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Sunday 11/18 Monkeying Around Runs (Read 405 times)


    Anyone have some cheese to go with my whine?



     I do! what kind shall I bring over?


    Cindy, welcome to our group. You will find us very friendly, easy going and with a lot of love for running. Ohh, and btw, we love pictures Smile.

    Please tell your friends in RW that we have lots of space here!


    Look at Wildchild scoring a 10' PR while running Monkey! Amazing girl she is.

    Welcome to the Marathon Maniac world, OrangeMat

    Tselbs, I rather enjoy those low key races! Congrats on your AG.

    Wishing you good luck on your heart kickstart, Tallrunner. Please keep us posted.

    Jlynne, once again, your avatar is adorable.


    Ohh, I must report here that our play date last night with my lttle girlfriends (ages 3 y/o and 3 months old) was very busy and entertaining!


    It seems like the Monkey Racers had a wonderful time as we all expected.


    Well after yesterday's 13 miler in the hard rain I was really hoping for a dry run today, but regardless the weather I planned to start running at noon. Noon came along with a light drizzle of rain Black eye, which turned in to harder rain, which turned into sunshine, which turned into more rain with strong wind  and hail at the end. A total of 10 miles, 1 mile alone, 8 miles while chatting away Jokingwith my TP and one mile alone to deal with the wind and the hailDead. Ohh and it was an stupendous run!


    I hope your Sunday is what you had hoped for, mine sure was!

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

    The Goofinator

      Welcome, Cindy!  Is that your running buddy in your avatar?  We love runners of all ages and abilities . . . . and especially runners who have 4-legged friends. Wink


      A 10 min PR for Carolyn and a new Maniac in OM - OH MY!  The Monkeys were out in force!


      Nice racing, Tselbs.  You had a great overall pace there.


      Rest day for me with a wonderful morning at church.  Then The Hub made a dee-licious! baked pasta dish for lunch (absolutely not low cal).  Got a little bit of transcription done, and now I'm gonna sit back for the rest of the evening.  I'm hoping to spend tomorrow get a large piece of the transcription done so I can truly take the rest of the week off for vacation.

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      Trail Runner Nation


        Evenin' everybody.


        Hi Cindy - welcome to the wonderful, friendly, supportive, insane world of Old Fart running (and walking). Post early, post often, and enjoy the ride!


        Looks like great meet-ups and excellent running at the Monkey! Congrats to all, and especially to OM and WC on attaining Maniacdom and a killer PR! Thanks for the photos of such happy runners.


        Great racing, TomS. Sounds like a fun race that hasn't kept up with technology, and is doing just fine in spite of it.


        Mariposai, the only kind of weather you missed on your run today was snow!


        Nice 10-miler, Jlynne. I'm glad your back held up OK.


        Troy, we have the best cheese shop, so let me know what you want to go with that whine...


        'Nother racewalking clinic today at a nearby HS track. It was about 39F and sunny at 9:00. We all started out with layers on, and all peeled some off as we went along. We did 100m repeats, with each one focusing in different technical aspects of racewalking, and with an easy 100m between. I videotaped the group on a few of the repeats so we can all look at ourselves after the fact so we can all see how we were doing. We were out there for about 90 minutes, and a few of us followed-up with relaxed talk about everything and anything at a local coffee shop. It was a great session. I spent the rest of the day doing yard work (more raking, cutting & stacking downed branches, finally putting away the rain barrels, etc.) but I'm still not close to being done. So it goes.


        ETA I just noticed Leslie's new avitar, and it left me speechless...Wink



        Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


        Space Cadet

          Hello again...


          Charlie is a 2 yo chihuahua/Jack Russell (we think) mix. At 3 months old he wandered into DH's firestation, crawled into someone's turn-out boots and went to sleep. Several shifts watched out for him. I got the call. Smile


          I thought that he would make a good runner, but he just never was interested. At his last checkup, the vet said he has two bad knees.


          I'm mostly a TM runner, because I'm lazy. I also joined the running streak group, so I may post some short runs.


          Added: 3.61 in 40:00. I've lost 10 lbs so far, and my pace has dropped 1 min/mile. 15 more lbs to go!

            Welcome, Cindy.  This is a great place to be.  Lots of great posts and fun.  Speaking of fun, that monkey race looked like everyone was enjoying themselves.  It's fun to meet up with online friends.  I know a lot about downsizing.  We moved from a 4+ bedroom house to a 2 bedroom 5 months ago.  We're still making room for stuff and are planning an auction after the 1st of the year. Now I have more of mom''s extra furniture too since she moved to a room in the memory care unit now instead of the AL apartment.


            I haven't posted here all month but started running a bit this week. I ran 3 days this week and they were all so different.  Monday I was way underdressed while running with my dog, I think the windchill was 10°.  It does take a while to get into cold weather running.  Today it was 52° so was thankful for the warm weather, although it was a bit breezy.  Baking pies, cooking a batch of soup and going back to church for Thanksgiving service/pie fellowship took up most of the rest of the day.


            Our Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra concert is on Tuesday night.  I am one of two clarinetists and wish I had another week to practice. Lots of fun stuff to play, but man is it hard for me.  I always want a "do-over" at some point during the concert.  I just hope there aren't too many of them.


              Our Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra concert is on Tuesday night.  I am one of two clarinetists and wish I had another week to practice. Lots of fun stuff to play, but man is it hard for me.  I always want a "do-over" at some point during the concert.  I just hope there aren't too many of them.

               You are a girl with many talents!

              As a former president of our local Symphony group, I know that your audience are just grateful that you are gifting your talent to bless them with celestial music! 

              Don't panic! just smile and count Wink

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard