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Birch Bay Marathon Report (Read 684 times)

    To say I am happy for you would be an understatement. A wonderful race and an excellent report. Here is the key point for those of us in the Master's category:
    I guess I’ve learned it can still happen. You can be injured, have many crummy marathons, have training setbacks, be older and still, one day, run better, stronger than you have before.
    You Mastered this one in every way Soundie. Congrats and hugs to you.
    In our souls lie the seeds of greatness. They only need the water of our dreams to spring to life.
    Hold fast to your dreams Soundie! There's plenty more where that came from. Skip
      Too bad you wrote this just for yourself. Looks like I will never get to read about what a wonderful race you had. The weather, the friends, the course, the negative splits, . . . Too bad since I would then be able to congratulate you on a great race and an even greater comeback after some bad karma in some prior recent races. Clowning around

      Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

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        What a fantastic experience. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Congratulation on your best marathon. And best regards to Vicki, Erika's right "she's a gem". Rest,rest, rest. Good luck on the relay. jjj
        Iron Mt. Trail Runners blogsite .... JJJessee blogsite ....Spring is here. Go outside and play.
          This was the best! I loved reading every word. Thanks for sharing such a successful running story.
            Soundie, you are one sound runner. I've heard it said that a marathon is a beast that does not like to be tamed, and you know from Portland that that is true. You seem to have it mastered now. The conditions (weather, friends) next time might not be as perfect, so continue to run smart. I can't wait to hear about Eugene. Get some rest.

              Wow, this was wonderful! I floated right along with you in this race report. What a terrific experience. You really provided such good insight to the trials and tribulations of running. Such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am so happy that you had one of those "Aha!" runs. Way to go!!

                Soundrunner, What a fantastic race and inspiring RR. Sounds like you really deserved that one. It almost make me want to attempt another marathon.
                  jtv. Go for it. Big grin and thanks everyone who added on.... One last note. Results are being fixed and should be posted by tomorrow. Finally got through with the race director and they had a few errors. My time was 3:39:10. Smile My second best time.
                    Wow... (a full 10 minutes, 18 secs better than my PR!) Be sure to have Ilene fix the best times in 2008 thread!!

                      Soundie, that's simply fabulous. Such a race is a rare gift. Really, really happy for you.
                      Sans Souci

                        So sorry to be so late to your apres BB Marathon party. Hope this, my first post, comes out right. As one of your many admirers (I'm the biggest fan ... I hope you know), I'm ecstatic to read your wonderful RR and see you nail this marathon. I couldn't be more proud, Sound. More great runs to come, but savour this one for a while. Nothing like that feeling ... you sure captured it in words. Now take it easy. We have some partying -- er, running to do ... in FIVE DAYS!!!! Big grin
                          Wow......that was a fun read this morning. You certainly were in a "zone". It must have been like a good dream that you don't want to wake up from. As someone else mentioned, to do the same loop twice allowed you to anticipate everything the second time (much like playing 18 holes on a 9 hole golf course). You were able to attack the hills with a better understanding. Thanks for your report and congratulations on a great race.