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    coastwalker I am going to add another +1 to the idea that the RD did not really owe anybody anything for the cancellation.  Personally, I would rather see RD's err on the side of caution when it comes to holding a race.  People, me included, will likely go out to run a race they have entered in pretty insane conditions.  In part, small part if I am honest, because I am assuming the RD has figured the course is safe or in the summer if it is hot there are sufficient supplies on hand to handle things.  I do not see any way around counting on the RD to know these things.


    Spareribs dalling you look mavallous.  Double mavallous for having just finished a 50K! I love that shirt!


    tomwhite back spasms will pretty much mess up a whole day.  I hope you are doing better.


    fatozzig you are way tougher than me!  A muggy drizzle sends me straight to the TM.  Heck, any drizzle will.


    StarrRuns very cool that you had 90+ year old to play happy birthday on the accordion for the birthday celebration.


    OrangeMat is there an app that will dress me and get my tail in gear any faster?  That is an app I really could use!  Wink


    stumpy77 I basically agree with you on the bib issue.  I actually thought every race handled "reduced rate" bibs that way.  Basically, the sponsor by giving money to the race kitty has bought a fixed set of reduced rate bibs it can hand out.


    wildchild it would never have dawned on me to check that 227 is a prime number!  Pretty funny goal.  You could work at a university physics or math department.  Kind of their sense of humor/goal whatnot.


    deez4boyz maybe you can send some of that good weather down south for my run tomorrow?


    divechief glad somebody remembered the pomegranate syrup!


    tetsujin209 why does AOL make a difference?  Do they have their own browser?


    Mike E odd I use Firefox and have no trouble with cut and paste on RA.  At least not from my PC.  My cell is a whole other animal.


    arf fortunately I am recovered and no longer want to eat people.  My neighbor though . . . kept moaning and trying to shamble people down.  Sad end for the guy.


    Holly S. I would not sweat the pomegranate syrup.  I found pomegranate juice works just fine.  So does any other berry syrup.  I have made several batches with huckleberry syrup and it was great!


    No running for me today.  Just time on the elliptical.  Tomorrow I am scheduled to do 11.  In cooking news:  I am working on making a home made ciabatta bread.  In another hour I will know how it went!  I also made a turkey burger based on a recipe I saw on Guy's Big Bite.  Very easy to do and I highly recommend it.  Here is a link to the recipe:  I could not find a poblano pepper in the store so I used a can of green chiles (drained) instead.  I also nixed the bun slathered in butter.  It turned out just fine.

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    Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

      Deez - did you wear your new shoes on your 14.5 miler?  I have a new pair that came before Christmas that haven't worn yet.  I was thinking about you running Boston and trying to get ready so quickly.  You must have a good base mileage. Great running today.


      Ribs - that was a great picture of you, I too liked the shirt and can only assume that the shoes matched.


      Orangemat - I am one of the few people without a smartphone or ipad. I have used "Dress the Runner" on in the past. Someday I'll get an ipad, maybe soon.  You are running great my dear, it's fun to read your workout reports.


      Jlynne - sending happy thoughts to you on your MRI results.  Glad that DH's surgery went well.


      4.71 miles around the lake on a dreary gray day.  TWC was right on the 26° and wind. There were a few spots where YakTraks would have been helpful, but walking is fine too. MrStarr made a tossed salad with yummy vegies and grilled chicken.  I'm happily watching hockey now and dozing by the fire while the dogs play.  Now if I just had some of that food they just showed on the game!  Whole Strawberries and brownie chunks on a stick drizzled with white and dark chocolate, yum!

      The Goofinator

        Happy Birthday to your mom, Starr!  Sounds like a wonderful time.


        I gained weight just reading about the strawberry-brownie-chocolate stick thing.


        Homemade ciabatta bread?  Yum!!


        Weather Conditions - warm or cold - I think RDs have to use their discretion and err on the side of being overly cautious.  It puts a damper on things when a person keels over on the course.

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          tetsujin209 why does AOL make a difference?  Do they have their own browser?

          Huh, I not only don’t have smart phone or I-pod, or watch, gremlin, not even riunning shoes, but couldn't get past what download meant I was supposed to download  in the photo posting instructions. . 
          With regard to browser, I know that Internet Explorer is a browser that connects me to the internet and aol . com, e.g. for accessing my aol e-mails through a LAN cable when I’m in hotels in Japan. I’ve just assumed that AOL is the same over here except through my dial-up telephone line. 
          Unfortunately, “download” usually means several hours of wait time on my dial-up that usually gets interrupted and cut off half way through.  However, I’d like to try some extended noctural downloading to clean up my RA formats this weekend if there is any way to do it for aol.  Just don’t try to get me to wear running shoes.

          • otherwise, I'm likely to be getting a new laptop pretty so can made sure it's all as modern as possible.
          • ..
            ps - when I was proudly showing my 3.5yo grandson the talking clock, flashlight and radio functions on my only concession to technology in my now-outdated Nokia cell phone, he wasn’t much impressed when nothing happened by moving his finger back-and-forth on the screen. He’ll be impressed one-of-the-days though when he finds out I know FORTRAN and did early e-mail on an office WANG laptop.

          • Okay, I only have four hours to get in a run for this month.
          •  not gunna happen. stupid short months.  Why couldn’t Sunday be the 3st? 

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          ps - don't tell extrabones but that picture's almost enough make me start training someday, if ever.

          Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

          T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


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            I was watching that episode last week on the TM!  I thought that turkey burger looked worth trying, too.


            Starr and Tet – we don’t have smartphones, either.  For a family of four,  the price is not easily budgeted.  Happy birthday to your mom, Starr .


            Ribs – great photo!  How is Egret these days?


            Deez – nice run!


            For Thursday, 30 minutes of weights and core and 2.3 miles on the TM.


            That stupid pace bunny is ahead of me, darn it!

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