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12/17 Monday (Read 355 times)

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    Well, it is 12:23 am here, and based on my poor record of managing to get here and post I thought I better take advantage of the wind-down period to get in my Sunday run...but it's Monday now so here is where it will go.


    The weekend has been nuts. After work on Friday, we raced off to a make-up choir practice. Saturday was completely consumed by a bazaar in the morning selling books and yarn (shared table with my wife...she sells the yarn...though I also knit, just not as much or as well as she does...). Then, we had to pack up early to run across town to a piano recital that DD was playing in. Today, I squeezed a run in during early afternoon with a couple friends. Both of them are faster than me right now, but I did better today than I have been doing on my own. It was nice to have company. A fantastic day with two friends and a dog...



    It was a bit chilly, -8 F, but totally, blissfully, wonderfully calm. So we had a great run. We don't get that kind of lovely calmness here too often, so it was both beautiful and comfortable. I also documented my wonderful appearance at the end of the 8 miles. Totally comfortable, really, but it sure looks like an ordeal.



    Go forth and run, fine folk!

      Just on my 1st cup of coffee,but I'll be heading out in about 1/2 hour. I should get at least 10 miles in this AM,if I feel good I'd like to tack on maybe an extra mile or two seeing as how it's been hard to get my runs in the past few weeks. I'll play it by ear.

      I ran at about 3:30 AM yesterday,and actually pulled my sweatshirt off the last mile or so! I'd say it had to be 50-55 degrees by the end of that run. Great weather for WI this time of year. Sorry ladies,no pics,it was too dark out anyway.

      Nice to see so many Packer fans post yesterday. As usual Jay Cutler implodes and gives us another victory over Da Bears,yawn. Packers don't look nearly as good as a few years ago,but still a decent season,I just don't see a Superbowl for them unless they polish up a few areas.


      Spare ribs-how did the Cowboys game go? I pretty much turned the TV off after the Packers game as I had a ton of things to do with the family. Tony Romo is from a town about 20 miles west of me. So we have a few Cowboy fans in the area the last few years.


      Sarge- Yup,you caught me. I'm not really a gator wrestler. I run a big printing press in a shop in Northern Ill. It's not too exciting though. I figure gator wrestling sounded more interesting.


      Took the 5 year old out Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon to get something for mom. He wanted to give her cash. Ummm...lets get her a present to open! Finger nail polish won. I also bought one to give DW from the 13 month old son,though I did pick that one myself. 5 year old insisted we put them in boxes to wrap them up. The smallest I could find were about 12x12x12". OK,she'll never guess what's inside now. I always get a kick out of seeing my kids get excited out of GIVING a present,not just getting one.

      Have a great day peoples.

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        Troy - brrrr!


        Drake - very cute!  We often put presents in strange sized boxes to fool each other, too.  This year I wrapped a video game in an empty George Foreman Grill box.  My 15yo DS will sure be puzzled when he thinks he's gotten a grill, but then, he might think that's a good idea....(just in case, I actually got one for DH).......Smile


        No run for me today, just 35-40 minutes of weights and core.

        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

          Troy - How long does it take you to get dressed to go out in that kind of weather?  Beautiful day, though.  Really beautiful.


          Howdy Do Holly and Drake and all who follow.


          It's 4:45 and I'm sitting listening to it dump outside.  *sigh* Once I'm out and running, it doesn't bother me if it starts raining, but forcing myself out into a cold deluge - that's hard.  Buuuut, I need to just suck it up and get it over with, so off I go for 4 miles, to be followed by some core/strength training.

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            Mornin' everyone.


            I've been sick (cold/flu-type stuff) since last Wednesday, and am still not back to "normal," but at least I'm back to work today. We'll see how that goes. It's been a surprisingly tough slog, and I'm still at least a couple of days away from being able to work out again. But I just wanted to check in to say that I've missed you all, and am looking forward to getting back to racewalking and posting on a regular basis.



            Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

              Hope you feel better soon, Jay. There's a nasty flu bug going around.


              Great pictures Troy. How many layers do you wear for -8°?


              Nice to see the kids get excited about the "giving" aspect of Christmas. Will and Ben came over yesterday night and wanted to know how come we had presents under our tree but there were none at their house.


              Sorry for your nasty weather Leslie. Think of how good your day will be after you get that run in.


              Holly - do you take the week between Christmas and New Year's off?


              5 miles for me this morning, out the door at 4:30 in pleasant 30° temps with no wind. This may be a bad winter so far from the ski/snow machine economy aspect but it's been a runner's dream so far.


              My DH and I each have our own fantasy football team and we both won yesterday. The last two teams standing for next week's championship game. He's already started the trash talk - this should be an interesting week Wink

                4 very easy shake out miles this am.


                Had a nice enjoyable weekend. DS home from college for two nights. He has a job so needed to head back. The campus is closed so he'll spend most of his Christmas break staying at my Mom's.


                Drake, +1 on the Packers comments.


                  Oh my Troy. Looked like a pretty day but -8. Oofda!


                  That sounds like fun Drake. Glad you guys won. Indy self imploded yesterday but alas Kansas City is next and a win clinches the playoffs. Not bad for such a young team. Odd that three rookies QB will be in the playoffs (Indy, Seattle and Washington).


                  Get well Jay.


                  Jlynne - I won one and got spanked by my BIL in another league. Oh well. It keeps me watching football. I do much better in the EPL soccer fantasy leagues.


                  3.1 at 5:45 to start the day. I may put in a little extra tonight as I am behind my goal and I need to chip away at it. 1 extra mile per day.

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                    5 slushy miles...

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                      pack up early to run across town to a piano recital that DD was playing in.

                       that must have been a heck of a run all the way across town, ha ha, . . . considering the permanent population wasn't even 500 in those days (not counting dogs or bears).. However, by the looks of it, any run at all would be a challenge up where you and erika are, 


                      Do you ever get in any cross-country skiing, citizen ski races, etc.  I'd sure love to go ski-skating down that road. Is the the one that goes all the way up towards Lake Naknek or however far it goes now?  I always loved it up there in the summer but winter is beautiful too. Do you ever see the lights like erika gets?   I'll be looking wistfully down on the great circle route to Japan next week. Trade ya.


                      You oughta drop into the pool lookin' like that. :

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                        Rhoon, that was fun to see the pics and hear about your run.


                        5 brisk miles for me at the Park.  Now back to work.  Spareribs

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                          Troy, I remember running sometimes in the early morning dark before work a number of years ago when it was a few degrees sub-zero. Now I can't remember the last time it got nearly that cold around here at all, and I don't think we even hit the teens more than a few times last "winter". Hmmm...


                          Another mildish December run at 8AM: about 42 and cloudy with slight misting. Ran 6 miles with a friend on the usual rail-trail. We mainly talked about the great surprise party Saturday night for one of our friends' 70th birthday. 70 years old and just a few months ago he competed in the Half Ironman championships out in Las Vegas. Maybe 70 is the new 50? Or however that phrase goes.


                          Have a good start to your work weeks, everyone!

                          Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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                            Ran my 3.1 mile loop today, but since I wasn't wearing my watch, I can't say for certain that I ran it.

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                              that's funny OM. I don't wear a watch anymore so I can still think I was running!

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                                Troy that looks like the perfect running snow , soft and crunchy.  We usually get it to powdery or to icy.  Awesome pics!!!

                                -8F a bit chilly!Shocked


                                Get well Jay... 


                                45 minute elliptical workout today ...

                                Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.