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Wed Work-Outs........ (Read 403 times)

    ...what's this about mikeE getting Crabs????




    20min ARC trainer


    was  able to Walk afterwards,

    which I count as a Victory



    ....turns out the little sucker

    was increasing the incline on me every time it started that Beeping Crappe....


    and there's actually

    a button to make it Knock  That Off//////



    .....................good running guys........

    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

      Good morning fellow Masters Runners, although I’ve been lurking here on & off over the past year and a half it has been a very long time since I’ve posted.  Suffice it to say the last two years have been rough as far as running goes culminating with a grade one tear of my left soleus muscle at the Sugarloaf Marathon last year at almost 9.5 miles in resulting in my first DNF.  The DNF in and of itself wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but rather a valuable learning experience for me.  The injury really limited my running until late last summer so I committed to completing one of the Insanity Workout programs to maintain my fitness.  It worked but wow did my running suffer, especially as far as overall endurance goes.


      I’ve missed the camaraderie of my virtual running friends and look forward to keeping up with you all in the year ahead.  Of course I am also hoping that 2013 is a much better year as far as running goes.  I may run a 5K on New Year's Day just to give me an idea where I stand with my speed if the weather permits an actual race.  My real priority is the Ocala Half Marathon which I am hoping to run sub 1:40 and as close to 1:35 as I can get.  I ran a 1:39:26 Half Marathon in October on the Eastern Trail hitting my goal which was simply to run a sub 1:40.  My current plans are to run Boston again this year I although find myself in a position where I really don’t care if I do or not.  My goal Marathon is Sugarloaf and I am looking to being race ready come May 19th everything else after the Half in January will be to prepare for that.  A co-worker (a much younger 40 year old) is planning on running with me and would like to run a sub 3:30.  He is fully capable of a 3:20 and I really feel that if we can both hit the starting line healthy we can push & pull each other to a great race.


      I will also be looking to get as close to sub 20 in the 5K again this year…not sure if that will happen or not, but I finally feel a little bit of the old speed coming back.


      I’ve been thinking a lot about this group lately and as I’ve been getting healthier I was looking through some of my training logs when I was running well several years ago and came across the “wave Run” that Ribs had sent me.  I really love that run and created several variations more specific for me and my training including a 9 miler that I ran that day (12/13), thanks Ribs you are truly one of the best!


      Those of you who are familiar with me know that I can be long winded so I will shut it down with my run from yesterday.  You will be seeing and hearing much more from me and I hope to get to know all of the newbie’s since I last posted. 


      Tuesday: 5 x mile repeats with 1/4 mile recoveries (one mile warm up and 1/2 mile cool down) 7.5 miles 56:38 – 7:34 pace.


      8:52 – 6:58 – 2:14 – 6:57 – 2:16 – 6:57 – 2:14 – 6:54 – 2:14 – 6:35 – 4:27

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        What a pleasant surprise to hear from our friend Maine!  Glad to see you are back in form, and thanks for the kind words on that workout.  Holly and Bill are two others who use it and I continue to think it's one of the best you can do, primarily because of the quick recovery you get from it so you can train again sooner.


        6 brisk for me, which means about 9:30's, and now off to the cardiologist for that long-awaited echo and some news about what is going on with my heart.  There is nothing to the echo, but I am dreading the consult afterwards.  Wish me luck.  Spareribs

        Back on Stride

          FWIW, if you're doing faster than MP-pace for nearly all your runs, I'd think either

          (a) you are training way too fast or

          (b) that was a slow marathon and not indicative of your abilities.  (I can't tell without a log.)

          Tramps, I've never been fast, but I have had an upside-down running career, virtually starting out with marathons where I just "ran to finish" and then later getting faster at shorter distances. According to McMillan, if I trained for another marathon right now, I'd beat the time of my final one 10 years ago by almost 30 minutes!


          Twocat, I won't give any spoilers, but I have to say I was disappointed in The Hobbit. I think it was targeting a much younger demographic, unlike LOTR, which had a more serious tone. This one can't seem to decide between seriousness and being farcical. But that's just my opinion; YMMV.


          mainerunnah, being injured is no excuse for not posting. Otherwise this forum would seem pretty empty!


          The thermometer didn't read all that cold this morning, but it was a damp chill and seemed to be colder at the end than when I started out. I did 5.3 miles with a brisk pace in the middle miles, but ended up walking a half mile stretch just because my legs felt fatigued. Some carpy weather coming up the next few days, so I was glad to get a dry, above-freezing run in.


          Where is everyone else today?

          Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI


            Where is everyone else today?


            I've been lurking.


            Nice run Maine, very nice run.


            Another 10 miles added to the log this morning. A nice easy pace. Even stopped to chat with one of the rec path regulars this morning. His walking buddy has been absent for the past week and a half...Having some arthritis and "water on knee" issues.


            Looks like we have the first winter storm of the season bearing down on us...about this time tomorrow. Right now they actually have Blizzard Warnings issued. My home town could be in for 16".  My location is 4 -6.


            Bring it on!

              Nice to see you again Maine!  I'm looking forward to 2013 being a better running year also. I also want to try out that wave run and incorporate those into my training runs.


              Hope MikeE is having a better day today. Long days at work, then more stuff to do at home, and to top it off No Beer, well, that's just wrong. If you have to work long days, you should come home to a cold beer waiting for you and then a relaxing massage.


              Good Luck at your appt Ribs! let us know the outcome.


              Last day of school for my son today and last basketball game also. He sprained his finger just prior to Monday's game, so not sure if he'll be playing much today though. They taped up his fingers on Monday and he only played defense. It's his ring finger on his right hand, so even having one finger out of commission really messes up his shooting.  Well, despite calling off school yesterday due to snow in the forecast (and that whole 1/4 inch on the ground), we never did get anymore snow that stuck yesterday. But they are saying tonight and into tomorrow we should get more. we'll see. Trying to finish up all I need to do today though just incase it really happens and I can't get down off my hill tomorrow. I'm off work starting Friday through the 2nd Jan anyways.  


              Jeff F

              Free Beer

                Good a.m. everyone.  I didn't get this posted last night.


                I ran an easy 6 miler on the Chicago lakefront last night; again the city lights were beautiful.  I don't live in Chicago but my work takes me there every Tues-Wed, so I usually get a run in either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.  It is usually morning but I am beginning to enjoy the evening runs better.


                Looks like we may get our first snowfall tomorrow.  I am hoping we get a couple inches; I am planning on a 10 mile trail run on Friday a.m. with the Buffalo so the snow will make it a beautiful run.



                  Spareribs best of luck with the doctor today.  I will keep my fingers crossed for a clean bill of health on the echo.


                  rochrunner hard to have a "spoiler" for a movie about a book just about any male over 14 has read!  Thanks for the review.


                  For the curious the answer is "Dead Accounts."  It stars Norbert Leo Butz and Katie Holmes.  I would say it was reasonably entertaining but nothing you are likely to remember a year on out.  I would also say that if you do want to see it you better go fast!  It is scheduled to close February 24 and with a good chunk of the theater being empty last night I doubt it will get extended past then.


                  In ankle news, the ankle feels pretty good.  I am thinking more and more about trying it out this weekend instead of waiting until next Thursday.

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                    I felt sort of weird about posting regarding running when, for the past 2 years, I often was not running, for a variety of compelling reasons.


                    But anyway...I'm here (saluting!) to report my 3 mile run at the track with my 2 Weds morning track buddies.  We don't currently do speedwork, but will eventually fall back into that.  I'm on my way to another 2-digit week, yay! 


                    (((ARC trainees experiencing incline creep)))

                    Back on Stride

                      Always nice to see old friends posting here again, Renee. Welcome back! (And nice run, by the way.)

                      Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI



                        (((ARC trainees experiencing incline creep)))



                        once again,

                        Machines are taking over the World........


                        .............hiya Econo////////

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                          Beware the beeping ARC Trainer.


                          6.17 miles for me this morning.  I was tied up at jury duty the last 2 days but I was able to squeeze in a couple short runs.  It was an interesting case but I wasn't selected.  And since it had to do with an insurance company contract I probably would have been kicked off had I gotten that far.  I've worked for an insurance company for many years and even though I didn't work in the property & casualty side of the business, part of my income was dependent on the performance of the whole company. 


                          I got to hear pretty much the whole opening arguments in the jury questioning.  The lawyers had a lot of objections and meetings up at the bench with the judge just getting through the jury selection.  It took 2 days to get 8 jurors.  That may be normal for all I know since it was my first time.


                          A few weeks ago I wrote that my daughter's boyfriend was offered a full time job in Green Bay now that he has finished his degree.  My daughter has been at the same company doing contract work the past few months, but now she has a full time offer too.  So many of their friends that graduated last spring are still looking for work so I am very grateful that they both have found something.  I'm going to get the car title transferred to my daughter and let her get registered and insurance in Wisconsin.  We've been on hold waiting to see if she would stay there or come back. 

                          And so it goes

                          MM #5616

                            Hi Mainerunnah - good to see you!  Glad you're running well, and looks like you're speedy as ever!


                            I haven't seen The Hobbit movie yet, but my 19-year-old DD said she was disappointed with it, so I don't think it necessarily appeals to a younger demographic.  She said they divided the book into THREE movies, and it was still too long.  And they added a bunch of stuff that wasn't in the book.  Not sure I want to see it much.


                            Dave, good news for your DD and her BF!


                            We got about 4" of snow, so worked at home today.  I went out for a 7 mile run with Tazzie and Ladybug.  It was only 10 degrees, but it actually felt surprisingly nice, so I must have dressed just right.   First run of the season in screw shoes.


                            Mike, sending some more beer and hugs to make up for yesterday!  I would have been crabby too.  Hope you got to run today.

                            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                              Tom White...One with a remote would be kewl.


                              Hey Main!!!


                              Yeay!!! Econo!!!


                              Who, specifically did Roch call "old"?


                              This morning, our grandson was dropped off so DW could take him to pre school. I called our land line and yelled, "Ho Ho Ho! Is Noah there?" He was asking lots of important questions like, "Do you really like milk and cookies?". the reply was always with lots of "Ho Ho Ho!!" to help disguise my voice. Noah asked, "What is your mom getting for Christmas?". "Ho Ho Ho! Milk and Cookies too! Ho Ho Ho!". Later DW said Noah wanted to call Santa back because he needed to tell him something.


                              Nice way to start the day!


                              MM #5615

                                Hello everybody!


                                Yes--that is a great way to start the day, Steve!  Really cute.


                                Yes, wild, I did get my run in, today.  I got off work on time, came home, and DW had me finish up our "project".  It's our Christmas card/letter...I know...kind of late...which is why I couldn't argue with her.  Anyway--an okay run--10.3 in 1:20:47.  Oh--thanks for more beer and another hug--I'm glad I was up to get them, this time.


                                Okay--that's it--gotta go!