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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Dailies (Read 312 times)

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    {{{Leslie}}}  I really hope this is just a scare, and that it heals up quickly for you.

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      Merry Christmas to all my running friends! We don't have anyone around the house to celebrate with yet, but just wait till this weekend. 7 adults, 3 grandkids, 4 dogs and one puppy (and one bathroom).  We plan to escape go up to our old house to sleep.  The presents arrived from Amazon yesterday so will be wrapping those if I can remember who gets what, or find the list.  Our local relatives got together last night after church for soup chili and goodies.  I baked 6 loaves of yulekage for friends and family yesterday since I had the day off.  Uff da, what a mess in my kitchen.  Cookies got frosted and the pecan pie bars are absolutely my favorite.  Ribs, I'd like your recipe for the shrimp/scallop/wild rice casserole.  We have about 10 bags of wild rice and I've been trying to use it up.


      I was up early but cleaned the kitchen first before deciding to run.  After I gave MrStarr his gifts he said I wasn't supposed to get him anything, but he was going to give me mine this weekend.... we'll see about that.  I guess this puppy is really his gift and I shouldn't have gotten that Dewalt charger/radio.  The temp was up to -4° when I started getting dressed in layers. Wind chill was -21° but really didn't feel that bad.  I took Bandit along to run and play at the park.  MrStarr came there with the ball and then took her home while I continued on.  I didn't have any issues with my eyes tearing up this morning.  I think that the tears and my eyeballs were frozen.


      Here is a picture I took after I got inside and also one of our empty stockings, and a close up of my tree.




      And one of Bandit!


      Gotta go pick out one of the puppies and put a collar on her.  Someone else really gets first pic.  Actually they all look the same but are darn cute.

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        Compared to Starr, it was positively tropical here today!  It was about 20F when I went out, and down to 14 when I got home.  Here's a picture of Tazzie and Ladybug on our run in the snow today:



        And the dogs looking festive:





        And Ladybug:



        Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday with your families and friends.

        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

          [[[[ fatozzig[[[[




          2 hours of Playing Barbie,

          followed by at LEAST 4-hours of plyaing Hungry Hippo



          it's ok,

          I had Claire with me.


          ...............back at it tomorrow...................GoodRunning and Merry Christmas.....

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            C-R, thank Erika, not me.

            Leslie, I really really hope this is just a temporary thing that you caught early.

            I was the first up, almost had to wake DD up because DS and I were waiting around forever to open our stockings.  A major incident with DS showing some ungratefullness and DD showing her greediness (coveting DS's gifts) and DH blowing up at them.....well, he spilled the beans and told them he was Santa, and very disappointed in their attitudes, as was I (even though at 10 and 12, they know that one/both of us is Santa - still he felt a bit guilty being that blunt about it).  But everything is cool now.


            40F, windy and pouring rain, but I had to do my Christmas run, I never skip it, usually it is a pleasant, cooler, drier day, sometimes even with snow, but not today and I was actually not looking forward to it.  I got drenched, just 3.4 miles, but the upside was I tested out my new Garmin 610, pretty sweet thing that is.....Smile


            I made a Yule Log last night,  It looks pretty good!

            "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

            Trails are hard!

              Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope it was happy and everyone is relaxing and playing with their new toys.


              We actually had a white Christmas (for a few hours) this morning. I went out for a 3.1 lake loop this morning before DD struggled out of bed at 10am. less than an inch on the ground, but still the first run of the season with snow. Just over 9 minute pace--fastest non-race loop in quite a while. Surprised DW with a Kindle Fire so she's spent some time figuring it out and already has a book or three downloaded. Hope she enjoys it.


              Max the dog was acting a lot closer to puppy than the 12-1/2 that he is--good thing he's got a strong stomach. He had two rawhide candy canes, a handful of happy hips treats, and a peanut butter bone on top of his regular breakfast. And still wanted whatever we ere eating

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                Got up normal time 4:45 am and ran 5 miles with my RP...Surprised my DW with an iPad...Got a new Running Room Jacket and a Keurig Coffeemaker...My brother says he's going to sign up for the Vancouver Marathon on May 5th....I think I might sign up as well....It would be my 5th Marathon on 5/5....hmmmmm...

                Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

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                  Merry Christmas everybody!


                  I went 10.3 miles in 1:18:00.  Kind of cold--9o--but I was warm except for my dang fingers.  I have to get this figured out.


                  Anyway--we had a pretty nice Christmas.  My DW completely surprised me with an iPad.  I never even said I wanted one.  I feel kind of guilty about it because we really can't afford stuff like this right now....but it is kind of cool....even though I've done something to it and can't get back online.


                  Okay--that's it for now--I have to figure this thing out.

                    Lyndenrunner, 5 on 5/5 sounds like a plan!  Tazzie and Ladybug are adorable in their hats, here is Smokey, she will make a good running partner too (I think my nose looks a little red from my run this morning.



                    Here's the puppy pile:


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                        I think I can get past my snow envy to wave hi and wish everyone a lovely Christmas evening. I jogged a couple of miles around the neighborhood this morning; light rain. Nice to see my mom (Woodslady) and stepdad today -- what a feast she had prepared! -- but the drive home in the pouring rain over the Coast Range was kinda scary.

                          We actually had a beautiful day here, and I ran outside! 12° here at the house and I stuck to my hilly neighborhood roads. Legs were tired and I had a stop for rests on a couple of the uphills, but it felt absolutely wonderful to be outside! Unlike MikeE, I overheated a bit, especially my hands. So... 6.3 miles of hills on Christmas Day!


                          Hi Econo! So nice to see you posting here again. How is Ben doing these days? I think about you guys a lot....


                          Cute puppy, Starr!


                          Tazzie looks cool but Ladybug looks just a wee bit embarrassed by her finery. Looks like a beautiful day in Colorado for a run!


                          Leslie, stay off it, and go back to what you were doing to treat it before until you can get it checked out. I sure hope it's nothing, but better safe than sorry....

                          Avenger Doggie

                          protector of my dad

                            I got up at stoopid dark o'clock to start smoking pork tenderloin slices I had marinating in apple cider and maple syrup. The goal was a low nitrate version of Canadian bacon for eggs Benedict. My hand froze to the propane tank I was hooking up. Doh!


                            There is one present that Noah had to drop everything for.


                             He spent the rest of the day protecting the family and deflecting wadded up wrapping paper tossed at him.


                            DW. Tag and I did manage to get a few late miles in.

                            Sniffing Butts, Tag

                            Bushrat Runner

                              I was just getting ready to reply to this thread when people showed up for better late than never.


                              Starr, looks pleasantly cold! Pleasant because it looks like you were ready.


                              Choco and Mo and I went for 7 miles Christmas morning. All but the first 1.3 miles were off-road, following ATV and snowmachine tracks. After three miles, we turned around and got some beautiful views of the sunrise as we headed southeast.


                              Some of that was brutal, there were some stretches where we were barely above walking pace, but it was good. Finished by running across a lake. I love running on lakes. Probably because they're flat and I'm lazy...(sorry Carolyn, but I suspect you'll pound me into submission if we ever run together...I can't believe the hills you run...)


                              As we reached the other side of the lake, a friend of mine snapped this photo of us.


                              From there it was back to the waiting Hamonmobile.


                              When I got in, my beard melted...but this is before that happened...


                              Not sure even a mother could love that...


                              We started running when it was 13F, finished when it was 11F...pretty nice, little wind, loved it. Got to get some sleep...happy runs all.