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Thurs 12/13.....over the hump (Read 368 times)

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    Good morning...


    Up and at it early at 4:00 this morning, and got a nice 7 miler in - cool crisp gorgeous morning. Last night I got in a great 12 miler after work, with 6 1/2 mile hill repeats in the fun. 12/12/12/12 Smile


    My gal friend Dianne I met who is a MM too, sent me this....she's a new runner, and is now getting more into trail running and she's loving it. I love how well she expressed and articulated what trail runners go through....she's an incredible runner and shares the same passion we all do.


    She's running her first trail marathon this Saturday....she wants me to run it with her, but it's too far away and don't want to drive that far this weekend. We're just good friends, and I thoroughly enjoy communicating with her....she lives in Ohio - me Indiana



    I wrote these "Top Ten Things I Learned While Trail Running" after my first long trail run. (18 miles.)  I thought you could relate to at least a few.


    1. Even if you are "sure" it will hold you, the middle of a long run is no time to stop and swing on a tree vine!

    2. Being able to pro-actively decide the safest place to land a stride while running 6 mph on a 18" wide path takes all your concentration.  And yes, that means no spending time trying to remember all the lyrics to that one song you heard on Scrubs.

    3. Running with your hands straight out to the side and pretending you are an airplane is a perfectly acceptable method of going downhill.

    4. Walking is a perfectly acceptable method of going uphill.

    5. Seeing Bigfoot does not mean you are going to be famous.  It means you are dehydrated.

    6. 18 miles is a perfectly acceptable distance for a long run on a trail when you ran 22 miles the morning before.

    7. No matter how much you work out, there will always be muscles you did not know existed until you run on a trail.  And they will introduce themselves loudly and remind you they are there throughout the day.

    8. Even if you clear all the spiderwebs out off the trail with your face during the first loop, the little buggers will re-build them by the time you do the next loop.

    9. Now is a good time to start learning to breath through your nose instead of your mouth.  Unless you like the taste of bugs.  Or you need the protein.

    10. Yes.  Yes I am insane.  Thanks for asking.

    Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

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      Good morning, and thanks for that list, Tim. I have my first ever trail race this Sunday. Only 6 miles but I'm sure all those points will come into play at some point during that day. Except maybe the Scrubs song....


      So much to catch up on here from last week.... being away on vacation in Cabo without any internet takes its toll... But I did want to say I'm so happy to hear that all is well with C_R's wife!! Such great news, whew!


      Enjoy the Jello and popsicles today, Ribs. I need to make my appointment for this 50+ rite of passage procedure, which I've been putting off due to marathon training up until recently. My next training cycle doesn't start until mid-January, so I guess now's the time, right? Eh, we'll see....


      I've been reading the Hansons Marathon Method book and I have to say, I'm quite intrigued. Not sure if there's been discussion on it here, so I apologize for repeating an old topic if that's the case. The concept of cumulative fatigue totally makes sense and is something I was thinking about on my own as I was training this past cycle, trying to figure out exactly how does one practice simulating only the latter miles in a marathon.  I mean, in your long runs you always start at zero and go up to certain point, whether it be 16 or 20 or whatever. I remember thinking I wanted to start at 16 and run just the final 10 miles, since those are the really tough ones.... It's a rather ambitious program though, even the beginner plan, which peaks with 57 mpw. I'm working with a new coach, a friend of mine from Boulder, who's got quite more progressive viewpoints than that guy I was working with previously. Plus she's a nice person, so there's perks with that. Wink


      After two 40+ mile weeks, I think my body needs a bit of break this week, so I may not run today. I miss running all these miles though... my previous coach had me averaging 33 per week all through marathon training, which even to my inexperienced sensibilities, I knew wasn't enough. Live and learn.


      Have a great day everyone!

        Day 1 without the moon boot.  Well, so I hope!  In celebration I did my first walk-run-walk of 1-2-1 miles respectively.  So far all feels fine.  But that was true when this all started.  The pain, if it comes, will appear tomorrow morning when I get up.  Wish me luck I may need it!


        In non running news:  Our suburban turkeys are back!  Big grin  If you think I mean wild you have not seen these things wandering around.  Real wild turkeys do not climb up on to your deck and then cluck to get your attention so that you will come out and feed them.  The turkeys are very comical and I am glad they have returned to provide occasional entertainment.

        Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

        Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

          Nice list, Tim.

          Esther—there’s a good Hanson vs. Pfitz thread started by bhearn over in the main forum

          Sorry Slo—no run for me yesterday.

          CR—great news for you and DW!

          Mari-have a GREAT trip.

          Baboon—yep, sounds like you need to race to get that new PR.

          Jeff—I’ve done that lake run a couple of times but not at night.  Isn’t Buddy Guy’s right nearby?

          Doug—sorry to hear of your friend’s health issues.  Tough, especially for someone that competitive.

          Twocat—congrats on getting the boot off!   Re: that article: isn’t there a little flawed logic on why professionals do endurance sports?  They make it sound like it’s something available to everyone when, in fact, it’s damn expensive to run the NYC marathon or do an Ironman.  Maybe these events are full of people with high incomes because they’re the only ones who can afford it?  Duh!  (I wonder what percentage read the Cayman Financial Review?)


          Busy didn’t didn’t allow for a run yesterday so I was well-rested for some tempo miles today.  Beautiful blue sky at sunrise with upper-30s temps.  Rested + ideal running weather = great run.  Knocked off 5 tempo miles with minimal effort as part of a 10-miler.  One of those rare days.

            Tramps the cost likely drops out some people.  But, relative to most sports running is pretty cheap.  On the other hand, the article seems to be based on those who run the NYC marathon which, for most of those who run it, is costly since they have to fly out, pay for a hotel and food out during their stay.  Triathlons are certainly expensive since you need a race bike!  The price of those things is just mind boggling.  So, you may be right it is just the two data points the reporter used were skewed towards wealthier endurance athletes.

            Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

            Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

            MM #6177


              Leslie—there’s a good Hanson vs. Pfitz thread started by bhearn over in the main forum


              Guess I've been gone so long, people have forgotten my name.... Wink


              Thanks for the link, Tramps, I'll check it out.

              King of PhotoShop

                LeslieMat, there is sound reasoning behind the specificity of exercise approach.  For years here I've been ranting about how important it is to do your 20+ mile runs on days following a good workout, and the value of the 30 mile weekend. So if you want to simulate the marathon, do your LR's while somewhat fatigued.


                C-R, that is great news!  Happy for you.


                Twocat, my son is the graphics editor for "World Policy Journal", which I think is published 3-4 times a year.  We sometimes buy it to see his name on the masthead.


                5 miles at easy pace today, followed by two nutritious glasses of water and a cup of Jell-O.  It's only 10 a.m. and I'm half tempted to drive down to the Sonic and buy a bag of Junior Burgers and devour them.   Spareribs

                Back on Stride

                  Guess I've been gone so long, people have forgotten my name.... Wink

                   I still remember you, Esther!


                  Update on my hospitalized friend: he sent a text message to several people, "Press on. F*** em all!" At least this incident hasn't changed his personality at all. Big grin


                  An adventure run today, as our leader took us out on a section of the newer golf course on the O.U. campus that I'd never been on before. As usual, two of us lagged while the "elite" group pulled away. Well, they eventually lost us for good and we were just plain lost! As I said, I wasn't sure where we were and Wayne is notoriously directionally challenged, so it took a little while until we came to a cart-path intersection that I recognized and we made it back with only an extra mile of running. At one time we were running along a path, being paced by a flock of turkeys; were they trying to tell us something?


                  The total distance was only 6.4 miles, but this is a really hilly course. I know that you hill runners will scoff, but we had 500' of climbing, mostly in continuous short, steep grades. 2 miles uphill, 2 downhill, and 2.4 relatively flat. At least conditions were perfect, about 34, sunny, no wind.


                  Hope that everyone's runs are going well and that T-C's code eventually finished!

                  Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                    Working on our rental property last night as well as this AM. I meet with a banker tonight for a new home equity line of credit-IOW I'm still busy. I doubt I'll run again today. Worst week so far.

                      Guess I've been gone so long, people have forgotten my name.... Wink

                      What?  Me?

                      Typing + talking on the phone + clicking through multiple tabs = Oops Blush

                      I called Enke Erika once, too. (Or maybe it was the other way around.)  Hey they both start with "E"!

                      In face-to-face real life, I'm a disaster waiting to happen.

                        That's a good list, Timbo.   Dianne is a newer runner? I guess I wouldn't consider someone who has run 11 marathons, with 4 of those being this year alone, a new runner?


                        Good thing I have so much time off the end of this month. With only 8 miles run so far in December, I need some time to try and catch up if I want to even hit 50 miles this month! sheesh, this is absolutely the worst year of running for me ever. my midsection can attest to that. . . Roll eyes


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                          OM - any pictures to post? 


                          Roch - 34 degrees is not ideal.  54 is more like perfect.


                          I'm going into work a little late tomorrow, since I have a 10am meeting at a Medicaid office in another county, so I'm going straight there.  This means I will have a little more time to run, so I switched out my Friday x-training to today.


                          2 miles on the TM and 35 minutes of core and strength.


                          Ribs - did you say the plank challenge is to do a 60-second plank every day?   I was thinking we should start that up here on January 1st, so I figured I'd better begin practicing, and today found I could barely make it to 45 seconds.....Undecided

                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                            Ribs - did you say the plank challenge is to do a 60-second plank every day?   I was thinking we should start that up here on January 1st, so I figured I'd better begin practicing, and today found I could barely make it to 45 seconds.....Undecided

                              Yes, let's do a plank challenge in January. I did a pushup challenge in November (well, only just challenged myself) and have been continuing it by doing anywhere from 15-30 pushups a day. But now I need to focus on core work and I tend to slack off in that department unless I know others are doing it also. that's my motivator.


                            MM #5615

                              I'm in....what's a plank?



                                Mike, works your core, back, stablizing muscles, etc.

                                side planks (tilt your body sideways so you are on either left or right side, balancing only on your elbow and side of foot) is great for obliques.


                                i'm even thinking it might be fun to a whole year of challenge - every month a different challenge of some type although some could be repeated.