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Wednesday Daily, 2.20.13 (Read 41 times)

    I've got a lot of catching up to do - between, the storms, work and goings on at home I've just been right out straight.


    I did get a an unplanned recovery run in on Monday from my Long Run Saturday - 5.19 miles - 55:09 (10:38) - this was tough not just because of the cold, but the wind was unbelievable (felt like it was in my face both out and back) and the snow was quite hazardous as well so I wore my YakTraks thank goodness for them at least there was no slipping and sliding.


    Yesterday I got in 14 with a co-worker -  2:08:48 (9:13) -  we were both beat at the end of this one, once again the wind was pretty strong especially along the beach and it got pretty cool at the end of the run once the rain started coming down.


    DW & I have been contemplating selling a 2 unit apartment house we own and have waited a couple of years longer than originally planned due to the overall collapse of the housing market.  However, things have gotten a little better and we met with our realtor on Monday to discuss it and will meet again this evening to sign a contract and put it out there.  We own this building outright and have always intended to use the funds we get upon selling it to put towards the purchase of a "winter / vacation" home.  We have waited for awhile to decide whether to buy in Arizona (which we love) or Florida based on the kids traveling with their respective families and having the opportunity to have the grandkids visit once in awhile.  Florida has won out due to the relative ease and time it takes to "get there from here".  So the decision is made on that end now we will wait and see what type of action we get and go from there.  We don't want to carry a mortgage on anything we buy so we are waiting until the apartment unit sells before getting any more serious about exactly what we will buy down south.


    Lots of things going on here:


    Ribs running a 50K - best of luck to you out there buddy, also yes that was indeed PDR in the background of that photo of AMOS.


    Speaking of Amos it would be great to see & hear from her...yes Mike she really does exist!


    Jay I sure hope those treatments work for you.


    Wildchild - confgrats on the new grandson (we have another one due in June) they are awesome aren't they - and great photos too!


    Tramps - 9 miles at Marathon Pace is sweet!


    Gotta go - have a great day everyone.

      ...wildchild// get a Pass............most of us have mailboxes closer than 2-miles away......

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        Congratulations on the new grandbaby, JLynne!  A caption for the first picture (sorry, I can't rememer who's oldest, Will or Ben):


        Little Guy in Blue:  You're bringing that thing home with you?

        Little Guy in Orange:  Keeping my mouth shut.  Nope, I ain't sayin' nothin'.


        And here I've been thinking Carolyn already had a 50k under her belt.  You're gonna rock any course you run, Carolyn.


        Dave59 - Big grin


        Went to a concert/additional church service last night and had a great time.  Shorty even went!  Since I didn't know what time we'd be getting home, I told work I wouldn't be in 'til 9:30 this a.m (instead of 8:30).  This gave me a chance to sleep in a little bit, get in my run and core/strength training, and make it to work by 9:00.  The run was 5 miles with Miles 3 and 4 at tempo pace.  This was the first time in a long time the legs felt sproinky.  It was nice.  Followed up the run with about 45 min of core/strength training while watching "Because I Said So."  Gabriel Macht - oh my heart be still!  This guy has the best smile.  And yes, I love the show "Suits."

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          Just a quick drive-by post.


          Hey everyone - I've missed you!


          I just signed up for a 30k race on Sunday - Whitestone - outside of Knoxville, TN.  Sounds like a challenge.

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            PBJ - hiyah!


            No time to post because this is the first chance I've gotten to get on the computer (jeesh, everyone in the family is fighting for computer time) and my family is waiting for me to watch an episode of


            6 miles for me this morning of various intervals on the TM.

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              Congrats on the new grandson, Jlynne!


              My mailbox is on the outside of my house, attached to the wall by the front door. I suppose I could take a scooter from the kitchen to the living room, if I got really tired....


              Nice to see you, PBJ!


              Another hard run day for me today, PCR with 7 miles at 8:38 avg, 8.35 miles in total. Was tough but not as grueling as last week, which is the point of the workout. Then I had a massage in the afternoon, after which my MT was amazed to hear that I'm logging as many miles as I am lately, since my legs weren't tight at all. I have my next appointment already set up three weeks from today. Maintenance like this is good.


              Later, folks!

              I look my best blurry!

                Long day and a crazy week for running being a single working mom is tough.


                Jay- do you have any leftovers?


                Carolyn- Awwwwh!  And a 50K is to far for me!  Go girl!


                "Total Rest" what language are you speaking?


                OrangeMat- mail box... scooter... Lol!!!


                My good hip started hurting after yesterday's tempo.  Crud.  Airdyne stretching core.  Time for bed.  I was supposed to do 11.  Waaaah!  Oh well!  I might just wait to run in 80 degrees in Tampa on Friday!  Woo hoo!

                  Jlynne I am going to add my congratulations on the new addition to your family as well.


                  wildchild okay you are lazy.  Pretty easy to write from where I type!  Joking  My mailbox is about 50' up from my house.Some days I wait until I am driving out for some other errand to get the mail via the hand out the car method thereby avoiding even having to open the door and stand up.  Yes, my life's goal is to turn into a plant.


                  rochrunner re: Saturday delivery.  Big grin  I have got to remember that line!


                  mainerunnah good luck with the apartment sale.


                  coastwalker you ate a Bugs Bunnie!  Oh the injustice of it all . . . Cry


                  arf night arf. Yea, I know you have not posted yet but likely you will!


                  StarrRuns great pictures.


                  I have no idea why I am posting.  I spent a long, long day at work.  I am leading a student trip to Ireland and tonight was our final 6:30-8:30 pre trip session.  Glad it is over and done with.  The next time I see them will be in Dublin.  In other news . . . hmm . . . let me see . . . per an RA request I spent some time looking for a layman's guide to basic lifetime and retirement portfolio models.  I came up empty, unless learning about Ito's lemma counts as something you really want to do.  I am actually stunned nobody has put one together. Then again neither have I!  Plan B:  Here is my one line summary of the primary result.  You figure out the "right" mix of risky assets (a stock index fund) and the risk free asset (money market mutual fund) and then stick to that mix until you die.  Hay, Econo how about we do a rock-paper-scissors thing and the loser actually puts together something coherent for the web?  [Editor:  She is nowhere near you and I am pretty sure you plan to cheat.  Twocat:  Boy you can really pop up at some of the most inconvenient times!]

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                    and here I thought my mailbox was far away at 3/4 mile. Wildchild has me beat. And her hill is probably steeper than my hill.


                    4 quick miles at the track after work. averaged 8:35's. that might be my tempo pace. It's been so long since I've plugged in any paces into mcmillan calculator that I don't know what my various paces should be for different workouts. probably time to do that again.




                      arf night arf. Yea, I know you have not posted yet but likely you will!




                      Hey, it is only 8pm on the right side of the country!Big grin. Some of us are just starting to eat dinner.


                      Add my name to the list of people who are having long days. My day started at 7am and it just ended now. I am glad that I had a two hour window this afternoon to fit in an 8 miles zombies run, the last three miles with my Running Buddie (RB). That was fun!!!

                      After the run I got home, changed my clothes and went to the winter wellness program to lead a group of folks for a 90 minutes exercise program as a substitute instructor since the lead instructor was ill.


                      Now it is time to gobble up my delicious taco salad, read some, go to bed, and repeat the long day tomorrow.


                      BTW, my DH convinced me the other day to run the Yakima River Canyon marathon. I now just have to run long to be able to fit in at least one 20 miler before marathon Surprised.



                      Anyone here is planning to run this?

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                        BTW, my DH convinced me the other day to run the Yakima River Canyon marathon.


                         Anyone here is planning to run this?

                        I will if he does.

                        Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

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                           BTW, my DH convinced me the other day to run the Yakima River Canyon marathon. I now just have to run long to be able to fit in at least one 20 miler before marathon Surprised.



                          Anyone here is planning to run this?


                          Yakima is a great race,  the race directors (Bob and Lenora Dolphin) are local legends.    there is a remote chance that I might run it.


                          5 easy miles today.

                          I'm leaving tomorrow for a few days in Las Vegas.  There are a couple of new shows that I haven't seen.  I'm on  vacation, but when I booked the trip a couple days ago I screwed up and booked March instead of February.  OOPS.  I guess I am going again next month Blush.


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                            Twocat - It's really late, but yeah I'm body anyways .........and if you're going to become a plant, I think you would be an awesome  Venus Fly Trap!


                            Jlyne - baby boy is soooo beautiful!   Thanks Wild for posting the pictures.


                            Posie - Do Yakima, it is gorgeous!  Did you get registered for Banff yet?


                            Today was no running, just biking to work and home.