Masters Running


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    Yikes, Leslie, that sounds like quite the experience! Glad all are ok, and yes, kudos to the RDs for making the call and having the plan.


    Holly, my parents are both very much alive and well, but they've moved recently (as you know) and are trying to sell their old house that all us kids grew up in... and still have/had stuff there. 53 years' worth of accumulation; a mix of personal family stuff and my dad's professional life history in the form of papers, journals, files, etc. It's no small task, but since dad's surgery last fall he's doing so much better and has the strength and energy to work on it. Slow is the name of the game, but they're making progress. It's been an eye-opener for me though, and I've been trying to clean out and get rid of "stuff" as much as I can. My natural packrat tendencies get in the way, but I think I see progress. Good luck with your mom's stuff. Is that something your DD would like to help with for remembrance sake as well as extra hands?


    Nancy, the plum chutney sounds yummy and the picture on FB looks great. Tammy made marinara sauce too....


    Enke, nice to hear you have some good news on the dating front. Share what and when you're ready, but we're all very happy for you. And I like to hear you call the treadmill the "happy mill" as I think those poor ol' workhorses get maligned all too often. I haven't been on mine since, what, April? But I need to clean it up and get it ready. Today's run was a reminder that the comfortable outdoor runs are coming to an end around here.


    Chilly day here today, but no rain. Temp was 42° when I left the house, and 39° at the university time/temp sign 9.5 miles later. I wore shorts, mistake #1, and gloves that were too lightweight, mistake #2. My legs warmed up after a couple miles, but the backs of my hands just got colder and colder. Made it to DH's office though, 12.3 miles later and he had a change of clothes for me.


    Not sure if I'll run tomorrow or not, looks like a good day for a rest day, but I do like to get in a few extra miles at the end of the month. I'm already over 200 for September though, so no big deal. We'll see.