, who has worked almost every day for the last 40 years!


            It might be a good idea to check your Yaktrax if you have them. With the way they're under your foot, plus aging of the rubber from temperature and salt, they do wear out. I replaced mine last year after one of the straps broke.


            It's strange how often it's so much colder where Holly lives than up here 200 miles to the north. I wasn't planning on running today, but since it was 18F and sunny and headed for single digits tomorrow morning, it seemed like a good idea. And it was: 3.75 miles on the rail-trail with just a light dusting of snow, sunshine, and just a light breeze.


            Have a good weekend everyone! I'm in charge of the club's monthly "Bagel Day" refreshments out at Stoney Creek Metropark Sunday morning, so you're all invited. Big grin

            Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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              Sounds like she was wearing boot cut running pants, rather than tights. Crazy. So sorry about your friend's freak accident, Roch.


              Been delaying going out for my long run long enough. See you all 15 miles from now!

                  think maybe the fact that fasting since Tuesday evening for some blood work etc. had anything to do with that? Water throughout the day and a clementine and an apple after my blood work on the way home before this run, what was I thinking?  DOH!!!Confused


                It's oddly reassuring to know I’m not the only one who does stuff like this.


                Stumpy—nope, forum page looks normal here.  Funny addition, too.  Cold rain is an automatic non-starter for me.  I do have my standards.

                Wow, Doug, that is a sad, freak injury.  Good reminder about safety.


                The winds were roaring like a freight train this morning.  I felt like I was being buffeted almost all the way.  So it was 12 not-so-easy miles.  I’m gonna feel this in tomorrow’s long run.

                  ...stumpy//...........yeah, I thought it was just my computer, but the forum currently isn't very user friendly.


                  snow here, 19-degrees


                  tore up my back

                  so it doesn't matter til Saturday when I go out for a poolrun

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                  Trails are hard!

                    I apparently clicked (or didn't click) on the compatibility view in IE.  still not sure whether it was on or off, but it toggles between weird and normal looks.  So now I'm still confused, but able to see what I want.

                    Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                      posting tet's pics didn't work for me either.

                      not sure why.


                      King of PhotoShop

                        Condolences to you and your wife Maine.  Re that blog post, it was the 2nd most-viewed post by me ever because I wrote about a popular man.


                        Tomorrow at my Club race they will have a little tribute to him, then Sunday a memorial service, then a group celebratory run.


                        My RP and I took our dogs to the park today and walked just over a mile, so we could get home in time to see her husband again on the NFL Network, covering the coaches' press conference. He did another outstanding job and it was fun to see him.


                        Tammy, no luck on those photos.  Spareribs

                        MM #5615

                          Stumpy--I was going to ask the same thing about the forum.  Last night it was really out of it's better but still not quite right.  I was afraid to ask, though, after the last time I asked a question...


                          I hope your back feels better soon, tomwhite.


                          Oh, yeah--photos aren't pulling through for me, either.

                            I was driving by the running store and decided to pull in and buy a new pair of shoes.  Mizuno Wave Elixir 7's.


                            Took them out for a 3 miles test drive.  So far so good.

                            And so it goes

                            King of PhotoShop

                              For the record, and not to cause trouble, I've never trusted Tet. But now I see he has Tammy in his corner making more mischief.  Spareribs


                                Got new shoes yesterday (NB730s) and got on the treadmill with them. Wow. I have my new lightweight trainer. And they were on sale (Joe's New Balance Outlet). Too cold to be outdoors at 5 this morning (-something) and I needed to get some miles before my trip to Cincy and back.


                                Take care of that back Tom.


                                Good advice roch and sorry to hear about your friend's injury. It is odd how sometimes Michigan is warmer than down here in the winter. Must be the wind patterns.


                                Sorry for the loss Maine.


                                I get it Holly. My neighbors kid showed up to walk to school yesterday in short sleeves. I threw a coat on him and sock hat. Teen boys sometimes live in a different reality.


                                Have a great Friday everyone.

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