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Moooovin Wednesday Jan 9 (Read 292 times)

    ...I just read dave59's tag line////...........ooooooooooooo..........

    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....



      Tonight's the kick-off party for the CellCom in May. Any takers? Slo? Marj? Henry? Dave? Buehler?


      jlynne - we had a blast, despite the heat, but time to look into another state - altho miami in 2 weeks looks to be a total disaster for running, but wonderful for a vacation!



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        ...I just read dave59's tag line////...........ooooooooooooo..........


        Big grin


        7 miles today, still working on keeping the pace slower. A 10:10 pace is just a shade this side of uncomfortable: too slow to feel aerobically efficient (like 9:20-9:30), and too fast for an unefforted recovery jog (10:40-11:00). So running at this middling easier pace is actually more tiring, in an odd way. But that's what the doctor, er coach, ordered, so I'm following suit.

          Still goofing off but now I am just waiting for some computer code to finish so technically I am working at the same time.  Big grin


          tetsujin209 seeing as you are hearing voices (or would that be hearing as you are hearing voices or reading as you are hearing voices or . . .) maybe you are just imagining running along pedestrian paths as well?  You know, just asking.  Joking


          SteveP if you were married to my DW "needing more room" sans kids would be easy to understand!  My DW is a pack rat and it drives me crazy!  The only way our marriage has held together is by having "too much room."  She leaves stuff randomly around the house.  Every now and then I collect it all and dump it in her office.


          Mike E I have done similar things!  Can I get home before my Garmin dies speed work!  Alas, typically I lose.


          mainerunnah how long do the classes last?  One thing I have long felt guilty about is that I have never been CPR certified.  That is something I should really do.


          Jlynne yea how come nobody ever posts pictures of their runs here!  Angry


          Hemerocallus impressive hot water system to reheat that fast!  Just in case it recovers less quickly in the future I have two suggestions:  (1) march everybody into cold showers under penalty of bodily harm or if you are uncomfortable with violence then (2) a large can of air spray!  Dead


          OrangeMat odd pace your coach has you doing.  I am not sure I would manage it more than once before throwing in the towel.  But why that pace?

          Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

          Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

            6 Miles - 45:52 (7:39 Avg) plus planks @ 90 seconds


            Twocat - We do 24 hours of re-certification classes for EMT which expands next year to 40 hours.  Thankfully this will certify me for another 3 years.  Class was 4 hours Tuesday night, 4 hours tomorrow night and 8 hours each this Saturday & Sunday.  Plus we have to maintain CPR Certification on top of this as well.  All of officers are required by contract to maintain both CPR & EMT certification to maintain employment.

              Love the crescent moons and starry nights.


              Nice group to belong to Jay.


              Thank goodness for improvement Nancy.


              SNORK!! Thanks Dave.


              Two Cat, DW and I both come from a line of collectors. I'm fighting the impulse myself.


              Avenger Doggie and I went to a neighboring town and ran through the Interlochen State park. We had the joint to ourselves as we trotted through the campground. The large trees stopped the wind. The fallen large tress along the ice covered road were cause for concern. I like how Tag stays pretty close (for my own safety) when we're on a brandy new course. We ran 40+ minuets then I head to the dentist's office. I'm just amazed at some of the books in the Dr's library. I put it back quickly and decided to keep being true to my teeth.


              janie b good

                2.92 miles for me.  outside, 47*, cloudy.  can't complain.

                goodness is its own reward; for more tangible outcomes, you need to try badness.

                  I'm in Ludington, staying with my sister and her husband.  We're getting in some good visiing and seeing my mother.  She still knows me but remembers less and less.  She is in a good place and seems happy there.  Us kids feel good knowing she is well cared for.  She'll enjoy visiting or going for a ride but not remember it the next day (or maybe even later in the day).


                  My family has sure enjoyed hearing about and talking about my cow experience.


                  Nice long runs for Mike and tet.


                  This morning, it was rather nice, about 30F and just a light breeze.  I found I was running slower than usual and not feeling too bad.  I ended up with 10 miles at an 11:41 pace.  It's been quite a while since I've done 10 miles so I don't feel bad about the pace.  (I probably wouldn't have anyway).  As I was finishing, I told myself that, as the day passes,  I probably won't talk to another 69 year old who did 10 miles faster.


                  A good day and good runs for all.