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Goofy Race Report (Read 459 times)

    Thanks for the reply's and comments. evryday, I just happened to be in Academy Sports one day and they had a rack with both OSU and the other schools tech shirts. I've not seen them since, but really don't go there that often. Wheeler Dealer bicycle shops has OSU bicycling jerseys that are nice and could be used as running shirts also. Paul

      Great report Paul, sounds like a lot of fun, but I don't know about that early start!(Hey from me to the Mrs.) The Saint (formerly Mrs. Ribs)
        Paul, Congratulations! I certainly admire the fortitude of someone who can walk five miles one day, race a half marathon the next day, and then run a full marathon the following day. Wow. Sounds like you had a great time. I gotta admit, Disney does know how to put on a great show. huskyon
          Wow, pfriese, you had a busy schedule. I'd have been worn out with all the non running Disney activities. To add to that getting up early two days and doing the half and full is just amazing. And then you beat your goal in both races to top it off. A big congratulations. TomS
            Paul, That sounds like a really fun weekend for a Goofy runner Wink 39.3 miles of Disney in two days is a lot of running, and you made it sound easy. Now, if the Rose&Crown would be open on Sundays...... Recovery rides on the Tower of Terror and RockNRoll coaster sounds like fun! Those two rides are my favorites..... Good read-thanks for posting your RR. Keep having fun, John
              Paul...Sounds like you had a "Goofy" blast.........Meeting the challenge, with tough back-to-back runs.........could a Ultra be on the Horizon?