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    There's nothing wrong with being a sideshow freak...IMHO.


    It had been pouring rain and Tag was really bugging me to go run run run. And we did.

    3 miles worth. At one point he ask what the heck we were doing out there. We saw waterfowl that were much smaller than a mallard. I'd like to get a look when the glasses are not covered with rain....That turned to snow....In April...


    Marathon Maniac #957

      No time, no time, but I love you all....will catch up over my coffee in the am.


      No run for me today, nothing but some pushups, lazy, lazy, I know....why do I still have no time?  (sigh)

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

        No time, no time, but I love you all....will catch up over my coffee in the am.





        Went for a 45 minute run (with a few strides even) this morning in NH and then flew from Boston this evening and now in Philly for a staff retreat/meeting with colleagues on Wednesday and Thursday (three out of the six of us live in PA).  I am adding minutes to each run and won't really ramp up the training for a few weeks yet, but it does feel so good to be out there agin! Thanks Tramps!


        Stumpy---everyone's giving you great advice. Time on your feet is the most important aspect of your running I'd say. This is your first marathon, so seeing how you recover after the 20 milers or longest runs will be important. I agree that 20 is not THE magic number, but a good threshold to reach. What you've outlined seems fine and will serve you well. I try not to use a training plan in a rigid way---good framework, but not cast in stone.

          Yep, I add a lot of features to my training plan that is not in any published plan. Like the hills I have to do, and some tempo runs. The Higdon plans, as much as I like them, don't offer much detail on those specifics.


          7.3 miles tonight after work. NW wind felt like it was bringing in a new weather system, and we do have snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow (damn).

            I hope summer falls on a Saturday.