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Monday's Daily, 11.12.12 (Read 475 times)

Bushrat Runner

    Went a slow run/walk for 11 miles with Choco. Decided I need to bump my long run up whether I'm ready for it or not, so I started the day with the walk/run approach...need to get more consistent about the daily miles...


    But today was a lovely day to be out, had warmish weather (27F) and light winds (4 mph).

    Trails are hard!

      Please excuse my butting into your daily, but just wanted to share a public thanks to Jay for yesterday's Seacoast Half. This really is a very, very good race he has created and nurtured.


      The course is both pretty and interesting with stunning ocean views out to sea where a concrete grey sky met rolling green seas and whitecaps, old village sections, salt marsh sections and wooded sections.  All on rolling country roads with just steady gentle rollers and some sharper sections. Nice.


      This is a well organized race with top-notch organization from pre-race parking and packet distribution, good on-course services, and a good post-race location. These folks know what they're doing. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a half in the NH area.


      Jay also dialed up perfect racing weather for us yesterday. He looked pretty busy with stuff when I interrupted to say it was just a drive-by introduction.  Thanks Jay!


      +many Big grin

      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.