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First Run of September: 4am minus ten hours (Read 328 times)

    Holly, I doubt you're undertrained. Didn't you put together 20 miles last weekend, too? But yes, running in a dehydrated state is no fun. I've gotten much more susceptible to that as I've gotten older. I used to run pretty long runs with no water, Gu or anything. Now I have a hard time doing over 10 without something. Good for you on getting it done, and yes it's much better to be uninjured. 


    Nice early start, Tet! I've gotta ask though... how do you do a 7+ hour marathon? Pack a lunch?


    Congrats on the t-shirt, Twocat! And yeah, the answers to Ribs' trivia questions are almost always answered before I get here, too. 


    Got my hair cut this morning. Finally. It was getting so long, and a real mess after runs. I thought I'd miss having a ponytail while running, but I got over it. I like it short and it's so easy to do the "post run" thing. Will get out for 8-10 miles soon, but letting lunch settle first.


    We got a Great Harvest Bread Co. store here, they opened last week. Oh boy. I love that place. I guess I just better get used to the extra 5 lbs I'm packing around because they're not going anywhere anytime soon!

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       I guess I just better get used to the extra 5 lbs I'm packing around because they're not going anywhere anytime soon!


      I've sort of gotten to that realization, too....Big grin

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

        Congrats, Twokitty!!


        Econo - My buddies, Gary Vale, Carl the Mailman, and Russ McGarry (the 3 Nonjoggers dudes) will be calling out the names at the Portland Marathon as folks cross the finish line.


        16 miles this morning with Chris, who I met at Mt. Hood.  He killed me on the hills, but on the flats and downs we were pretty evenly paced.  I asked him if he was holding back for me, and he said no.  I miss running with Karen, though.  Guy/Gal chat, especially with a guy you don't really know, isn't the same as gal/gal chat with one of your best buds. Undecided


        I have to tell on myself, though.  Last night I got ny hair dyed a pretty significant red.  Nothing that's not appropriate for work, but definitely a change.  After our run today, I was looking at my hat and shirt - the dye, from sweating, totally stained my hat, shirt, and neck!  I looked like I'd been running in a cloud of red dust!!  I'm betting Chris was wondering what the heck was going on with me.  Too funny!!  Note to Self - Don't get hair dyed the night before a sweaty long run!


        Okay - Off to do transcription ~

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          Leslie, totally understand the guy/gal vs. gal/gal talk. The few runs I've done with other women have just flown by. On the occasion I've run with guys, we just talk different stuff, and they always go too fast (sorry Roger, but yeah).


          10.4 miles today, in the steady light drizzle. Goal was 8:30 avg pace, actual was 8:29 avg. and most of my miles were right on target. 


          Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better, but I think the trails are already a hopelessly muddy mess. Oh well.