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    Lots of nice 10 (mas o menos) milers today. I did half of that, and it was on a TM. 3 tempo miles @ 7:30 m/M (0.5% grade). The good news is that my AHR was about 5 bpm slower each mile than the same run one and two weeks ago. It's working, Perch. Smile Target 5K is in a week and a half. Good luck Bill. Hang in there Mariposai. Enjoy (and congrats), Erika.
      A noon time run of 6 miles under nice sunny skies and 45 degrees. I was not planning to do 6 but the weather was so good I didn't want to get back to doing work. I have found that a lot of the rooms in Vegas are quite large. I have stayed at the Rio and those rooms are humongus. I was having problems across the top of my foot and devised a lace deflector out of plastic. That sounds fancier than what it was. It simply was a piece of plastic that I placed between the lace and the shoe tongue to spread the pressure from the lace to a wider area. It worked after I figured how to keep it from slipping down the shoe. I hope the work problem improves Roch. Have a nice trip there Erika. Something tells me Vegas is not as hot this time around as it was back in July and the soccer tournament. I trust the foot problem is nothing of any major consequence Peter. It is interesting how we all panic when something happens that we thing might indicate an injury. I saw where there was a bad accident in Ottawa with a bus involved and a couple killed. A little over a week ago in New Brunswick a high school basketball team's van hit ice and ran into a transport, killing 7 players and the coaches wife. Yikes. Have a good remainder of the day all.

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          Cash, I'm at Caesars Palace... very gauche.
          Erika, Enjoy! I lived at Caesars Palace for five weeks in the summer of 1999. I was press officer for the world chess championship. They gave me a luxury suite in the high rise, all complimentary of course. The U.S. Chess Federation paid me a stipend and the World Chess Federation paid me a per diem. When I got home, I used a chunk of that cash to buy the Mercedes I still drive. Dark Horse
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