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Intrepid Racers - August 25th & ahead! (Read 202 times)


    And the racing continues! Good luck and fleet feet to all racers - have fun!


    ************This week and weekend*******************

    08/24 SteveP - North Country Trail Run 13.1, Manistee, MI

    08/24-25 Dove - Hood to Coast Relay, Seaside, OR

    08/25 Dave59 - Crim 10-mile, Flint, MI

    08/25 evanflein - Golden Heart Trail Run 5k

    08/25 pfriese - 5K to Monet, Edmond OK

    08/26 Ileneforward - USATF-SC Road Mile, El Toro CA


    ****** next week and ahead *********


    09/01 tetsujin - Imperial Palace Marathon (Tokyo - waraji)
    09/02 OrangeMat - Run the Reservoir HM, Westwood NJ

    09/03 Dave59 - Labor Day 5k, Midland, MI

    09/03 Ileneforward - Conquer the Bridge, San Pedro CA

    09/03 wildchild - American Discovery Trail Marathon, Colorado Springs, CO

    09/03 MilkTruck - Applecrest Half Marathon, Hampton Falls, NH

    09/03 SteveP & Avenger Doggie - Pure Michigan 5k, Thompsonville, MI

    09/08 Mariposai - Lake Chelan Marathon, Chelan, WA

    09/08 SLOjim - Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon, Camp Pendleton, CA

    09/08 Coastwalker - Fox Point Sunset 5 Miler, Newington, NH

    09/08 deez4boyz - Pumpkinman Sprint Triathlon

    09/08 pfriese - Dash for Dad Half Marathon, Oklahoma City OK

    09/15 wildchild - Autumn Color Run marathon, Buena Vista, CO

    09/15 HollyS - Equinox Marathon, Fairbanks, AK

    09/15 evanflein - Equinox Marathon, Fairbanks AK

    09/15 StarrRuns - Turkey Day 10K, Worthington, MN

    09/16 MilkTruck - Portland Trails to Ale 10K, Portland, ME

    09/22 deez4boyz -  Lobster Dash, Ogunquit, Maine

    09/22 pfriese - Rock & Roll Denver Half Marathon, Denver CO (7:15 am)

    09/22 pfriese - Oktoberfest 5K, Highlands Ranch CO (12:30)

    09/22 SLOjim - Anaheim's Fest of Ales and Beer Run 5K, Anaheim, CA

    09/23 TammyinGP - The Rogue Run HM, Medford OR

    09/29 TammyinGP - Enchanted Forest Wine Run HM, Applegate OR

    09/30 henrun -  Smuttynose Half Marathon, Hampton, NH

    09/30 Marj -   Smuttynose Half Marathon, Hampton, NH

    09/30 MilkTruck - Maine Marathon, Portland, ME

    09/30 StarrRuns - Run Crazy Horse Half Marathon, Hill City, SD




    10/06 Opie - St. George Marathon, St. George, UT

    10/07 shadowrunner -Steamtown Marathon, Scranton, PA

    10/06 Ileneforward - Chapman Univ 5k, Orange CA

    10/07 Ileneforward - Long Beach Marathon, LB CA

    10/13 OrangeMat - NY Rock & Roll 10k, Prospect Park, NY

    10/14 Dave59 - Inaugural Lighthouse Half Marathon, Traverse City, MI

    10/21 Twocat - Amsterdam Marathon, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    10/21 Ileneforward - Huntington Beach Derby 10 miler, HB CA

    10/27 TammyinGP - Grants Pass HM, GP OR

    10/28 Coastwalker - White Mountain Miler's Half Marathon, N. Conway, NH

    10/28 Ileneforward - LA Cancer Challenge 10k, LA CA




    11/03 wildchild - Moab Trail Marathon, Moab, UT

    11/04 OrangeMat - New York City Marathon, NY NY

    11/04 Ileneforward - Santa Clarita half marathon, Santa Clarita CA

    11/18 HollyS - Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville TN

    11/18 Ileneforward - Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville TN 

    11/18 Orange Mat - Flying Monkey Mrathon, Nashville TN

    11/18 pfriese - Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville TN 

    11/18 wildchild - Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville TN




    12/02 Fortunate One - California International Marathon, Sacramento, CA

    12/09 Ileneforward - Holiday half marathon, Pomona CA

    12/29-1/1 Dove - Across the Years 72-hour, Glendale, AZ


    Running is stupid

      Please add:


      09/03 SteveP & Avenger Doggie - Pure Michigan 5k, Thompsonville, MI




      08/24 SteveP - North Country Trail Run 13.1, Manistee, MI


      MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

        Dearlene -
        Hoping to make up for all the eating and onsens instead of running this month, I’ll be done with Saturday’s marathon over here on September 1 while it’s still August over there.  Hmmm, I wonder if wildchild will let me count it for August too?

        9/1 tetsujin - Imperial Palace Marathon (Tokyo - waraji)
        ps - what’s all that USATF- SC PDQ ASAP stuff.

        After all your PR’s this year, do you still have to qualify for the Olympics? 


        pps - how many PR’s this year so far?

        just seein' if being in shape from winter ski racing in those days was good enough to run annual marathons

        since 1977 and triathlons of all distances to IM since 1978 without that much, if any, training. Yippee, it was. 


          I raced the USA Ttrack & Field Southern California Road Mile championships, tetsujin.  That was the first time I ever raced a mile so it was a PR!  Smile


          Running is stupid

            My apologies Ilene. The half marathon is in August, 2013. 



              Ah!  Big grin


              Running is stupid