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Tuesday Nov. 20, Hug A Runner Day! (Read 397 times)

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    Here's some virtual hugs for all my runner friends today! They're made extra sweet since I got to hug some of you in person over the weekend. Smile

    Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day (G.O.H.A.R.D.)


    Quads are starting to be sore now but I'm still feeling really good from my miles over the weekend. Maybe it was that extra lap we did through security that helped, eh Wildchild? Wink So much I want to say about my Monkey experience, but I'm still a bit overwhelmed. If anyone's interested in some numbers, my quasi race report from DailyMile is here. But overall, I had a blast and can't wait to do it all over again next year!


    Have a great day, all!


      Mornin' OM, and those yet to post.


      It seems that the Monkey was a success for the RA crew, no matter how you look at it. I'm so glad everyone had such a great time, and ran such great times!


      6.6 racewalking miles at 4:15 - 28F, clear with star-lit skies and a light breeze from the WNW. I saw a shooting star this morning - always a treat. I got some weird, stabbing pain in my ankle in mile 2 that forced me to back way off. I walked easy for a minute or two and it went away, so I gradually geared up again and was fine the rest of the way. Like I said - weird. As I got within about a quarter mile of the ocean this morning, there was glitter on the streets. Actually, the roads were just barely damp there (ocean dew), and I was seeing the sparkling frost. Interesting that the white lines down the sides of the road that were my guide were also noticeably more slick and slippery than the blacktop, so I stayed off them. I shortened my stride just a scooch to keep better footing till I turned away from the coast at about mile 4. The pavement dried, I opened my stride again, and sailed back home.


      Have a great day today!  -  Jay

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        Hey all


        Just a quick fly by post until I can get my head above water here at work.


        Monkey...I can't say enough but to put it simply...The absolute best time I ever had at a marathon. My quads are trashed from downhills and my face hurts from smiling.

        Trails are hard!

          OM--congratulations to you and all the Monkey folks for a spectacular weekend!!  Now post pictures!!


          3.1 miles in the frost.  Boy, the bed sure felt warm and hard to leave.  But once I made it out, it was well worth the pain and suffering.  Clear, calm, and invigorating.


          Happy runs to all that follow.............................

          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


            Great to see the Monkey runners had so much fun.  That's the whole point, isn't it?


            Out for 10 miles today: 3 easy + 4 tempo + 3 easy.  It went well.

              Just 3 easy miles today...

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              MM #6177

                Monkey...I can't say enough but to put it simply...The absolute best time I ever had at a marathon. My quads are trashed from downhills and my face hurts from smiling.

                +1000 Big grin

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                  Thrilled with the overall exuberance of today's thread, O monkeyers!


                  5 easy for me.  Spareribs

                    congrats to all the Monkey Runners! Looks like all had a great time and many personal goals were achieved!  These big meetups are just the most fun. I think I need to find a meetup to go to next year. Haven't been to one in awhile.


                    Torrential rains here all night long. Woke up several times to the sound of heavy rain and/or branches hitting the roof. I actually think I'll be heading to the gym after work and using that treadmill thing. Roll eyes   Off work for the remainder of the week after today. yay!!


                      I had a great time at the Monkey. This was my 4th Monkey with a PW monkey time of 4:58, but still my fastest marathon this year.  Meeting up with lots of RA folks was great. OM, wildchild, Holly, Slo-hand, Ilene, and  more, it was a great time and I'm sorry I couldn't stay in Nashville longer.


                      The women's winner has written a RR on her blog of the race. Very well done and worth a read.


                      MTA: As part of the entry fee, race photographs are free for download from the photographers website. Here's the link for that: Elly Foster Photography. (more, & even more pics)

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                        These big meetups are just the most fun. I think I need to find a meetup to go to next year.




                        Moab Trail Marathon?


                        A Most Excellent marathon weekend, for sure!  We should start a Monkey RR thread and we can all add pics and comments to it.


                        I must admit that I am slightly more sore from the Monkey than I was from Equinox....those trails in Alaska were softer and gentler.  Mostly my toes took a beating at Monkey from pounding downhill.  The rest of me is just a litle creaky, but overall good.


                        4 recovery miles this morning in 42 degrees.

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                          First congratulations to our monkey runners!  Including, Wildchild, Holly S.Ileneforward,OrangeMat, Slo-Hand, and pfriese.  It seems like everybody had a great time.


                          OrangeMat 3rd in your AG!  Wow!


                          tetsujin209 and you thought running on the wettest day of the year was a good idea because . . . ?


                          fatozzig on a recipe exchange email I once received the recipe I was given by one participant was on how to create the chicken in your avatar.  Needless to say that was the first and last time I ever participated in one of those email recipe exchanges.  Roll eyes  Never thought to use it as an avatar though.  Then again I am not sure who other than you would!


                          Mike E careful with that heal.  I hope it feels better fast.


                          coastwalker it does pay to be careful on the roads when they get slick.  I, alas, even know somebody who died when he slipped on his driveway and fell backwards.  Very sad.

                          TammyinGP at least it sounds like the downpours did no damage, which is not bad in and of itself.


                          Today was my first authorized run day since being put in a moon boot by my doctor.  Alas, all on the TM.  It was 1 mile walk, 2 mile run and a 1 mile walk.  All seems well.  But, I still have 2 to 4 weeks in the boot left.


                          In general cooking news I was watching Guy's Big Bite while on the elliptical the other day and he made a bulgur wheat and kale salad that looked awesome.  To make a long story short, I made it last night and it was awesome!  I posted a copy on my Allrecipes web page for anybody that wants to give it a shot.  It is easy to make to boot.

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                            And the crowd chants "Monkey, monkey!"

                            My favorite line was "My face hurts from smiling." Smile


                            We don't have school tomorrow so the long weekend begins now. I have some last minute grocery shopping to do after a haircut this afternoon then will run when I get home. Company begins arriving tomorrow. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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                              Those monkeys really flew-wish I had been there but, alas, My marathoning days are over.

                              3.2 very slow miles today and a bunch of walking errands. Tomorrow morning we're off to Brooklyn for Thanksgiving weekend. Happy Thanksgiving all!

                                ...Glad to hear TheMonkey was a Big one coming up this Spring in Knoxville, just as pretty, Better Beer.......




                                but I digress


                                2-hour solo Hike,,,,,,,practiced my New Walk



                                don't ask.



                                28min poolrun


                                ................good running guys........

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