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    (((munch))) Here's a saying I like. I hope it helps. You no longer have yesterday.You do not yet have tomorrow.You have only today. Live in it.
      {{{{Munch}}}} They've gone up before, right? And down again? I don't fully understand what the numbers mean, but I can sure tell you're upset by this news. Our prayers are with you, we're here for you to cry on!
        No fair hiding the news the markers are up in today's daily thread. Tight lipped So how bad is 57 and how good was the walk? What's your weather doing? We're going to want to know what's going on, and how you are taking care of yourself. No pity parties and no cancer faces Tongue We're with you, munch. Don't hide on us. Amy
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          I am agreeing with Aamos need to help us. We want to know what you are thinking and doing. My first thoughts for you are "Don't panic". I am sure you want positive marker results that are always going down, but as I understand the process, the markers indicate mainly about the response of the body to the treatment and helps the medical people to adjust medications. I am sure you will have more roller coaster results. Your walking is good. Your willingness to share with us is good. I am sure that many of us would be willing to sit on the phone and talk to you anytime Donna. I am going to send you an email that I JUST sent out to a group that I teach at my church that seems to be exactly the area of where you are right now. Know we are praying and know we are willing to do what it takes to help you. Don't be afraid to let us know. WAS the walk? Joey
            Munch, With this wonderful group behind you and praying for you, you WILL PERSEVERE!!! You are a survivor! We love you and will not let you get down. Helen

              Thank you for sharing your tears w/ us. Thoughts and prayers are flying your way. Give us all the explanation you can and know that we are looking for each post and with you every step.
                Our prayers will ALWAYS be with you......

                  Thank you all so much for your support and prayers. Staying positive and upbeat isn't easy right now, but I'm working on it! 39 and below is considered normal or okay for tumor markers. The Dr. looks at them and my scans to decide how I'm doing. Hopefully next month the markers will be down.
                    I'm with btb---go out and enjoy today. We'll all be here and wanting to know what you did and what made your laugh, or at least, smile. Ribs posted a awful joke (well, you see, I live with Frank, our beloved dog) over on the daily today. I'm hoping someone does better. Stay in touch! A
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