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40s 50s 60s On the Run - w/e 02/24 (Read 16 times)

    Hey folks. no runnning as of late for me.  We got about about 8 inches last week.  I could've should've went for a beautiful run but did not.  I did have a great weekend playing music with some friends of mine.  Friday nite and all day Sat.  The  8 inches finally melted off yestrday.  We now have 10 inches.   And are expected to have about 16 inches or more by the end of this.  Its not blowing too bad right now, but forecasting 30-40mph winds this afternoon.   Roads already closed in the area.


    So I got that going for me.....which is nice.


    Enjoy, my friends!

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      ev - Sounds like a super-fun weekend. Snowshoeing a possibility for you with all that fresh snow? I really love it, but it's TOUGH! My mountain-dwelling buddies are swearing by their new microspikes:


      Stumpy - Sounds like a nice trip, hope the weather treats you right. Beastly hot? 70?


      14 yesterday seemed a little harder than it should have been, guess I haven't fully recovered from racing and trail running last weekend. Hopefully will recover in time for this Saturday's 10K. Undecided

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        Wow, so much snow talk lately... and I've been running in a skort the past couple days! I think I've officially lowered my temperature threshold for wearing long pants for running to 35F or so. Well, if there's no wind, that is. Used to be I'd be in long pants until it hit 60F. That's what middle age will do for ya, I guess. Wink


        Arla, my goal marathon is the Colorado Marathon on May 5. I'm hoping to break four hours and get my ticket to Boston. If that doesn't take, I'll have another shot at the BQ at the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY on October 6. I'm also signed up to run Chicago a week later, but that one will be just for fun. Smile And since I think I want to try to do the 50 states thing, I only need to BQ once! Pressure's off that way, right? Wink


        Oh, I'm a day late on this thread again, aren't I? Rats, I always seem to do that....