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Sunday, 4/7 Another PNW start (Read 43 times)


    we ran a beautiful, but 10K race in cohasset along the water - both of us getting a 2nd in AG.  there were 2 other local 'big' races which is why we did well - cherry-picking is important!


    opie - let us know when you hear from paul. i'm in awe of someone doing that tri distance.

    twocat - thx, i'll try zest the next time


    happy tapering everyone



    janie b good

      holly and opie-- very nice long runs for both of you.  and thank you both for answering my health question!  I will be patient... and simply enjoy the fact that i'm running again.

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        Hello everybody.  I don't have a lot time but thought I'd check in.


        I completed my last long run before the Kentucky Derby Marathon.  24.5 miles in 2:59:07.  I'm not quite sure what is going on but I have strung together some of the best long runs of my running career.  I'm sure not going to complain.


        Okay--I gotta go--I'm helping with the confirmation class at church and there are some race reports I want to read before I go.  See ya.

          Thanks, guys.  Holly, I temporarily caught up to you in the Swamp.


          Paul is done with Ironman Texas 70.3!

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            Paul is done with Ironman Texas 70.3!


            Paul did an Ironman??  Congratulations!


            Some great racing this weekend, whether true races or support training runs.  Good going, folks.


            Janie - Be patient.  Your body will recover and you'll get back to where you were.


            Tet - AR50 was my first 50 miler, in 2010.  The first 24-25 miles is on a bike path that runs along the river and is basically flat.  The second half of the race is on trail and is a challenge.  I came in DFL that race, but doggone it, I finished!  And I got some sweet prizes for being last. Big grin

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              Nice to see all those long runs.  Even if they didn't feel good, it is still impressive.

              We had buckets of rain this weekend.  Went to the cabin anyway, since I hadn't been there in about 2 months.  Did my 5 mile hike/run.  2 miles is straight uphill, 1000ft.  2 miles all downhill, quads are sore now.  Did the whole loop much faster than I ever have, about 1 min/mile faster.  If I can believe my Garmin, most of the time saving was from the hiking portion, so I must have walked a lot faster.  HR was low again.

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                Quick RR in the daily. After last springs foot injury I did lots of bike riding and swimming since running was cut back so far. By the end of summer I had decided that I might as well put this training to use. So, a friend and I signed up for the Ironman Texas 70.3 in Galveston. I thought over the winter and maybe early this spring I would do a sprint tri before jumping straight into a half ironman. But nothing ever seem to work out on the calendar. Needless to say, I was very nervous going into this race having done all of my swims in a pool and most of my bike rides on a trainer.


                The race went very well. I did question my sanity when I jumped into 65 degree water to start the swim. Actually, I questioned my sanity for the WHOLE swim. The bike portion went well, but it was very windy. I'm somewhat used to riding a bike in the wind though. The run was tough. I just don't run well in the heat and it was ~80 degrees on the run course with no shade. I still finished much faster than I thought I would though with 6 hours 49 minutes (I expected about 7 1/2 hours)

                1.2 mile swim - ~49 minutes, 56 mile bike - ~3:15, & 13.1 mile run - 2:31, the rest was in transition.

                But guess what......I had a blast. It was so much fun that I'm sure I'll do another one.




                  WTG Paul!


                  Lots of great reads today. I'm sitting here watching Vikings and figured I should post.


                  Ran late today with DS1 following on his bike. A great 7 miles in 70 degrees. Went to the horse show again and watched my ladies show their horses. Couldn't be prouder. Also found a new air of ropers. Seems I have a shoe issue. Heh.


                  Well done all and great kick into Monday.

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                    Wow Paul - awesome!

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