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    Though it wasn't mentioned in the RR, my back hair kept getting caught in the snowshoes.
    That has got to be the quote of the week.... Big grin

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      seemomgo- have you ever lost your dogs because they blend in with your carpet? Wink My belly scrapes the ground when I run too, is that bad? runningindc- very cute about what your "tri" is! I'm glad you had such a scenic run today! Smile Holly- wow, you sure have your dog trained well! Cesar Milan would be proud! evanflein- you have joined the ranks of house purging I see. Were you able to sneak out for a run? soundrunner- use make-up to make a tattoo or smiley face out of the bruise. Thigh tattoos are in. Whatever you do, don't tell people how you really got it, make up something. rochrunner- when in doubt, take more time off, but then get your butt out the door and give it a go! Sorry to hear about your wife. Sad I hope she bounces back as quickly as you did. munchkn- your short little posts always make me smile! Smile SteveP- I'm sorry I asked! Wink I agree, no pictures please. wildchild- stamped concrete floors are cool! Did you acid stain it? I would keep eating the cake before runs till your body eventually gets used to it. JJJessee- welcome back to the running world. I hope the healing keeps happening. Time to lay everything out for tomorrow AM's run. Got the orthotics tweaked and will see if the changes help. A good evening to all. seemomgo, evanflein, soundrunner, SteveP, CNY- thanks for the nice comments! I appreciate it! Smile
        Steve - one of my favorite Jerry Seinfeld routines is the one where he talks about women being afraid of spiders, then ripping hot wax from their "bikini area!" Are you afraid of spiders?!
          Rochrunner, hoping your good feelings continue. 5 miles in 40 minutes with a 6:40 mile thrown in there.
            Steve - your photo makes it clear to me why the powers that be at school don't think I should be able to post on this board while using their computers. Sheesh! Glad I don't have time to read this board at school - I need my job. Tet - your hilly pic made my palms sweat. I can't imagine walking up that hill, let alone riding up it. Holly - good job on the dog training. Based on almost 8 years of teaching middle school, I can assure you that any successful kid-training becomes moot when they hit 12 or 13. That's when they start to do what you've taught them to one minute and act like their brains have been abducted by aliens the next. Liz - army guys in shorts?!?! And you thought we wouldn't be interested in your posts that didn't have a whole lot to say about running?!?! btb - your podiatrist sounds almost as awesome as mine. My guy worked in a running store in high school and became fascinated with how the right shoe could help people and that's why he became a podiatrist. He's so passionate about what he does, it's the only time that I think of a doctor's appointment as being fun. Taking tomorrow off for a couple of check-up type appointments, so I got in a long-ish run this evening. I ran 5 miles and DIDN'T TAKE A SINGLE WALK BREAK! This is hugh for me. I don't think I ever ran much more than 2.5 miles without walking. Really slow - somewhere between TP (turtle pace) and SP (slug pace), but I feel good, especially after lots o' stretching. Looking forward to "sleeping in" until about 5:45 in the morning. Smile Eliz



              Managed to run another 40 mins tonight, the second half of a "double", for a total of 8.2 miles for the day. I wonder if your body really thinks it's not running as much if you split the mileage like this. Smile PJ

                5.5 late night miles at 9:25 pace.

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