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Monday May 5 Runs and Rests (Read 43 times)

    Brisk walk, about 40 minutes. Covered a few miles+ in 86º. Currently rebuilding from scratch with a walking period.

      Oh--hey--when Ribs gets his vowel unkinked...will he be consonant again?


      Good one!

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      2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

      Avenger Doggie

      protector of my dad

        J O'clock is crazy early.


        I bet Ladybug and Tazzie will be happy Wildchild is home.



        . A rescue group had cats up for adoption. Most of the cats came up to Tag and touched noses through their cages.  One tiny fur ball (maybe two months old), jumped from the far end of the cage towards him. Hissed and spit. Everyone laughed at how scared Tag got and he would not walk down the rest of the aisle.




        It was a mean terrible beast that was almost as big as a whole ice cream cone!! It was mean mean mean and almost as heavy as a whole ice cream cone!! Kittens!! Who needs them?


        When dad got home from work, we went run run run on my best trail. Dad says that leeks and mushrooms are starting to come out. He wants to go in the woods and take a leek then cook it into soup. He can just open a can and make soup and I can lick the can clean. Big dummy. He said that if I keep feeling better, I can race when it is Saturday!! I'm very good right now. I'm scared Mom will make me have a bath and I won't get ice cream.

        Sniffing Butts, Tag