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Thursday daily 1.17.13 (Read 198 times)

    Two Cat I couldn't agree more in reference to the Manti story.


    8.25 Miles - 1:14:09 - (9:00 Avg) plus planks.


    Off to bed early as we have a 6 AM flight to Florida, and much warmer weather!  

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      Hey guys...


      Sorry to be such a downer all the time on here...but it's been a pretty tough couple of days for me.  My sister died unexpectedly, yesterday.  We were pretty close...I really miss her.  I'm helping her kids and husband (who she was separated from) work out all the arrangements.  Bonnie has had it pretty tough her whole 58 years old she was still struggling with the sexual abuse she suffered through as a child...from our father.  (In later years, he spent a few years in prison for his actions...I don't really think it did any good)


      I remember, as a kid...Bonnie and my mom would talk all the time...about very serious and deep subjects.  They would always try to pull me into their conversations and I would have no part of it.  I can remember pretending that I was asleep while they rambled on and on because, if they knew I was awake, they'd try get me to talk about stuff that I really cared nothing about.  If it didn't involve a ball, or a bat, or something to do with sports--I wanted to be left alone.  As adults, I don't think a day went by when my sister and mom did not talk...until everything came out and my dad went to prison.  But the day my mom died...just over 12 years sister lost her best friend.  I am comforted by the image of them sitting on a cloud...rambling on and on and on...I'm expecting to hear them anytime, now.


      Okay--I'm sorry--thanks for listening.

        Oh Mike, I'm so sorry. It's a good thing you're there to help her kids, and yes, her husband. Such sad news.


        But glad to hear Byll's mom is doing better.


        Welcome back, Wildchild! You'll get back your altitude legs (lungs?) soon, I'm sure.


        Holly, I agree with Leslie on the taking it easy bit. Sorry work has been such a bummer as far as the additional hours, and the timing of the photo. I feel the same way with these employee forums we're doing for our proposed health plan changes. We had three 90-minute sessions today, tomorrow I go to Anchorage for two, and next Wednesday to Juneau for two. What this means is a lot of standing and talking for me, to give the presentation and answer questions afterward. All the while coughing and trying to do it discreetly. I'll be so glad when this is all over!


        So... no run yet today, and I might still try a couple miles on the treadmill tonight. But at this point, I kinda figure why bother. I don't have the chest pain today, but I am still coughing a lot. Meh...

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          Mike, I'm really sorry to hear about your sister.  Sending a hug.

          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

            Oh Mike, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. always so sad to lose a loved one, but when it's unexpected, it just adds even more pain and sadness to the grief.


            3 miles at the track tonight. It was so cold tonight (seriously, it was! it was probably only about 30 out there!). and super thick soupy fog.


              Mike...So very sorry for your loss...


              Seems the crud caught up to run today...I will see how I feel in the morning...



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                Mike, thanks for sharing this hard news with your RAfamily. I am sending my prayers to you and your family.

                Butterfly hugs to Holly. Do rest up girlfriend. I learned recently that even the Kenyans take a two week off from running every year to recoup and rebuild...TOTAL rest said the article...REST up precious one.

                Wishing the Best to Erika during her presentations in the next few weeks. I am so fricken proud of that girl!


                Add me to those who are dealing with the coughing. Coughing plus jet lag has made my last two days rather interesting, but I am blessing the upcoming three day weekend.


                Praying and wishing health to all!



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                  Lance the liar. . Since I was probably still coming over the international dateline and didn’t see it all when O’s interview aired, it’s too bad that, instead of the “yes/no” excerpts being featued on sports stations and her sympathetically seeming to feel sorry for L feeling he was forced to cheat, she couldn’t have asked him (1) why he lied for so long when he already had a huge fan base starting from his teenage triathlon days in Texas and beyond, (2) how he thought he could get away with it, (3) what, if anything he has to say to (a) fellow cyclists who were being castigated for supposedly lying about him, (b) his supporters and fans who feel like stupid fools for sticking with him.

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