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40s 50s 60s On the Run - w/e 02/16 (Read 20 times)

flatland mountaineer

    Hi gals and guys, finally home and rested a little with access to a real fullsize keyboard. .......Oh, I plan on boring ya all with a race report so be prepared ;-)! Just not today.....

    Ev nice IRC 5 spot. Ya I remember those kind of plates with the brands on the margins, Funny how the smallest details can bring back the most vivid of childhood memories. OH and Lyndie is Lynda, thought Lyndie was more California cool lol

    Arla sounds like fun in Vegas and good for you to get out of town to go run. By the way nice racin' young lady short 23 and even holding back. I haven't seen 23 ISH since 2009 and that is my PR. Ya the Palm Springs course was pretty fun, even though I was mostly trying to make sure I didn't take a wrong turn and struggling a little too hard to really take in the sights. Lynda's bike ride was kinda a tour de homes of the rich and famous, Including Curt and Goldie, Marilyn among others.


    Leslie Holy Elevation gain maam! lots of miles too, hopefully that washed away some of the stress of the crappy case you are in the middle. Hope it is over soon.


    Joe, kudos on keepin' it fresh venturing into crossfit along with running etc. It literally "Is All Good!" Oh and yes we do have a Dodge pickup , with the Cummins diesel motor, it pulls like a tractor, rides like one too, lol. I will probably buy another in gratitude .


    Stumpy nice job on toughing it out in the cold today. We were kind of laughing at the Californians on a rather cool race morning wearing nearly full winter gear, until we got home and I been freezin' my arse off ever since;-)!


    We noticed the stars lining up for a conference/bike ride/half in December. Last year dad was failing so it was a quick out and back, so we decided to take a few extra days and have some fun and relax this year. I think the first time we had a whole week off in winter since 1992. We really had a great trip and I finally relaxed about three days into the trip. If I could freeze time this is one of my best days, just chillin' on our own private little balcony at Matchbox, our fave spot after the race.

    The whole world said I shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene in John Deere Green!!

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    Run for fun? What the hell kind of recreation is that?  quote from Back to the Fut III

      Leslie that's about 1 mile straight up.  That's one tough 21miler.  That makes Bookkeeping Friday sound like fun.  Tough tough runnr.


      Arla nice 5K time.  And temps in the 70s...oh so nice!


      Stumpy nice going in the cold and snowy weathr. You're a smart man for gettin' out of the way of that dern snow plow.


      Jim...Lyndie does sound a little more west coast.......lookin' all relaxed sporting your new longsleeve race shirt.  I've got to enter more races...i need an updated wardrobe.


      a nice 6er for me yestrday morning.  Went and fired some target rounds at the shooting range with LMD and her brothr and fam.  It was a very nice day.



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