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    While I try to figure out why my computer code that was running just fine a few weeks ago is now bombing out . . .


    SteveP well at least with Nurse "Bubba" there was no risk the DW would call for Divorce Lawyer "Ralph!" Joking


    evanflein you mean you do not just go from one winter to another up in Alaska?  Big grin  I hope you got in your outside after work run today.


    Mariposai you turn into a zombie after a TM run not in anticipation of one!  Geez don't you know anything about movie zombie lore.  Roll eyes


    Holly S. given you job and since you are now on salary can you work from home some days?  Being able to adjust hours around is one of the major perks of not being paid by the hour.  You just have to get stuff done.


    StarrRuns good for you DH!  Too many people I know when told by their doctors to get in shape or <insert serious health issue or death> pick the do not get in shape option.  So good for him for picking a healthy life!


    Tallrunner congratulations on your continued recovery.


    Tramps no.  I am calling the cops!  Angry


    Spareribs well while you are there say hi to our mutual friend.  Boy are we all getting old! Cry


    OrangeMat maybe send them an email back saying that for $200 you will see about helping them to recover their money?  You know, one good turn deserves another and all that.  Just a thought.  Smile  Nothing like a mess that never ends.


    breger1 a tempo run is tough in my book whenever.  They are my Achilles heal.


    TammyinGP I hear weather men are never long.  But then I also hear Zeus telling me to run out in lightning storms so who knows.  Anyway, I hope the weather actually turned out as forecast.


    Dave59 now there is the spirit!


    Fortunate One a TM run?  Makes your handle kind of off don't you think?  Maybe change it for the day to Unfortunate One?  Certainly how I feel post TM run.  In any case good for you for doing it!


    tomwhite as usual I have no idea what you wrote.  Some day I need to see if Google translate will work on your posts.  Confused  Funny cartoon though!


    OrangeMat hmm, your HTML table code needs some editing.  But a really nice run there!


    divechief I suspect any number of 10 to 15 year old kids would pay to clean those windows for you!


    Okay, I think I figured out the problem with my code.  Somehow I typed in SIC instead of sic and yes that makes all the difference!  Well a few hours shot on the caps key is all . . . Roll eyes  Oh yea, this is a running forum.  Running.  Ahem.  Today I passed the half way to 20 mark so I can actually run Boston instead of crawl it with an 11 mile run.  Great running weather well great given it is winter and all.  I got out while was sunny. Fortunately, we will get another couple of inches of snow tonight because we can really use more.  Black eye  How many days to summer?


    Cooking for Valentine's Day:  I saw this recipe on Guy's Big Bite for a "Roasted Roots and Radiatore Pasta Salad."  Basically, you roast a bunch of root vegetables and then pile them over pasta and then dump a vinaigrette dressing/sauce over them.  I never thought of a dressing for root vegetables but it sounds quite good actually.  I am thinking of making this sans pasta for a side dish with dinner tomorrow.  The only problem is my DW does not like root vegetables.  But I am hoping that with the vinaigrette these might work out.  In any case, I have a spinach salad as a starter just in case.


    I just saw this an my local liquor store's FB page:  Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky.  Anybody here ever try it?  Is it any good?  Worth buying a bottle?

    Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

    Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

      Tramps - Great run especially 9 at MP!


      Ribs - Glad the groin is better, and teh Pope jokes were great.


      OM - i hope your lower back gets better quickly, you still got in a great run.


      Bill - 6 miles in warm weather, I would take it!


      Dave - Nice double.


      Fortunate One - Great run on the TM - no crap day for you is right!!


      Divechief - sounds like you did your cool down before your 3 mile run.


      TwoKitty - I'm glad your running is going well, and I can feel for you with the news of more snow coming your way.  Luckily for us here in Maine it looks like these next two will just miss us...I hope!


      I got outside for a nice 14 miler today with a co-worker in York - 2:02:45 (8:47) - great day for a run 41 degrees and mostly sunny.

      MM #5615

        Hello everybody!


        I went out in a cold wet snow--with dead legs--a crappy mood--and went 12.4 in 1:36:55.


        Okay--I need a shower and something to eat...and a beer.  See ya.  Oh, hey--is Valentine's Day coming up sometime this week?


          No particular reason.  I just felt like running again.


          Just needed to be said again.


          Ran twice today. Second one was mile repeats with recovery. Ugh.


          Hey Ribs, do you get to pet the cheetah that Jim always had around. Loved that show growing up.



          "He conquers who endures" - Persius
          "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel

            Good evening everyone.  Hi arf!  It’s good to see you here too. Your running always inspires me.  Ribs and Jlynne, sorry about your back pains, that’s no fun at all.  Maybe you could take a walk around Omaha’s zoo with all the wild animals.   OM, hope you get all straightened out with the credit card mess. What if someone cancels their card after the extra credits and before the debits?  Wow Byll, sub 8’s is speedy… I’d take 12’s right now and be happy.  Tomwhite, that sounds like one crowded lane you had at the pool.  Dive, yippee for you to have all that time off.  You have one brutal schedule though.


            Well the sun was out most of the day and in the 30’s which did a number on the icy roads, nice!  I ran the lake after work, well walked a minute after each mile and through the slush and puddles, but I was out there for over an hour.  I was passed by a gentleman about my age and he said “good job”.  He was the only runner or biker or walker I saw. The sunset was lovey and a very sure sign that spring is coming, yeah!


            I was thinking about a blog I read today from Harvey McCay, a Minneapolis businessman, calledWhat is your next marathon?”. He says ” One of the best decisions I've ever made in both my business and personal lives was to start running.”  That’s how I feel about running even though I’m not always consistent.   He talks about running (a marathon) being a mental challenge more than a physical challenge.  I’ve often thought that his excellent principles would also apply to running…. Now I know why!  I imagine that Ribs knows who he is, and has read his books and maybe even met him.   Today’s Mackay's Moral: If you don't climb the mountain, you can't see the view.


            Gotta get to bed.  Oh I made a heart-shaped red velvet cake to take to work tomorrow for Valentine’s Day.  The frosting didn’t turn out exactly right, but I’m sure it will taste fine.  Mariposai, did you make your cake from scratch?  Those are the best!


            MM #405







              .........we need some good Back Jokes.....


              OK, you asked for it..........


              Jane went to her doctor complaining of a bad back.

              After trying every remedy he knew, her doctor finally said "Jane, how do you have sex?"

              "Always doggie style" she said.    "Ah, that's it!"  said the Doctor.  "Why don't you try having it on your back?"

              Jane said "Have you ever smelled a labradors breath?"


              Tramps - YES you are illegal


              Fortunate - wow you are fast!  Nice run!


              Starr - You are MY inspiration



              5 mile easy peasy run for me.....just like Lynden's

              Plus 6 miles cycling to and from work


              good night friends

                  Oh I made a heart-shaped red velvet cake to take to work tomorrow for Valentine’s Day.  The frosting didn’t turn out exactly right, but I’m sure it will taste fine.  Mariposai, did you make your cake from scratch?  Those are the best!


                Sistahh, don't worry if your frosting did not turn out ok. People will see the love and energy you put into quilters will say...there is always beauty from a galloping horse distance Smile. I know they will enjoy your cake.


                Yes, I make all my cakes from scratch, even the wedding cakes. My German truffle cake turned out beautiful post decoration, but the French vanilla and Chantilly frosting did not as well as I had hoped (I think the air was a bit too humid at my house tonight. Chantilly is a very picky frosting as you may know)...but they are done now and I hope it brings a lot of money during the action tomorrow to bless this precious lady who is in need.


                Ohhh, we must see your red velvet cake picture, please!!! You are such a sweetie, you know!!! Your office will love you, which is what Valentine day is all about, right?


                Twocat, nope, I don't know much about movie zombie lore, do you know much about yasy yatere lore???.

                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                  Nice jokes Ribs... I think.


                  Nice double Dave59


                  I feel for your snow conditions Two Cat


                  Hi Starr!!!





                  Here's the poem for DW.Thanks Tramps!!!!!


                  My dear wife, I just want to say

                  I hope you have a good Valentine's Day


                  With you good looks, your heart and pretty eyes

                  You could have your pick of lots of guys.


                  For you I've shoveled snow dumped by a raging blizzard

                  And endured those Ocean's movies featuring George Clooney and Eddie Izzard.


                  Though he was pretty good in Mystery Men

                  Opps, I got off topic again.


                  I hope you know that you're my favorite chicklet.

                  Over the years, I'm still a love struck nitwit.


                  Marathon Maniac #957



                    Holly S. given you job and since you are now on salary can you work from home some days?  Being able to adjust hours around is one of the major perks of not being paid by the hour.  You just have to get stuff done.




                    Sadly, it doesn't work that way (at least not yet).  If I leave early, I have to use PTO time.  If I stay late, I don't get paid any extra.  So far this is working only in my boss's favor, I think.  Thankfully I am not asked to work late very often.


                    Arf - groan!


                    Mariposai and Starr - your cakes sound yummy!


                    SteveP - you are such a romantic...

                    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."