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Wednesday, 8.8.12 (Read 412 times)

    Opie, glad you got your run done, in the dark no less.  My Garmin was acting up tonight but I think charging it on the computer will do the trick.  I was just going around the lake so I know how far that is, 4.72 miles.  It did seem like it took forever though.  I know I will get faster, but I just don't know when.  Hopefully before the 10K in 5 weeks!  I hope it's OK that I am skipping these 400 intervals on the schedule since I am still getting back at this running game.


    Bill, that was a funny story about the deer.  I would have asked that lady for a ride out of there.  tomwhite, so glad that TheBack and TheLeg are better.  You must be doing something right.  DH saw the ortho today and he said to take ibuprofen and come back in 2 weeks if it's not better.  He had hip replacement surgery in October, so was worrid that this fall might have injured that somehow.  X-rays showed that it was fine.  He wants him on crutches for two weeks, but that's not gonna happen.  Stubborn men...


    Gotta go enjoy an evening fire out by the lake.  We really enjoy the nights here in our new place.  On June 1 we moved .4 of a mile down the road to my mom's house right on the lake. She's in an apartment in assisted living and we've talked about buying from her eventually. Our other house has a view of the lake, but it's nice be able to walk out in your P.J.'s. in the morning to watch the martins or sit out for those evening fires. The house is really a cabin with an addition (bathroom and kitchen and porch).  I am glad I have a bathroom, but do miss having two bathrooms.  The bedrooms are teeny, tiny... but that's OK.


    Starr in MN

      5 miles after work tonight, now I'm ready for a snack and bed.


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        6 miles very easy tonight. If there's one thing I know how to do right in training, it's recovery runs...Ribs, I knew you were from the Hudson Valley and that's where your son got his name. I like that Facebook group. That city has a lot of history. Did you know I used to date a girl from Bronxville and spent some time there?

        "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi

          Hi Starr! That evening fire sounds like just the sort of thing we like to do. I bet we'll do one Friday night--late--after my dance competition. Nice way to unwind.


          Good job on the running, Opie. I remember not long ago seems like you were really struggling. Think it was just time passed taking it easy? Or new approach from new coach?


          Ok, that's this page, that's about all I can recall...


          Ran 10.2 miles tonight, first run since Sunday. Goal was to not push hard and take it easy.


          I spent most of my run thinking about our kitty, Socks, who did not come home Sunday morning. I knew instantly something wasn't right, and we've spent hours combing the neighborhood and posting fliers about her. Just devastated about the loss of this kitty... she was with us almost a year, but worked her way into our hearts in such a way it's hard to explain. I don't know how parents who lose children deal with the loss, because the loss of this cat has just hit us so hard. The feeling of loss is so intense, I can't explain it. We've had other cats and dogs (and horses) die, usually by our request because the time was so obviously here. Other animals have died of natural causes when we were gone, but they'd lived full lives. Socks was 1 yr 7 months, full of life and a bright light in our lives. DS2 says he feels like he lost his best friend. I miss her following me around the house like a puppy, playing ping pong in the kitchen (she was so good at that!!), hiding under DH's towel in the bathroom, and helping me with laundry folding (she loved hot laundry out of the dryer). I hate thinking of her in the past tense, but just can't imagine what happened to her other than a dog or fox attack.


          Come home, Socksie... your mama misses you so badly....


          We've posted her on the animal shelter web site, Pet Pride, Craig's List lost and found and we've posted fliers around the neighborhood and stuffed neighbors' newspaper delivery tubes (both near and far). Not sure what else to do... Cry

            mmm Pizza.


            I love your fixed back and leg TW


            (((((Socksie))))). Some critters get into your heart fast.


            Tag and I took Honey out with us. When she gets the scent of something, she's like trying to keep a swarm of bugs on a leash. On the tight trails she nearly trip me a number of times. Sheesh..Little terror. We stopped at the auto parts store on the way back. A young lady who works at the ice cream store thought I just had Tag. I don't want to say the mutts are spoiled. 



            MM #5616

              Erika, I'm sorry to hear about your kitty... I hope she makes it home.  So hard to lose a pet - they're definitely family.

              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.