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Saturday's Daily, 4.26.14 (Read 41 times)

    Thanks guys for your support. The race was a huge success. 218 registered. Everyone had fun. Enkie and dievechief were a great help. More to come later. At the last minute yesterday I decided to run it. I had a good time. 2:02 minutes and 21 phone calls asking for questions about this or that later I finished the race. Good enough time for first female in age group. the reviews on Facebook is real good. More later. Enkie, divechief and I are having fun.

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

      ...firstly, Congratulatiosn to ras on the Weight loss//............very impressive.....




      we're home, sunburned, and going to bed


      bike ride tomorrow............followed by a week's worth of paperwor,.....



      ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good running guys,,,,,,,,,,,,

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        Wow Posai!!  You ran and fielded all those phone calls!!


        Richmond or Philly - a bunch of us in my running group are talking about picking one of these as a fall marathon.  We have Baystate right here in Lowell which is great and very well organized -- we have lots of friends in the Greater Lowell Striders group who organize this race, but we are thinking about making our fall marathon an away trip!


        I cannot believe Aamos you ran 22.5 - well actually  I can believe it!!  I have 2 friends running Big Sur tomorrow as part of the Boston to Big Sur challenge (kind of wish I was with them!!)   Makes my easy little 3.2 today look shameful - felt good to be back out on the road!!


          Good evening folks. I can say that I have not gotten near as much done today as some of you. I sure wish I could have run Mari's Orchards in Bloom Half today. What a lot of work she has done, and nice that some RA friends are there too.


          Aamos, I think you will do great in your first 50K, no other opinions here. Well, maybe one, Tet's post make me smile too and I too think that Enke's door #15 is funny.


          I got a nice run in around the lake last night before supper, then hopped on the bike and did the lake on that thing too. MrStarr cooked a steak for us, emphasis on cooked,,, not much juices left. I could not even finish my 4 ounces! It was a lovely night for a bonfire. It is strange to be drinking coffee and not beer or a drink. It has been over five months for MrStarr now, he thinks he'll catch up to me somehow. Congrats to Shorty on his 3 year birthday.


          interesting, quick results with your diet experiment, Ribs. Since we have been on this Sanford Profile diet (meal replacement shakes and bars along with limited fats, protein and lots of veggies), MrStarr's lab results were fantastic! Total cholesterol 236 to 147; HDL 43 to 41; LDL 164 to 87 and glucose down from 146 to 101. The old numbers were from last June. He now goes to the Y every morning for at least an hour, I am so proud of him! He is down 30 pounds in seven weeks ( and me only 16). It is time for another reward hmmm,,,,,,,, how about that road bike? I checked out several online and may get to shop in the Twin Cities two weeks from now.


          We got the pontoon out of storage this morning but the winds were 35 mph with gusts up to 50 So it won't go in the water anytime soon. MrStarr rented a boom to work on 2nd story windows and trim trees. Just as I was thinking about going for a run he came in and asked for help loading all the branches. I guess that was my cross training workout instead.  We have rain in the forecast for four days straight but really, really need the moisture to recharge the wells. The watering ban may be extended to the car washes, anything non-essential is banned right now.


          Ribs, best of luck and hope you have a speedy recovery after your surgery.

          MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

            you walk the uphills and run the downhills and flats, if there are any!

            Great strategy for a first, or 100th, ultra.

            I used to too but now walk most of the flats too.

            For you, be sure to run as hard as you can non-stop on all the flat sections.

            glad you'll be becoming our ultra-amy at long last.


            lucky divechief.

            welcome back tom.

            Since the last pair I bought was in 1990, I don't know that much about running shoes anymore, let alone so many names like models of new cares, but did you get any of those new Streakers by any chance.? The waterproof ones would probably be good for the pool

            Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

            T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


            MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

              I had a good time. 2:02 minutes and 21 phone calls asking for questions about this or that

              Maybe give us your number so we can all be calling next week to spur you along in the Giants too.

              Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

              T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


              Bushrat Runner

                Made it home from California a few days ago, but I was carrying the plague. Got a bit sick during flight training, but it really set in after we got home. Had my first day off in five weeks today and all I did was lay in my chair and wonder why I had to be sick.




                Oh well. I didn't come on here to cry a river. I came on here to see how Posai's day went. Sounds outstanding.