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Sunday's Daily, 9.15.13 (Read 47 times)

    Ran some hills this week-end - I really do love hills


    Holly - today we do what we should do for today and not what we should do for tomorrow - running will help you get through what you need to do tomorrow.


    Avenger Dog - Little Walter is trying his best to heal his white paw, but ... running in the mud and chasing squirrels is so much fun that sometimes he forgets to keep it un-injured and clean.


    Nice pic Ribs - glad that you clarified who is who - silliness!


    Jay - thanks for your lovely summaries. It helps as I am not here every day - well in my heart I am, but not always in person.



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      Hi all!!


      Karin - it was so good to see you today, but definitely all too brief!!  I looked for you after the race, hoping your team would stick around for the awards but couldn't find you!!  My friend Adrienne and I both won $100 gift certificates to New England Running Company in the raffle and I was able to score a shirt post-race altho it's a bit large for me!!  Adrienne and I were going to "take it easy" - hahahha -- we ran a consistent, progressive run and ended up with 56:13 - not our fastest but definitely not the "easy" we planned!  Great race and beautiful day for sure!!


      Had a great visit with Nancy, Jay and Matt yesterday!!  The Lobsterman tri was much tougher than I expected with currents that kept pulling me out - my .9 swim must have been closer to 1.5 as my time was 15 minutes slower than it should have been there.  Doesn't really matter tho - I am so thankful for the gift of being out there competing!!  My bike was good for me and my run was strong - very happy overall!!


      Ribs - we'll miss you at Boston this year, but I get it --- just hope your business takes you up here and we get to visit again soon!!

      Jay - nice job on your long racewalk today!!

      TomW - nice bike ride!!

      Sarge - creative way to get in a long run!!

      ((Holly))  keeping your family in my prayers

      Erika - hoping for lots of sunshine and dry weather for the Dome!

      Hi Tselbs!!

      Stumpy - can't believe we live so close and I never see you - we need to change that!!

      Marj - great race pic!!  What race was that?


      Have a great week ahead friends .....hopefully Matt will post the picture of us soon - I posted it on FB, but you all know how technologically challenged I am and that's as far as I can get the pic!!  Roll eyesBlush


      King of PhotoShop

        Sarge, thanks.  We thought the photos looked like air brushed, photo-shopped, whatever as they came out well. All of you, check out and see what they do.  No matter how ugly you are, the pics come out so great.  The company staged this event at the race, but you can hire them for anything and let your guests, runners, whatever, do this picture thing.  We were amazed at how cool it was.


        Now seriously, I'm 67; she's not yet 50, and of course she's better looking, but I didn't see one picture that wasn't very flattering.  This thing is going to take off.  Spareribs

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          hey butterfly and twocat.  How many legs in your relay?

          Our tri had three, or maybe five since the transistions are chip timed too.

          Legs sure break up the monotony of running, . .

          and, in some instances, dating too I guess.

          good luck enke.

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          ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990

            Good for you, Holly. Have you done that one before? I thought it sounded familiar...


            Hey Enke, it's ok to be appreciative of nice legs. Sounds promising....


            Karin's racing is just amazing, and just a week after a marathon. Nice!


            Kirsten, I like hills too, but I like downhill better than uphill. Problem is finding places around here to run just downhills. Smile


            14 miles up Ester Dome and the out-and-back. They've had to do some course re-routes around mile 13 so that means the turnaround got moved further down the hill, so now we do a full 2 miles down the other side... and back up before getting to the chute. I've never been down there that far, it's really pretty back there! Clear and sunny today, and the trail was in pretty good shape, actually. Sure was cold at the top though, and my hands got really cold. Left my gloves in the car because it felt pretty warm down there where I parked! Stupid... take the damn gloves next time!



              Avenger Dog - Little Walter is trying his best to heal his white paw, but ... running in the mud and chasing squirrels is so much fun that sometimes he forgets to keep it un-injured and clean.




              I have it on good authority that chasing squirrels is pretty important.