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Valentine's Day runs and walks (Read 45 times)

    Greetings everyone!


    I don't remember the last time I started the daily. I don't plan to run today, but maybe a walk with MrStarr, Smokey and Bandit before we go to an event tonight.  Today is our 37th anniversary and we have tickets to a fun performance called "Deueling Pianos".  They get the audience involved but we're in the balcony so won't end up on stage.


    I don't expect flowers this year, but that's fine.  One year on our 20th he sent them three days in a row and sent this with the last bunch. "A dozen roses plus 1 and seven is really quite a horde!  I wanted to give you quite a few more, but this was all that I could afford!” .  I don't have a gift for him, but I'm going to put a copy of the letter he wrote to my parents 37 years ago asking their permission to marry me.  I found it going through mom's bookcase and stuff this year.  I think I'll put a copy of it in my "happy box" too.


    I liked your poem SteveP, that should go in your wife's happy box if she has one.


    Posie, Here is the cake!


    Here is MrStarr and me in Yellowstone


    Have a good day everyone!


      Mornin' Starr and everyone else/


      Happy Valentines Day!


      Nice cake,Starr! How great that Mr. Starr wrote a letter to your folks to ask permission to marry you, and that you found it in the bookcase! Maybe you should frame it.


      I had a long and busy day yesterday, so I slept in this morning. Also, my sciatica isn't getting any better, and that's not good. Acupuncture isn't doing it this time around, so I have to find another approach. I'm stretching and doing my old PT exercises just about every day, and walking when weather and discomfort levels permit.


      DW and I decided to stay home tonight and cook dinner together, rather than going out. It won't be a fancy meal (grilled chicken with 'shrooms, sugar snaps, and roasted potatoes, plus a special dessert I picked up yesterday), but we'll have a good fire going, and will have a nice, relaxing evening.


      Have a greta day!



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

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        What a great picture of you and Mr. Starr!  And the cake looks fabulous!


        No run for me today, but about an hour of core and weights.


        DH want all out this Valentines Day.  He apparently drove to my work yesterday and snuck in right after I left, leaving a huge bunch of heart-shaped balloons, roses, and three small bags of gifts, including running shoes, gels, granola, and dark chocolate chia candies in my office.  (My co-workers hate me now, I think.)  Best of all was the card he made himself on the computer - on the front it has a running shoe and says, "Why does my wife need 8 pairs of running shoes?"


        "She just does...."  Big grin


        And inside a personal message that was so sweet I almost got a little teary....


        It definitely gave SteveP's poem a run for the money....Smile


        Happy Valentines Day!

        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

          Great Cake Starr! I could go for some cake right now, afterall, it goes well with coffee doesn't it?  Happy 37th Anniversary!


          What a lovely Vday surprise Holly!


          I like your idea of a Valentines Day dinner Coastwalker - personally, I'd rather do something like that then go out to a restaurant. Hope you find the right exercise to get rid of that sciatica pain.


          Ran a quick 3 miles last night while DS was finishing up at practice. Need to get in a longer run today, so will aim for a longish lunch hour where I can get in 6-7 miles.



            Hey all


            6.2 recovery miles at lunch. Legs are feeling much better than I expected after yesterday's hammerfest.


            Nice cake Star.


            Sorry about the sciatica Jay. Hope it gets better.


            Enjoy Holly. DW got a nice card and a funny card from me. Funny one she found at work. I also made a card to DD who was kind of bummed about the day when leaving for school. She'll be surprised when she gets home.


            Cheers and have fun on that double Tammy

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              Hello everybody!  Happy Valentines Day.


              I gave my DW a Precious Moments figurine, this I always do.  She said, "'s cute.  You couldn't find this one, huh?"  Then she showed me a picture of the one she wanted.  So...I stopped by a place, just now, and bought her that one, too.  Is that woman spoiled, or what?!  She said it reminded her of's a little guy in an over-sized coat.  Gee...thanks.


              Okay--gotta go!


              Hey--I just checked Facebook and these pictures of 4 of my grandkids were posted...just thought I'd pass them along...


              Molly and Zac


              Freja and Sonja...or is it Sonja and Freja...

              MM #5616

                SteveP, I loved your poem, and I'm sure your DW will, too!


                Starr, what a nice picture of you and your DH.  Happy Anniversary!


                Jay, we'll be cooking dinner at home tonight, too - we pretty much never go out to eat except when we're out of town. We live too far from any restaurants.  But unlike you, I have no idea what's on the menu - I'll figure it out when I get home from work and look in the frig.


                Holly - how sweet of your DH!


                Mike - greta pictures!  I have absolutely no clue how your DW could like Precious Moments, but at least it makes her easy to shop for,  I guess!


                DH and I never make a big deal out of valentines day - I made him a card, and he usually gives me chocolate (yeah, I'm easy to shop for,  too!)  Big grin


                It's starting to snow and I'm heading out for a RAL.   I ran 10 miles at lunchtime yesterday, and set an unofficial 10 mile PR, so things are looking good for Saturday's race!

                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                  ...Greta Pics mikeE and starr//.............Happy Valentine's Day.........




                  double wgt sessions

                  pt xs

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                    Nice pic, Starr.

                    Sorry to hear the sciatica’s not improving, Jay.  Hope you’re able to find something to help.

                    Steve, you are a poet.

                    Arf—I laughed.  Then I felt a little guilty for laughing.  Wink


                    We’ve never done Valentine’s day, though it’s sweet to see how others celebrate.  I guess we’re incurable romantics year-round.


                    7.1 mile RAL.  Sproinky…and, in retrospect, a little too fast for an EZ day.  Oh well, it was sunny and warm.



                      We’ve never done Valentine’s day, though it’s sweet to see how others celebrate.  I guess we’re incurable romantics year-round.



                      although we went out to eat last night at a new local Spanish restaurant which was lovely! I was finally able to bike to work today as the piles had decreased enough to make the roads passable and there was no black ice!  hopefully i'll run tonight before making dinner of ?????


                      love the poems and ((hurt body parts))



                        4.3 miles squeezed in on a busy day at work.  I'm glad I wasn't the first one in who didn't do anything for Valentine's Day.  I was starting to question if I should have done something special.

                        If you’re going to try the early bird special, I recommend the Archaeopteryx.

                          steve, you are quite the poet.  ribs, bummer trading one injury for another.  starr, congrats on 37 years and nice picture.  Jay, that's too bad that your sciatica keeps hanging in there.  Mike, great grandkid pictures.


                          Nice long runs for Tramps, maine, Mike, and wild.


                          My wife likes to make special meals for special days.  For supper, she's got shrimp/crab bisque soup, cut up steak for fondue, and apple pie.


                          This morning, it was about 30° and there was a little wind.  I got in 5 miles at a 10:31 pace.


                          A good day and good runs for all.


                            Well, I'm actually able to stick my head in here for a moment, and am very pleased I didn't miss SteveP's latest poetic genius!


                            There was a V-Day card on the table from The Hub when I got home last night, along with some little hearts on sticks being help upright by a jar of navy beans.  Very cute!  The card made me very teary as it addressed our issues over the past year+, and he told me how proud he was of me and "this running thing."  Loved it.


                            Jay - Muscle Activation Technique (MAT).  This is the only thing I have found that helps when my sciatic nerve gets out of whack.  It's like PT on valium.  I've recommended my MAT therapist to a number of people here, and every single one of them has been grateful for his work.  My boss recently took her 12 year old who is having issues with her legs when running, and her father-in-law also went and has much better balance when walking.  Whenever I feel my back/sciatic acting up, I do my exercises and within a day or two everything goes back to normal.


                            I'm still plugging along with running and trying to not let some major stresses re a case here at work completely overwhelm me (which I have been failing miserably at doing).  Got in 9 miles yesterday morning, including four climbs I always try to talk myself out of doing, but end up doing anyways.  Plus, at about the 7 mile mark at an intersection, I and another runner lady I've never seen out there before almost literally ran into each other.  We both ended up going the same way, and my very stupid, slightly competitive side, took over and refused to let her pass me.  This meant I ended up running harder than I was suppose to about half a mile or more.  I sure was happy when she finally turned a corner and went in a different direction!


                            This morning I dropped my scheduled 5 down to 3 very slow miles, plus about 40 min of core/strength training.  This is the first week in a very long time that I ran 4 days in a row, and my legs are feeling it.  Tomorrow is a rest day, and I am looking forward to sleeping in, if the cats let me (yeah, fat chance).

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                               How great that Mr. Starr wrote a letter to your folks to ask permission to marry you, and that you found it in the bookcase! Maybe you should frame it. 


                              Jay, he didn't really have a choice.  My mother requested it of him.  The letter might look a bit silly framed since it was written on college-ruled filler paper!


                              I'm sorry to over-post pictures, but I finally got it scanned kist now.  I don't think I've changed much at all, but MrStarr has!


                              I love the grandkids pictures, Mike!

                                Yay, lunchtime! I've been just staying in and working at my desk lately (bad, I know) but work is extremely busy, but going pretty well. Like Leslie, I get to poke my head in here every now and then and see what you guys are up to, but don't post much.


                                Steve, I hope your DW loves it as much as we did. Well, more actually, seeing as how it's for her (lucky girl).


                                Nice cake, Starr, and congrats on 37 years! Loved the discovered letter, that's a keeper for sure. Have fun at the Dueling Pianos! LOVE the pictures!


                                Holly, your DH really outdid himself! Sweet! Let your office mates be green!


                                Cute Gkids, Mike... SteveP might suggest a 12-step program for Zac....


                                We might go to a movie tonight or we might just go home. But first I'm going out for a run after work! I'm loving that the days are getting longer (well, ok, they're all 24 hours, but the daylight part is increasing!) and we've had some mild temps that have been appreciated. Yesteday after work I ran 9.1 miles on snowpacked roads and plowed bikepaths, one of the better outdoor runs I've had recently. Legs are still tired after any outdoor run it seems (vs. treadmill), but handled yesterday just fine. Tonight will be even warmer (temps in the low 20's instead of low teens last night) so I'll run outside again, then come back to my office to do quick cleanup turnaround and we'll go to the movie (or home). Decided we'd get flowers tomorrow so we can enjoy them all weekend at home!