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    I did get my run in. I able to push it and do 5.6 miles before going to lift weights. Pretty tough day at gym. 5 sets on bench topping out 185, narrow grip bench 3 sets, w press 3 sets, skull crushers, lat pulls, 1 set leg ext, 2 sets deadlift 135, 5 sets squats tops at 260, ab work, and narrow grip curls. Long run in am planned along with temps 45 degrees and rain. Marathon Derrick

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      I also got my "sexy arms" video in the mail today.
      Well,, I don't think I've heard of that one before...I'm envisioning a video with lots of men standing around flexing their biceps.. Big grin Derrick - glad you made it out there after all.

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

        As your moderator (of sorts), After much deliberation, I'll let the suggestive picnic tables stand. Given that they are well cover. Snorkin good post Steve. Rest day, JJJ
        Thanks, J3, for lettin' the pictures stay. I keep going back to sneek a peek at them.
        Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM
          Good evening folks or late afternoon...or perhaps even early morning for some, Anyway....Good going Derrick! Glad you got the run in and all. I loved the photos Steve and I am laughing out loud as I sit in the airport now. Reports of some blonde lady cackling are constant these days. The urn is wonderful. As for running while traveling, I try to be faster than anyone who might have nonsense on their minds, but it's more often the case that it's too early in the AM for many to notice. If the hotel/motel is in an area I don't know and seems scary, I'll go to the treadmill---although I encountered a really awful situation in an exercise area where someone suggested some really nasty stuff. Since my clients are colleges or universities, I usually call the cross country coach and ask about recommended routes and also use I also have the great fortune of meeting some of you in real time and have new running buddies in new places. Holly...I'll be back in Dayton soon! Thanks for asking and like the awful story of the runner who was killed reminds us....just be aware. That look of toughness on my morning run face is probably a grimace as I gut it out or squinting because I don't have my glasses on! Anyone want to run with me when I am in Phoenix on March 6 and 7? Plane's on time, sneakers on my feet and luggage all accounted for....sweet dreams soon. "See y'all tomorrow" CNYrunner Wildchild......I did the "pinch, punch owe me lunch" thing to my son.....he was not amused and I may have to walk paces behind him on the way to the bus stop now. Not really...I can still outrun him even if he can out skate me. My days are numbered, but I still yell "GO" and turn tail and sprint up the driveway....ha!
            sheesh, mating season... flew right over my monday morning head... steve you're a genius. 1200 59 4.5 7:30 pace
            gen·ius (j¶n“y…s) n., pl. gen·ius·es. 1.a. Extraordinary intellectual and creative power. b. A person of extraordinary intellect and talent. c. A person who has an exceptionally high intelligence quotient, typically above 140. 2.a. A strong natural talent, aptitude, or inclination. b. One who has such a talent or inclination. 3. The prevailing spirit or distinctive character, as of a place, a person, or an era. 4., ge·ni·us (j¶“n¶-º”).Person who abused too many substances and is permanently deranged but can still wander loose. Is politely tolerated while society waits for the other shoe to drop. See Arkham Asylum.



              Greetings Steve, or should I say comrade #4? So when were you released? walked 1.5 miles. feeling less prunish on the inside. jjj
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                Weird run. Started on my own at a really nice recovery pace. Intercepted my running club's Monday night runners. Tried to keep up and failed. 4 miles @ 9:58 pace but the splits were 11:24, 9:26, 8:47 and 10:14 Undecided The over training bug has bitten me in the bum! Time for a rest.

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                  I just returned from a week of skiing. The good news was that the conditions were great! If you ski this is the year to get to a mountain. The bad news was that due to skiing and a conference at the resort I had to run all my miles on a TM last week. Barely survived with my mind intact. (Not sure why those space aliens are suddenly so interested in me though . . .) It is a lot warmer here at home so off I went for a 10 mile run with 5 at HM pace. Well, my new and apparently slower than last fall HM pace. But hopefully I am getting my speed back as the weeks pass by on this cycle's training schedule. CNY if you are in the New Haven area let me know. I run about once a week (5 or 6 miles) with a group there. You would be welcome to join us. Steve glad somebody explained the photos! I was totally befuddled when I first saw them. Very cute! Mary good luck with the Garmin. It is such an addictive toy I have no idea what I would do without it!

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                    steve - that is a beautiful urn didn't post yesterday but put in a great 5 miles on the treadmill at the gym after working all night - did 1/2 mile intervals at an 8:20 min/mile pace which is great for me - then recovered for 1/4 mile at 9:30 pace today - no energy at all, couldn't even make it home from work in the morning without stopping for a nap in a strip mall parking lot - don't get was also DS #2 20th b-day so skipped the workout altogether and did the dinner and birthday thing instead!! tomorrow supposed to be in the 40's here so planning a 10-11 miler



                      Walked for an hour on the treadmill tonight at a not so good pace. My hip and lower back are bothering me so I called the oncologist today. Tonight I'm going to take an oxycodone and when I go next week we're going to discuss my pain further. Hope he realizes that I'm not going to stop walking! Wink

                        9.5 miles running today. Yes I actually do still run sometimes. Helped a neighbor and her kids chase their chocolate lab for a mile and a half. Much more fun than just trudging out the miles. 50 degrees but 24 mile winds.
                          CNYrunner you ever get up to Alaska?? Too bad your AZ trip isnt' the week before, you could play with our relay team! I have a 20 mile run to do on Sunday... March 2... wanna move your schedule up a bit? Big grin I actually might blow that run off if I don't find a running partner. Not too comfortable heading out for 10 miles (and therefore back 10 miles for 20 total) in unfamiliar territory. Tonight I stuck with the cross training thing and did 30 minutes (8.03 miles) on the stationary bike, and 30 mins (2 miles) on the treadmill... walking. Then came upstairs again to feed hooligans.