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    fbgrrl - way to go!! That's awesome. I have a similar "problem" - after my 30-pound loss, my wedding ring is too loose (I have to admit - when we bought it, I purposely had them make it slightly big because I figured I would gain a little weight). Another PR for me - 7.5 miles non-stop. I had to do it on the Y treadmill since we got at least 8 inches of snow overnight (we're approaching the all-time annual snowfall record for Portland, Maine!). I set the TM at 11:32 pace and held it steady. I won't say it was easy, but it was never that hard, either. Whoo hoo! DS15 ran in the New England Indoor Track meet last night - his 4x800 relay team was seeded 23rd out of 36 teams, but they came in 10th, in 8:17! His time was 2:06 for his leg, a PR for him. He's hoping to break 2 minutes this year.

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      Seemom, yes, I got out and enjoyed this beautiful Colorado weather! Did it really get to 70 in Denver? It got to 52 here in the mountains, so I ran in shorts and tee shirt, which was fun with the high snowbanks everywhere. My road is un-runnable, as it's an awful mix of ice, snow, slush, and mud, but I walked carefully, then started running when I got to the county-maintained road, which is mostly dry dirt with a few snowy spots. I ran about 8.2 miles with my two furry running buddies, who are now muddy messes and banished to the porch. Helen, good job on the 11.5! What half are you running in two weeks? Eliz, sorry you're sick. Rest up. JJJ, I loved the pic of you running in your kilt! I showed it to DD and she thought you look like Santa! Mmmmmmm, Cinna-bon......

      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

        Wildchild, you are amazing. I really don't like you though, as you are almost 2 inches taller than me and weigh about 15 lbs less! Humph! Angry In answer to your kind query, I am running in the Tom King 1/2 marathon in N'ville. I traded this one for the Country Music one as it is supposed to be flat (we'll see!) and the timing of the CMM didn't work for me. So that's my story and I 'm sticking to it. Never mind that the Cmm is totally hilly and HARD. Anyone else out there doing the Tom King? I am so excited because not only is DH coming w/ me (so he can partake in the all you can eat pasta dinner) but Jeff Galloway will be speaking! And, to further sweeten the pot, my DD is running in the 5K before hand w/ her law firm team. And Spareribs, yes I knew you were joshing, as was I. But just in case you've read "The Appeal" just tell me if I will LIKE the ending! Wink


          Hello runners, That's funny Wildchild, and reminds me I need some kind of hat for my next 5k. (or marathon?) I did three miles a while ago, nice day. JJJ
          Iron Mt. Trail Runners blogsite .... JJJessee blogsite ....Spring is here. Go outside and play.
            Rats! I almost bought cinnamon rolls while I was at the store today but decided to be "good". Now I am wishing I had them because they would make a great breakfast tomorrow. I can smell all that great cooking from my house! Smile

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              Wildchild, And Spareribs, yes I knew you were joshing, as was I. But just in case you've read "The Appeal" just tell me if I will LIKE the ending! Wink
              Helen, no matter how you feel, no tenK for you. Please? Spareribs
                11 slow miles of hills both DW & I took falls on the ice. Roll eyes I hit my head, so what's one more chuckhole in the road. She landed on her butt, I think she'll need a rub down later Wink Thanks for the highlights btb when you post this late it's hard to read'em all.. Have a great Sunday!

                Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                  Good runs to all masters! pfriese.....nice job on the PR!! wa5yom....thanks for the coaching input. I've just made it back to wonderful OK from Atlanta where I spent the week. I knew I needed to get in 3 runs while I was there. Thanks to the ING Atlanta group on this website I was able to find 3 different group runs all within 1 mile of my hotel. Tuesday....from Nike West in Lennox Mall I set out for a 3 miler with about 8 young women (the oldest might have been 30). I was wanting to run about 10:00 minute pace. They wanted to run 8 minute pace! I was barely able to keep up and came in at about 8:50 pace. The hills in Atlanta are everywhere. Wed....Niketown in the Phipps mall. I asked the running club director to pair me up with a 10 min. pace runner for a 7 miler. She paired me up with 61 year old gentleman who is a real gem! We had the best time conversing back and forth and he was good about making sure he wasn't going too fast. This hilly run through beautiful neighborhoods in the Buckhead district of Atlanta is one of my most memorable runs to date. Something about meeting this kind and interesting gentleman and having him help me in my quest to keep my training on schedule was truly a blessing. The run ended up being about 8 miles. Thurs...from the Big Peach Running Company on Peachtree in Atlanta, again my previous day's running partner took me through 7 miles at some of the same neighborhoods as before. Then he wanted to show me the starting line of the famous Peachtree 10K. He took a picture of me while I was hamming it up on the starting line. Again, this run and this gentleman will not be one I will soon forget. Oh yes, almost forgot. The New Balance reps were at the store and fitted me in a NB stability shoe to try out on the run. I couldn't believe they'd let you try the shoes for an entire run! I even got a free pair of socks just for trying them on! Just a spectacular week of running.....but aren't they all?!
                  Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM
                    Spareribs, I certainly value your knowledge and vast skill beyond mine, but please tell me WHY I should not consider the 10K tomorrow? I'm feeling pretty good right now, and it's only 6:45 pm. That gives me 12 + hours to recover. I'm really not trying to play "yes, but" but rather trying to gain knowledge from those who've been there/done that. Thanks, Helen
                      First time I have had a chance to post today. 5 easy miles to start off the month, then weight training at the gym followed by a full day on the recruiting trail (college volleyball coach in addition to being an elementary school pe teacher). Good long Sunday runs to all who will be taking them and good recovery/easy runs to anyone who has those on their schedule.