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    I can't BQ, but I'm hoping to get a lottery number through our NE 65+ running club to run in 2015 - to celebrate my 70th bday! unfortunately the demand is much higher than it used to be.... Big grin



      TriBee2010 butterfly was bit by a zombie.  In another couple of days it should have the zombie virus fought off and be back to normal.  Happens all the time.

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        Oh dear!

        New skirt in town

          I had a lousy run this year, and missed a BQ time.  Fortunately, I've run with the Melanoma Foundation for 4 years in a row, raising money with them even though I already had a qualifying time.  Hopefully I can get on the team again!  I'm hoping to run a qualifying time at the Baystate Marathon in October, though.  Even though I won't have a BQ under my belt for Boston Marathon registration, I like the idea of having a qualifying time by race day.



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