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    Welcome back Gordon!


    Good news on the PT visit, tomwhite.


    I bagged my easy run this morning and have canceled my track workout indefinitely for this week, and am seeing an orthopedist tomorrow morning for my wrist. While the x-rays didn't find any fractures, my hand is more swollen and sore today than yesterday. Barely slept last night from the pain... And quite frankly, I'm exhausted, and could use a week or off from running. I got my long run done this past weekend, and that's really what matters in terms of marathon training, right? Well, that's what it's going to have to be...



      Good news on the PT visit, tomwhite.



      ...thanks OM//..........I am such a Newbie to this I wore my Briefs in case I had to take my pants off......



      turns out

       they don't DO that.





      even if you ask them.



       I just made that last part up)

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        Tom - Big grin  So glad your first PT appointment went well. 

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          happy VALENTINE's day!!!!!!


          It's been a very unhappy VALENTINE's season for the Fenway faithful.


          Tom, glad you're first visit went well. I had another PT visit this morning and there continues to be improvement-a little at a time. Walked 1 mile and jogged 1.5 miles around a soft dirt loop. Still tight muscles but much better after a week of no running.

            Finally getting a chance to catch up.  Leslie, that story is horrible.  TW, glad you like the PT.  My only suggestion is for morning appointments, so that you aren't bloated and gassy from lunch, whoops, but maybe you don't have that problem.

            Steve, lovely photos

            Mariposai, lovely photos too.

            Wildchild, you all look great.


            Saturday I began to run my quad-slammer hill at the cottage, but when almost at the top, Remi got stung by a wasp, cried and yelped and we hightailed it back down the mountain, which was fun as I had never run this route in that direction before.  So only 4 miles instead of 4.8, but at least my sacrificial animal took the hit for me.  The next day I decided to hike instead.  DH has been doing a lot of hiking during his time off (over 3 months now!  he needs to get a job soon) and we went together, thinking we could do this route (3,500 ft evelation gain, 6.4 miles round trip) on Mt. Rose in 4 hours.  Well, we only made it half the way up the mountain before I said we should bag it, as 1) my legs were shot, 2) I didn't want to leave the kids alone for more than 4 hours.  It was harder than we expected, basically when not steep switchbacks, then "stairs" buttressed with wood.  One good thing was that we were well matched, I took our pulse when we stopped, and it was exactly the same.  I will tackle this climb again sometime when I can commit 6 hours to it.


            Today just my usual 4.2 mile jog.

            "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."


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              Slo, thank you for the post yesterday re: shoulder separation. Misery loves company? Or. There is hope. And light at the end of the tunnel.

              Twocat, thank you for your post re: going to the ER for the sprained ankle and pain. It made me feel better because you are really tough.


              In nursing, when asked, "What is the definition of pain?"  We answer, "Whatever the patient says it is."


              OM, I sure hope you get relief from you pain. Sad to hear about the falls you took during that run!


              My shoulder is still a bit sore. I am happy to report that sleeping last night was not a problem. I am going to try to run in the morning.


              Good to see Gordon!  Happy that you are running and the weight is being shed.


              Spareribs, I enjoyed reading about the pari mutuel betting on yourself. Perhaps the call centers need to be "off shore"? 


              tomwhite, so? What's the plan? Besides the obvious fact that you are a stud, what did the PT say?


              No run for me today. 

                mari, nice pictures.  Steve, the pictures indicate you had quite a wedding.  starr, good job in your half.  RCG, OM, and Jay, sorry to hear about your respective injuries, shoulder, wrist, and toes.  roch, way to go in the Brooksie Way.  Tammy, nice half.  mtnchk, congrats on the 50K.  breger, best wishes to your folks on their 63 years.  lynden, "hi".


                Nice long run for wild.


                This morning, it was about 50° and almost calm.  I got in 5 miles at a 10:55 pace.


                A good day and good runs for all.



                  Leslie, our loved ones will screw with our peace of mind.


                  Your work out sounds great Jay.


                  SWETT!!! Good to see you Gordon!!! SWEET!!!


                  TW..I double dog dare you to call your PT a wimp.


                  Thanks for the movie tip, Holly...Once in a while we have to watch something that's not "Tights and Fights". Sad


                  Breger, hurry north...the leave's colors are peaking.


                  Oh shoot OM...Darn it.


                  Enkie, Tag and I want to run that trail with you...Keep an eye on Remi's stings.. Tag's got infected and he's had to put the cone back on. Poor guy.


                  Work it RCG...don't push it.


                  DW, DD#2 the dogs and I put a couple of trail miles in after work..The trees are rockin'




                    .The trees are rockin'

                     The trees were rocking too were I was at today. Wow, a big wind storm what blew many trees in the near by towns. Thank goodness were I was at was just windy, funny that the wind did not blow that hard by the river where I took a much needed loong  Clown break after spending a day with hundreds of students during a career/job fair. By the river, watching the water go by is actually my ideal way of spending my work breaks.


                    After work was 8 miles on the TM, dripping sweat every where. 


                    Great racing Tamster and Starrunner.

                    OrangeMat, you are right those long runs are what really matters for marathon. {{{butterfly hugs to you, sistahh}}}}

                    I can't wait to see Opie's race this weekend. Will Wildchild run it too?


                    I was told by my DH that it may freeze tonight, so after dinner I was forced to pick all the basil plants I have left and now I am forced to make pesto tonight.

                    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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                      4 miles at lunch...getting my legs back again...time to start thinking about scheduling a winter marathon...

                        All my basil is frosted and dead. I need to see if my rosemary is ok... I usually bring that in every winter but so far I've left it out. I've been spending the last couple evenings digging potatoes, pulling carrots, rolling up hoses, etc. Gotta get all that done this week, for sure!


                        I hope OM and Rosie heal up ok. Just a little too much upper body injuries going on around here for a running web site!


                        I did a good, albeit much lighter than usual, weights workout yesterday at lunch. Just 15 minutes, and cut the weights back by 5 lbs... but still, oy, I am so sore today! Proves how out of shape I am for strength training. But, it's a start. Plan is to do at least 2 strength workouts a week at first, work up to 3 by December. We'll see how that goes. Incredible to think I used to do this sort of thing for 90 minutes at a stretch... Ugh.


                        6.1 miles at lunch time today, kinda chilly at 41° but after the first 10 minutes I was all warmed up, but glad I had gloves!