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Monday September 17th Daily (Read 407 times)


    Jlynne - Any races in Green Bay October 13 or 14?  Looks like I am going to skip my planned half marathon in Traverse City that weekend to visit my daughter over there.  It's the only weekend that works for Cindy and me.  If there is a Packers home game, I wonder if there will be any hotel rooms available?  I better check the schedule.


    Dave - the Packers play Houston on Sunday night so finding a hotel room shouldn't be an issue. You'll have just missed the Fox Cities marathon but let me do some checking to see if I can find anything close.  There are usually some local 5k Halloween races at that time. Let me know if you want to meet somewhere for a beer Big grin


    Hey Holly and Erika - nice work! And I'm glad you're having a good time, Holly. You've been working very hard these last few months.


    Nice long run for OM.

    Glad Mariposai's weather got "unsmoked."

    Good luck with your half marathon Star.

    ((( Leslie ))) Hope that kink in your neck works its way out. My DH has been suffering from the same problem for over a week now. '

    Glad you're on the road to recovery Slo.

    Isn't the cool weather awesome Tramps?

    Ribs, as soon as I posted Quincy Jones I thought about Lionel Ritchie. Doh!!


    5 miles at 4:30 this morning in weather much like Tramps had. The school I work for has become a germ infested, sick assylum in a short period of time. I must have washed my hands 20 times today. Isn't it a little early for the cold and stomach flu season???

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      Congratulations to the fine racing this weekend.  Holly & Erika in Alaska.  Wild winning her age group at altitude. Starr on a street that looks like where I live in Michigan.  Ribs with a big age group won.  Tet and his young protegee in the tunnel.  And anyone else I missed. 




      Couldn't have said it any better myself, so why bother trying?


      Slo, sorry about the issues you've been having, glad to hear you're back to running finally. Though if it makes you feel any better, I don't expect my Monkey experience to be any less ugly... but at least I'll try to remember to smile! Smile


      4 easy miles this morning, legs felt perfectly fine. Grateful to resting tomorrow; speedwork session with Coach rescheduled for Wednesday due to the holiday. Sweet! Wink

        Wow I spend 30 hours riding in a van and occasionally running and nobody notices!  Sniff, sniff.  Well I am back from this year's Reach the Beach Relay from Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach.  My team did great winning the whole thing!  Well, not quite.  In fact, we are not even close to competitive.  But we did have a great time.  Even today I was totally wiped out.  I tell you this getting older thing has a lot of downside to it!  Maybe I will be recovered by tomorrow.  I sure hope so.


        In other news I "registered" for the Boston Marathon.  Getting in is a different story.  I would have thought that being over 8 minutes under last year's qualifying time would make getting in a slam dunk this year.  But, the news reports indicate quite a few slots are already gone from last week's part of the registration process.  I guess whatever will be will be.  On the other hand it sure would be nice to run Amsterdam without worrying about trying to get far enough under the BQ time needed to log on to the web page to qualify and actually get in!

        Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

        Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

          I thought it was Quincy Jones.


          Glad your legs getting better, Slo.  Did you ever favor us with a pic of the injury?


          Posie - Ah!  Fresh air!


          Rest day for me, which is good since I'm sitting on the couch with a heating pad attached to my neck and a muscle relaxer making me feel fairly good.  Took off my sweatshirt yesterday and WHAM! - my  neck went haywire.  By the time I got up this a.m., I couldn't lift my head without holding it with my hands, and after two hours at work, it got worse.  This has happened before.  I should be much better by tomorrow . . . hopefully.


          In the meantime, it's just me, a heating pad, munchies, and the remote control.


          Leslie - This happened to me about 10 years ago.  It didn't get better until they gave me diclofenac for the muscle spasms in my neck and back. That was the worst pain since childbirth.


          Posie, so glad that you can get out in the air and breath.  I try to practice deep breathing when I need to get back on track even out running.


          Slo- I think a photo would be in order so we know where you've come from.

          Tramps - turn that AC on right now!  I sell electricity and what if I lose my job, and well, I guess you could turn on your electric heater and flush a little more.  I feel better now.  Don't forget to let the water run once in a while too.

          Tet - Nice job on your marathon.  It sounds like you are getting sentimental as you get a little bit older.


          I walked on my break this morning and jogged a bit of it.  After running 12 last night I expected to feel a little worse.  I have decided that I don't need to mess with GU or anything for fuel in the half.  I have enough of my own fuel plus the Powerade.  I will remember to take a pice of chewing gum.  Now I have to decide what to wear for the race.  Starts in the 40's and ends in the high 60's.  I think short sleeves, capris and a throw-away sweatshirt.