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Opinions on buying shoes for the overpronator (Read 15 times)

    I need to buy David (13) some running shoes this weekend. I already have his track spikes, but he'll be doing distance runs also and I want to get him a GOOD pair of running shoes. Last season,I just bought him some basic nike running shoes for about $30 since he was only doing one road a week of about 3 -4 miles and the rest of the time was track work. But now he's running a lot more and will be doing more distance work. He overpronates quite a bit. So I really want to get him a good supportive shoe that will help stabilize that rolling ankle more so that he doesn't develop any issues with it.


    Here's where I'd like some input.


    I can bring him to a running specialty store, where they do the treadmill test, watch the slow-mo video of your feet and make recommendations. and pay $100+ for a pair of running shoes from them.




    I can do some online research on what brands/models of running shoes are good for overpronators and go to a couple of discount/outlet shoe stores we have in town that carry alot of different running shoes, have him try some on, see what he thinks feels best and probably save about 50%.


    what do you think? Is watching the video of how your foot overpronates and your foot strike really telling them something or giving them some different kind of insight into what shoe is best? or am I pretty much in the same position as I would be by just finding a shoe that is made for overpronators and seeing what feels best for David and buying from a place that has significantly lower prices on running shoes?


    MM #6177

      Well you already know that he overpronates, so that's half your research already. Brooks Adrenaline is an excellent shoe for stability, as is the ASICS 21xx series. When I worked in the LRS a couple summers ago, it was the 2160. Not sure what model they're up to now. If you look on Running Warehouse you can easily learn which shoes are what kind, stability or neutral. The third option is motion control, which is recommended for severe overpronators. The Brooks Beast would be a shoe like that.


      Of course the best test is for David himself to say whether a shoe feels good or not. Hopefully some of this information helped. Good luck to him!

      Bushrat Runner

        Just a quick note...most of the discount stores don't really carry good motion control shoes. Granted I'm shopping for size 14 so that makes it harder, but I have never, repeat never, found a pair of shoes at a discount store that could be considered motion control. Light stability is about as serious as they get at least when I've looked. So if he is really in need of a good motion control shoe, I wouldn't hold out much hope for the discount store. But perhaps he really doesn't need that much control? Good luck.