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Father's Day Daily, 6.16.13 (Read 49 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Where is everybody? It's 11:30 here, and no one has posted yet?


    I heard this morning that Mother's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for florists, and Father's Day is when the most collect calls are made...Shocked


    Yesterday, I racewalked 8.4 miles early, did some yard work, and helped DW track her sister who was completing her 450-mi. fundraiser bike ride From Bloomfield, NY to Hampton, NH. When she started getting close, I got on my bike and road about 12 miles or so to escort her to the finish. While I was gone, SIL's DH arrived by car after a long drive from Bloomfield. When I met up with SIL, she said she was feeling good, but was ready for this to be over. We stopped on the way into Hampton to take photos at a few notable signposts. A few folks met us at the "Welcome to Hampton Beach" sign where pictures were taken, posted, sent, etc. Then SIL ceremonially dipped her front tire in the Atlantic Ocean. Afterwards, we relaxed at the house, and I grilled roasted veggies, burgers and chicken for dinner. Nobody stayed up late last night.


    This morning, the SIL wanted to ride up to Portsmouth, NH and across the bridge into Maine (about 15-18 miles from here) so she could check another state off. I gave her directions, and she left at about 5:30. I left at 7 to go for a workout and lead a racewalking training session. I walked about 5.3 miles, but my quads were trashed from yesterday's biking, and I had a hard time on the hills. By the time I got back, DW had gone to pick up SIL, who had taken a wrong turn on ther way back and was lost. We all had breakfast, SIL spoke with a local reporter about her ride and fundraising effort, and then SIL and her DH went for a ride with DW while I finally got a shower. SIL and her DH will be staying overnight tonight, and then heading back home (both by car) tomorrow morning. Everyone wants to just chill for the rest of the day, and that's fine with me. But first, I have some chores that must be done...





    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

    Trails are hard!

      Happy Father's to all, too.


      Jay--sounds like quite a ride for your SIL.  Very dedicated.


      Just got back from our town's Relay for Life.  I play support staff for my DW's team and so get to go home and sleep for a few hours.  She and her friends spend the night chatting away and making fun of all their 20's something kids that fall asleep in the middle of the night.  Of course, they are also JUST a little delirious come morning cleanup.  Her team's fund raiser is a lap bead necklace--you buy a gimp necklace and then collect a bead for it every lap you pass by our site.  This year we did a combo of colors representing Boston Strong and Boston Bruins.  They also have a prize for most miles and a young man (who WILL not be doing much walking today) did 30 miles.

      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


        Happy Father's Day to all the dads! 5k this morning then breakfast with my  oldest daughter. Tori is on canoe trip with school on Father's Day of course. Let therm try that on Mother's Day Lol....  This weekend in Brockville we were the first stop for the Tallships Festival. Amazing weekend. Beautiful to run along the water and see 13 of these amazing boats out at once. Have a fun day everyone. Tall

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          ...mornin' guys//////////




          ....40min bike ride



          hurt her foot yesterday


          I showed her how to wrap a Figure-8 with an Ace Bandage..........she was delighted.



          knew all this practice would pay off one of these days


          ......................good running guys.....

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Wanted to run for 3 hours today, but 17 miles was all I had in me today...Still a wonderful day to be alive...I have 2 beautiful daughters and a lovely wife to be thankful for....I can't believe I'm so fortunate...

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              Got in 8 slow this morning on a difficult weather day here.


              Good job pfriese on the AG win and to you Ek on the tough 50K.


              Did I actually see Cashmason here?  There's a blast from the past.


              Family taking me out to dinner tonight.  Happy Father's Day all.  Spareribs

                Happy father's day to all the father!!!!. And those who are not, may you celebrate and cherish the father you have, tell them how special they are to you, even if they are already in heaven, tell them anyway!


                Erika, wow...what a monsters 50k that is! I hope you recover well for the rest of your week.


                Well, the posie family have a new ultra marathoner! Son Daniel finished his Echo Ridge 50k in 7:40 minutes yesterday. His running buddy dropped out at mile 19 with some possible stress fracture. I was debating to do this ultra with them, I am so  glad that twocat brought me to my senses because this was not an ultra for beginners! let alone for someone who has been doing so many marathons in the last two months like I have.


                My DH woke up this morning determined to be on his feet for at least 2:30 minutes in preparation for the Light marathon. Today's focus was hydration and nutrition during the race. I think he has been hanging around marathon runners so much that he pretty much knows exactly what he should do. We went back to Rock Creek, which is where he ran his LR last weekend, and we ran up and over a small ridge and back again. He ended with 3:08 on his feet and he did much better this time around. Longest run to date for him! Smiling big here, of course!


                Now off to plan a special  father's day dinner. We are celebrating ultra Daniel as well!

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                  pfriese, great half with 1st in AG.  evan, fantastic 50K and 2nd OA.  Jay, neat you rode with your sister in law for the finish of her 450 mile bike ride.  mari, congrats to your ultra son.


                  Nice long runs for stumpy and lynden.  Good job on the speedwork for Mike (with Ryan).


                  This morning, it was in the low 60s and there was a little wind.  I got in 3 miles at a 10:51 pace.


                  A good day and good runs for all.


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                    Happy Father's Day!


                    Back home again after a lovely weekend of hiking, swimming and hot-tubbing in Hocking HIlls.  I admit to only running 2.1 miles on our trip.  Our cabin was situated in some very steep, roller-coaster hills, and when I found I was walking almost as much as running, I gave it up.  We did a lot of hiking into and out of river gorges, though, so I climbed and descended lots of steps.  I posted some pics on Facebook, and will likely post a few more. By far the most lovely, visually stunning place I have been to in Ohio.  The pictures don't quite capture the immensity of the terrain, but they rarely do.


                    Erika - I look forward to hearing about your race!

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                       I heard this morning that Mother's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for florists, and Father's Day is when the most collect calls are made...Shocked




                      I hope the dads still get ice cream. That is a way long bike ride.


                      Wow, that's a lot of running Nancy


                      Holly, did Dexter and Daisy get to chase critters???


                      When it was still dark, Dad got up and had coffee. I kept bugging him to go run run run for father's day and we did!!! There was not lots of sun and there was fog too. When it's like that, I stay closer to Dad because he gets scared. We went run run run down the busy road and we saw two cars! We finally got to my trail and that was much more fun. I still was close to Dad because he's a big scaredy baby. Then I saw the best father's day present ever! A porkypine! I ran ran ran to get 'em get 'em. Dad got scared all out and started yelling like a little baby and I had to come back to keep him safe. When we finally got to my best creek I jumped in and got a big big drink. When I got out, Dad said, "On your mark! Get set! Go!" and I went! On the way back, I saw a deer that I could get for Dad, but he got scared again and called me back. Who would not want a deer to have?

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                        Erika, congrats to 2nd place overall!  Wow, some parts of that elevation profile look like they need rocking climbing equipment.

                        Mari - congrats to your Ultra Son Daniel.  Simply amazing.  And to your hubby too.

                        Nice long run Lynden.

                        No run for me.  I did survive the millions of screaming kids at the waterpark, in fact, climbing up all those stairs over and over to get to the highest slides really sapped me and I slept great, well except for my son moaning all night with a stomach ache.  Good advice MIke, a few adult beverages can did really change my outlook on these things.


                        Happy Father's Day to all you Dads.  My Dad has been such a great stabilizing force in my life.  Still sharp as a tack at 87, and stubborn as a mule, but the kindest soul on earth.

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