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Wednesday Daily, 9.12.12 (Read 381 times)

Bushrat Runner

    Holly and Erika...Here's hoping you have perfect weather in the incredibly lovely fall colors run. Maybe next year. 


    As for me, I'll be out camping in the rain, yes it is supposed to rain here all weekend, chasing the locally elusive moose while you are running past them right and left...or maybe they won't be quite that prevalent there...I don't know...


    Oh, and it is supposed to blow all weekend as well. Did I mention that?


    But I'm going out with my DS and DD who both want to go on a wonderful adventure travel trip with me, and my airplane mechanic. So it should be fabulous. We'll have a grand time. And maybe stay sort of dry. And hopefully fill the freezer.




    As for today, I was just pulling out my clothes at lunch time when my office phone rang and it was the dispatch and flight following staff calling me over...So I went over to find out what was going on. 


    The rescue coordination center (RCC) in Juneau had been calling. Whenever one of those emergency beacons goes off they are the ones monitoring the satellites, so they get the signal, then call the coast guard to coordinate a response. If the emergency is at sea. But if it is on land, they call the landowner, and this one was over our park so they called us. But it was a little odd. The new beacons broadcast on a different frequency because it gives a better homing signal, and each beacon is registered to some entity. It is supposed to limit the wild goose chase false alarms. But the satellites didn't pick this signal up, it turns out. Instead, the USCG had a C-130 flying over that heard it, but there was no satellite signal received. But the C-130 was convincing, as it was receiving a strong signal, so we got a call asking us to go look for...something...whatever it was. So we called in the pilot, loaded up, and flew around the shoreline of Naknek Lake, as that was as much as we got in terms of specifics, and we had a lovely flight. But we found nothing. As we got back to King Salmon to land, the RCC called back...turns out when the C-130 left and headed off to Kodiak, the signal was still audible all the way they decided it sounded as though maybe they had an equipment malfunction in the plane. 


    We had a great flight though. But no run today. Have I mentioned how hard it is to run in the summer? Winter is training time...