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40's on the Run week of 1/27 - even the Superbowl is over 40 now (Read 532 times)

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    Saph - Your description of Paris makes me want to visit ASAP. Dead
    Yeah! Sorry about that, but it's true! The "aroma" of Gitannes, diesel fumes and dog doo have become part of the Paris landscape! Happy Groundhog day everyone

    flatland mountaineer

      & ref dental work - only two are implants, however lots of work getting ready including several of the rest of my molars are being reshaped & refitted for crowns, realignment of jaw, etc., it's been a tedious year - 18 mos! end mtn chk quote oops don't know how to separate my text from the quote Sounds alot like my dental ordeal. I have one last sedation appoitment in a couple of weeks to get the rest of my crowns and bridges cemented on then laser gum work. I started in May but have done the sedation thing so 5-6 hours in the chair at a time, the next one will be appointment number 5. When do you get done? Have you noticed a big jump in overall health? I think its a big reason my 5k times improved. Incredible how much they charge for this kinda stuff but I think it will be worth it. I will have crowns on every tooth, no implants even though he does them, just felt this was better for me, don't know why. People say I smile alot more now. Just kinda curious your thoughts on the whole process. Long run for me for tommorow will catch up with the group if I survive!!

      The whole world said I shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene in John Deere Green!!

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        bty....hope your floor project is going well. Jewels
        I am so durned pleased with myself. As I was telling #3 son, who helped me to do the original demolition, you can call it a success if the first time you attempt a new project, you do no (or nominal Wink ) permanent damage. So far no permanent damage, and the tiles are setting for the next 24 hours, then I think I'm supposed to point up the joints with more grout some time tomorrow before the Uber Bowl festivities. See y'all next week.

        Top 'O the World!

          R2: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing - that we had similar procedures going on....I have one more appt to cement on the permanent crowns (have temps right now) March 5th. That should only be 90 mins or so + all the pics to make sure I'm as "Hollywood" as we're gonna go....then I'm down to maintenance for the foreseeable future. Yeeesss, the cost is quite startling! I'm up to around 23K just now.... Shocked....& I agree that for so many reasons, it's worth it for improved health & everything...just think, many folks pay way more for a car that they'll only keep 2-3 yrs! Yay Floor-guy! Clowning around ~~ I made it out today. ~~ Big grin 32*F/89% H overcast w/periods of light snow....*But NO wind! Woo-Hoo! 5.64 hilly mi @ 12:47 ave pc ~ still feelin' a little soggy...
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