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The Goofinator

    I decided to take today off . . . well, of running.  After church, spent a couple of hours washing/waxing/cleaning my car, then went around and applied primer to the house where The Hub has been sanding.  Now I know why people charge to so much to paint houses.  Ugh!


    In June, I purchased a pair of Inov8 trail shoes (my third pair).  Yesterday when I went out for my run, I noticed the sole is coming off the right shoe.  Went back to the store where I purchased them, and even though I didn't have my receipt anymore, they're going to send them back to the company to get me a replacement pair.  All they ask is that I split the cost of shipping with them.  Yeah, I'll pay $4.50 to get my $120 pair of shoes replaced for free.  You bet.


    Okay - I've showered, eaten, and now I need to get some transcription done. 


    Later ~

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