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Time for Tuesday's Daily, 12.11.12 (Read 368 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Sorry I haven't kept up with the posts of late, but life has gotten very busy, and I'm being pulled in more directions than I knew there were. I guess that is why I woke at 3:25 this morning, and was out the door well before 4. There was a light mist, temps in the low 40s, and a bit of a breeze from the SW. So I was in shorts again, and shaking my head again because it is almost mid-December, and this is supposed to be New Hampshire. I racewalked a little over 6 miles, working on keeping it light, using quick steps, and kicking my back leg forward. My splits were all in the low 11s, which was pretty good for a Tuesday.


    Have a great day, whatever your weather. 



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Hey Jay.


      No shorts for me. It was a balmy 16 degs to start off with. 7 miles circling the hood and a nice nasal dripping ride in.

      delicate flower

        'Morning!!  10 easy miles for me on the treadmill last night.  I am running for the first time sans Superfeet inserts.  We'll see how that goes.  I've always used them since I started running (going on two years) but figure it's time to try running without. 


        DW bought me some really nice Brooks thermal running pants and a set of knuckle lights.  SCORE. 


        8 miles at hard effort planned after work today.  I am hoping to run at a sub-8:00 avg pace. 


          It sure is fun to wake up, check in on the forum, and get all kinds of cool stories to read on the previous day's thread.  I've never had an adventure like Mike with my kids, but that doesn't mean I don't worry about them happening all the time. Roll eyes  This winter will be my younger daughter's first winter in Green Bay and I wonder if she will make it to work when they are -10° and 2 feet of snow.  My older daughter was in Florida over the past weekend and when she got back to Flint (at midnight) she had to chip the ice off her car just to get the door open and drive an hour home in freezing rain.


          I learned to drive in the Buffalo area and delivered pizzas in multiple winters in a '72 Mercury Cougar.  That gave me a lot of bad weather driving experience and has made me a little over confident.  Last winter I took out a mailbox in my neighborhood and I hope that has brought me to reality.  It's pretty embarrassing to have to tell someone you couldn't navigate a bend in the road. 


          Today was my coldest run yet of the season.  3 miles at 20°.  Still 60° warmer than Erika for which I am thankful.

          Humanity runs on coffee.

            Low 40s here in the PNW...rain held off til the last quarter mile....5 miles with my RP...continuing to base build...

            Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

               Great pics from AD, yesterday. 

              Hang in there Jay.

              Baboon—I’d never heard of knuckle lights; I googled them.  Interesting.

              Dave—winter pizza delivery story: We live off of a dirt road, down a long driveway shared with a couple of neighbors.  We’re the end of the line and have no outdoor lights.  One winter evening  DW and I are reading and over the music that’s on we hear a revving car engine…rrrrr….rrrrr.  We thought it was from a neighbor’s and ignored it.  Then there it is again, even louder….RRRRRRR……RRRRR.  Huh?  I get up and look out into the darkness.  There’s a kid in a sub-compact car delivering pizzas who is lost.  He has somehow travelled down our snowy unplowed driveway (which is pitch black with no lights), kept going down an unplowed easement towards an undeveloped property adjacent to us, and is now totally stuck.  Revving his engine, he’s just sinking deeper and deeper in the snow.  DW and I laughed and laughed at that one.  We had no way to help him.  He called some buddies who came and pulled him out eventually with a 4x4.  Somebody didn’t get their pizza that night.


              12 miler this morning to put me over the 2000 mark for the year.    Drizzling and gusty at the start but the clouds parted dramatically at the very end to let some sunshine peek through.

              King of PhotoShop

                What a great day to run!  32 degrees, bright sunny sky and no wind.  I could only manage 3.5 miles however as my legs are still tired from Sunday, but tomorrow ought to be fine.


                Quite an adventure Mike E.!   Spareribs

                Back on Stride

                  What a great day to run!  32 degrees, bright sunny sky and no wind.


                  Ribs, that's what I'm looking at tomorrow when I finally get back out for a run after resting my knee a few days.


                  Drake, I also am a big blues fan. It's probably because the first live music place I attended in the Detroit area in my college days was a blues hangout that often brought in groups from Chicago (James Cotton, Siegel-Schwall). And today, one of my favorite XM stations is channel 70: B.B. King's Bluesville!


                  As mentioned above, I haven't run for a few days, but have been getting in some other workouts, such as my spinning and swimming this morning. I decided that I might eventually learn to be a better swimmer, but I doubt I'll ever learn to like it. Good overall exercise, though.


                  Keep 'em coming, folks!

                  Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                    ...sounds bad tramps// much snow did you get??


                    two flakes down here

                    and Cannablism breaks out


                    ........''have you over for Supper'' takes on a Whole New Meaning




                    ..but I digress....


                    ..........28min poolrun

                    pool closes 15th for resurfacing.........sigh


                    .................good running guys

                    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                      I got a bad toothache yesterday,so I just got in from a dentist appointment. That means I'm going to bed late this morning,which in turn means my run tonight might be cut short or even no time to run at all. I'll have to see.

                      Tomorrow morning I have a consult with an oral surgeon. I have to have 3 wisdom teeth pulled. Anyway that means I'll be late to bed tomorrow too.

                      Thursday AM I have a meeting at work,so have to stay late=same thing,late to bed.

                      Looks like it may be a challenging week to get my miles in.

                      Baboon,I'm not familiar with "superfeet inserts". Are these orthotics (sp?). Just curious. I had a bad case of PF years back and wear inserts in my work shoes as I stand on a concrete floor all day at work.  When I started running this past spring I made the decision to try to run without the inserts in my running shoes. So far so good. No Plantar or heel pain so far.

                      BTW,knuckle lights is what I asked my wife to get me for Christmas. We'll see if santa brings them.

                      Hold the Mayo

                        Good Day Y'All,


                        Jay, this weather is crazy isn't it? Even though we got rain last night, 60 degrees isn't exactly a New England winter temperature. 

                        Baboon, let me know how you like those Knuckle Lights - like Drake, I have them on my Christmas wish list.  I prefer a flashlight to a headlamp, and those just look SO easy to carry. 

                        Tramps, makes you wonder how fast that pizza guy was going when he hit your street, huh?  Must have been pretty close to the "free delivery" time even before he got stuck. 

                        Drake, here's hoping your extraction recovery is relatively pain free. 


                        No miles for me last night - I postponed in the morning due to cold rain, in favor of warmer rain at night, and then the flu hit the household (DW and DS#1), so I had to bag the run in favor of trips to the grocery store and pharmacy.  So far I'm symptom free, and I got the shot a few weeks ago, so now I'm quarantining them in their rooms, and disinfecting as much as possible.  Fingers crossed...


                        4 miles on tap for tonight before DS#2's Holiday Band concert.

                          You guys made me look-up what the heck a knuckle light was.  The name itself is pretty self explanatory but I was curious about what was being sold.  (I wonder if flashlights & duct tape would work as a substitute?)


                          The website I found,, says the lights have 3 power settings, "Low, High, and Blinding."  (Actually the last one is "blinking" but "blinding" would be better.)

                          Humanity runs on coffee.

                            ...sounds bad tramps// much snow did you get??

                            Old story from a couple years back.

                            Still makes us laugh though.  That poor kid might as well have driven out into a cow pasture.  That little pizza sign looked sooooo out of place.

                            Marathon Maniac #957

                              SteveP - nice trek yesterday with AD!


                              Re student drivers, my 15yo will be eligible to get his license at the end of January, when he turns 16, but he has to get in 50 hours of supervised driving first, and at the rate of about 1 hour/week he's been doing it, he's not looking to have that in by his birthday.  I told DH there will be absolutely no fibbing in the log I keep for this - DS' safety and that of the others on the road is too important.  DS is a surprisingly timid driver, and I would be perfectly happy to have him wait until March or April to get his license.


                              Knuckle lights look pretty cool  I have a headlamp but don't really like to use it.  I often carry a small LED flashlight in the winter, just to shine in the darker spots the streetlights don't get in the predawn darkness, and especially on the river path when there are small patches of ice, it's very helpful, but small enough I can tuck into a pocket when it starts getting light.  Seems like a knuckle light would do this well, too.


                              5 easy-paced miles for me on the TM this morning.

                              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                                sarge, nice racing.  mari, it's neat you are going to see your family in South America.  ribs, congrats to riblet on his first half.  Nice picture with his big brother.  Dave, it's great to hear you got in a good run with no discomfort.  Tag, wonderful pictures of the trails and snow.  Mike, the Eric adventures make fun reading.  Tramps, congrats on going over 2000 miles for the year.


                                Nice long runs for lame, fatozzig, mari, Holly, breger, Mike, baboon, and Tramps.


                                This morning, it was in the low 30s and almost calm.  I got in 8 miles at a 10:43 pace.


                                A good day and good runs for all.