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    I'm tired of fighting the wind, so even though it was above freezing, I wimped out and went to the rec center on the way home for a quick 3 miles on the indoor track. Avg pace about 10mm. I should have asked myself, WWED? and run outside in the wind. Wink I hope everyone feels free to post their monthly miles, no matter how many or how few. It's not a competition! We're all at different places with our training, lives, and injuries, so it's all good. Like Tramps used to say on the monthly threads, "a mile is a terrible thing to waste." Personally, I'm not ready for a half marathon yet, although I'm considering one in the spring or summer. Reading all the info from the more experienced folks here is a great motivator and a great way to learn, and you've inspired me to be more consistent with my running and mileage. I've had 5 months in a row over 100 miles, and I can tell I'm getting faster as a result. THANK YOU!

    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

      (((((Stumpy))))) & (((((Dg))))) & (((((Soundrunner))))) from yesterday. Even when I don't run, I still read the daily. Today was one of them. My miles suck as of late. Things happen. At least reading the daily, I'm more likely to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. If I don't run, but still post, I'm still connected with the running community. If a guy like me can post in here, Ribs (and others), y'all sould be able to. Spent the day with lawyers, insurance people and bankers. Mom's estate is meager which is fine. God bless her heart. The way her will was drawn up, she'd really put my brother in dire straights (what ever happened to them?). Spent quality time on my butt using lots of words. Monday, we spend time with government offices. Dead



        10.5 with mile waves of M pace. Windy with a bluster of sleet here and there. Big grin Wound up soaking in the hottub at the spa with DW On the way home, we came up to a tree that had taken out some power lines. Didn't seem that windy, JJJ
        Iron Mt. Trail Runners blogsite .... JJJessee blogsite ....Spring is here. Go outside and play.

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          Wondering if the "shorter distance" runners went to a different site.
          nope, we're very much here as, though my AG buddy Roch slipped a little over 30 miles, I got lucky with Hermosie's shoulder limiting him to wise 8.8 miles and I got a 3.2 smiley miles for January, especially after nilling it in December. Smile
          I didn't post on the monthly mileage thread because I'm a KR regular and only pop in here occasionally.
          Tamathon - that's just why we need you and other kickster lurkers to post at least on the monthly. We miss you so much and can look forward to your totals. Please pass it on too that I especially need the company for the lonely winter monthlies. <>starr/rindie)>>>

          Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."

          T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."