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Sat 7/13 Race Day Daily (Read 38 times)

    Tunnel get-together, first time tri, and more this weekend.  Hope everyone has fun.

    Mike needs to start the marathon so he can get some rest. Whew!


    15. 9 for me this morning.  It went pretty well, given the conditions.

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      Mike needs to start the marathon so he can get some rest. Whew!




        Mornin' everyone.


        Nice run, Tramps.


        Strange concept of needing to get started in a marathon to get some rest - but then there's Mike! Wink  I hope you have a very 'restful' marathon.


        9.5 racewalking miles at 4:30 this morning. There was a gorgeous and colorful sunrise, before the sun went and hid behind today's clouds. Too bad I didn't have my phone/camera with me. I had spent about 4 hours priming walls in our 'guest house' yesterday, and by the time I went to bed, my right hip was pretty achy from all the up and down the ladder, bending and twisting. It was OK when I headed out this morning, but by mile 8, it was talking to me in pretty strong language. I tried running, but that just made it worse, so I switched back to racewalking and just tried to ignore the discomfort till I got home. I should probably take some ibu., but I'd rather see how it does on its own during the day today. I'm sure mowing the lawn will be very therapeutic...


        Good luck, racers!!



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          Taking the day off before tomorrow's race. This is backwards from how I would normally do it. Run today and take yesterday off, but I slept so well last night that I didn't want to get out of bed.


          There's a guy in the Dallas Running Club who is also a FB friend and he's a pretty good runner. He ran a Half a month ago in 1:19, and he posted on FB recently that he was excited about it because it beat Spareribs' PR of 1:20. How he knows this I have no idea but I got a kick out of it of course.  So today I just posted that I'm resting today so that I can kick this guy's butt tomorrow in the 15K.  Of course I have no chance whatsoever to do this but it will light him up!   Spareribs

            Looks like the Tunnel marathon folks will have a blast!


            9.5 miles for me as well, but done as loops around the Mt. Tom reservoir with four other women on my team. Light rain and cooler at about 68 degrees. Fun and chatty run. One of the group is the VT 100 runner, one is running in the US mountain series and the US champs will be in NH next weekend at Mt. Cranmore, and then another in the group is running her first marathon ever at Hartford. I love the range of distances and ages and experiences---like here in RA.


            The kiddo and Mr. CNYrunner are off with Hudson at agility class. He (Hudson) is loving it and loves all the jumping and running though tunnels. He's made for this! I swear that dog smiles when he gets home from "class"


            Good Luck racers and happy weekend all!


            P.S. Go Ribs!

              Good morning folks!


              No running for me this morning since I have 26.2 to run tomorrow. The posie family is gearing up to drive to Seattle this morning. This week has been full of fun and surprises, the biggest surprise of them all being twocat's visit to the Posie hut!

              It has been so much fun showing him a few of our favorite places.


              Here we are in Winthrop enjoying the Methow Valley. This was taken with an auto-timer.

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                Mike, I hope you got that beer to recover from getting your car back. Twocat, how neat you're getting to visit mari and Easy Pacer..


                Nice long runs for deez and Tramps.


                I'm in Ludington having a nice visit with my sister, brother in law, and mother.  In a few minutes we'll spring my mother from the nursing home and go on a piccnic.


                This morning, it was in the mid 60s and almost calm.  I got in 8 miles at an 11:05 pace.  I ran by most of the nostalgic places I like to see in Ludington.


                A good day and good runs for all.



                  ...mornin' guys//...........45 min poolrun,,,,


                  ,,,,,,NO floatation belt........Excellent work out



                  just got asked

                  to add some poolrunning info

                  to a new website




                  .........not sure if it's Legit,

                  but they didn't ask for money..


                  .....the guy just send me a copy of his book,

                  ,,,,,it suggests

                  using a ''tether''

                  which looks a LOT like a bungee-cord........can you say ''Jerry-Rig''????


                  Interesting Concept



                  ...............good running to ya

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                    Mariposai and Twocat - lovely picture!


                    Ribs - kick is but, you can do it!


                    Well, my first effort at triathlon was a blast!  The weather was perfect, sunny and low 70's.  We started off with the 2.5-mile canoe ride, then 5k run, then 11-mile bike ride.  My family went this time, and DH took pics.  DS helped pull the canoe up on shore so we didn't have to get wet, and DD generally cheered us on.  The 5k part was the worst 5K time I have ever run, 27:16 I think.  I found out that it is VERY tough to leap up and begin running fast with no leg warm-up at all, directly after a tough upper-body workout (canoeing).  My legs were so stiff, and I just could not get any speed up.  Then the bike part, Renee and I with our big clunky mountain bikes.  I averaged almost 15mph, and that was pumping HARD, and the paper-thin race bikes would just fly by me like I was standing still.  Definitely, if we do this next year, I need to borrow someone's road bike.  Still, we had a great time and our time was still good enough for 3rd place in the female master team division!


                    The only big goof was that during the run/bike transition, I put my bike helmet on backwards. Oops.  Then I had to take it off and fiddle with the straps and get in on the correct way, while riding....Big grin


                    Good luck to the racers tomorrow!

                    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                      Great picture of Mariposai and Twocat! Looks like a nice day there, too. Very cool to have a Twocat support for your race tomorrow!


                      Holly, that's hilarious (the helmet). Good for you for doing this! Many would've found the canoe a little intimidating, and complain they didn't have the right bike. You just got out there and did it. Congratulations!


                      Is Mike on the plane yet?


                      I ran the Run of the Valkyries 8k today, a fund raiser for Opera Fairbanks. Gorgeous day, if not a little warm. I was up way too late last night having fun with the neighbors around the firepit, and spent too much time this morning fiddling with my Garmin, so was almost late to the start. Didn't have time to warm up and got a bad side stitch at the end of mile 2 that plagued me for the next couple of miles. Still ended up with a 37:51 which is my worst time ever for this race, but good enough for 5th in women so I'll take it. Helps me move up in the series standings a bit.


                      My Garmin 305 has been taking forever to load satellites. So I went to the Garmin web site where it is registered, and it said its software is up to date. I tried finding any support for it, like the manual or Q&A, and there's nothing at all that I could find. It seems Garmin has lost interest in these older versions and just has info on the newer models. What would it hurt to keep the older model documentation out there? Geez.

                        In a few minutes we'll spring my mother from the nursing home and go on a piccnic.



                        Good for mom!!


                        Love the picture, Nancy and Twokitty!


                        Holly - It sounds like a really great time, even with the helmet fo paw.


                        Erika - I'm just hoping my 305 hangs in there a little longer.  It's gettin' real quirky, though.


                        Jay - Maybe your hip and my ATs could get together and figure how to feel better.


                        I was suppose to run 14-15 today, but I realized about halfway into it, it wasn't gonna happen.  I eeked out 12 on very tired legs.  Guess ye ole bod isn't used to running 3 days in a row.  Makes me feel like such a weenie!  Spent another 4 hours at work getting through the bookkeeping and trying to figure out how I'm going to get my cases in a state for me to leave by Friday.  Ugh!  I foresee some extra hours this next week, but that's okay.  I can't leave my co-workers/friends hanging.  The part that's really said for me, both of my co-workers are on vacation this week, so I don't even get to work with them my last week. Cry

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                          just wanted to pop in and wish all the Tunnel marathoners good luck. I mean, you are probably really going to need it to make it through the tunnel! Wink


                          congrats Holly on your first tri! glad the whole family could enjoy it and be there for you.


                          today David and I volunteered at the animal shelter's adoption event. it took place right across from our Saturday Farmers Market, so lots of traffic. Adopted out 8 dogs, of the 12 that were brought, so very successful day.


                          leaving tomorrow for a couple days camping. We aren't going all that far from home, but we want to break in the new travel trailer and just get away from the house for a couple days. should be perfect for hanging out at the river, or in the river, since it'll be close to 100 on Monday.


                          can't wait to come back on Tuesday and read about the fun up in Seattle!