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February-A Month of Contrasts (Read 223 times)


    This month has been marked by 2 contrasting activities. One weekend (2/9) Marj and I ran the Gasparilla Half Marathon in Tampa in temps. of 60-70. This past week we skiied and snowshoed in Val Morin, Quebec in temps of 10-20. Please note the contrasting photos. By the way, while at the ski resort Marj received a massage from Jaqueline Gareau, the winner of the 1980 Boston Marathon (that famous 'disputed' finish-you all remember Rosie?). Photobucket Photobucket sorry for the size - i'm challenged

      Too bad Feb is such a short month. You and Marj really know how to enjoy the winter. Loved the pics. Your smile is the same no matter what the temp. What event is next?
        Great shots Henry and Marj! And very cool about meeting Jaqueline Gareau! Wasn't she made the official Boston Marathon chairperson a couple of years ago to commemorate her "victory"? Any trips planned in March?

          Hi Henry, I agree - you always look great, and you're always smiling, no matter the location or the weather. Val Morin looks gorgeous with nice, well-groomed trails. How cool for Marj to meet a Boston Marathon winner at the massage table! Keep smiling, Jay

          Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


            Thanks all. Jaqueline was chairperson of the 2005 Boston to commemorate the 25th anniversary of her victory (I believe). No immediate trips planned for running since we're both dealing with painful knees. But, we're heading up to N.Conway, N.H. at the end on March for a family reunion (and possible skiing).
              Nice month, Henry and Marg. I think I'd prefer that xc skiing under sunny skies over running a marathon in warm temps. though! You are both so fortunate to share your love of running and travel. (And I know there's cycling, too). I hope there are many more adventures for both of you!
                you look great Henry!! sounds like a wonderful month except for the painful knees - hope you're both feeling pain free soon!!