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    Good Morning. Long time no see. I was just reading through some of the various threads you all have going here and thought I should say hello.  Hello!  I have been mostly rehabbing a strained hip I acquired sealcoating my new driveway last summer so my running miles have been a fraction of what they normally are.  I've found a good Physical Therapist in Albany and am doing what she says...mostly...quite often least when she's watching....
    Anyway, glad to see so many of you are still running and posting and enjoying eachother's ethereal company.  Have a good day and run a mile for me.



      It's good to hear from you BTY! I often wonder what has happened to some of the old-timers that used to post and you are one of them so I appreciate you popping in to say hi. Sorry about the injury though. Who would have thought sealcoating was so dangerous eh?



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        Hi BTY !!!!!


        I'm sorry about your hip.   I hope you'll stick around here, missed you!



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          Good to hear from you Brian!   Spareribs


            Hi!   Smile


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              Hello! Thanks for checking in.  Hopefully the PT will have you rehabbed in time for some good weather.

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                Why hello Brian!  I sure you each day is BetterThanYesterday for you.  My DH had an injured hip for quite a while, but he wasn't really in shape before the accident when he fell from a ladder.  He's good as new now.  Are you still able to bike to work?  I recall you used to do that, even in the rain.



                  UP THE ALBANIANS!!!!!!!!!!!



                  Old Footballers get Bad Hips//............I'm out too, just lurked in and saw your post


                  ............good luck on your reHab



                  I hope to post again when I get off these damn crutches...........meh


                  ...good running guys




                  as they say in Albanian

                  ''zidfus uughd gt''


                  which is either



                  something about a goat

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                    BTY, it sure is good to hear from you!

                    Don't be shy to post on the daily. Many of us do it even when we are not running!

                    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard


                      Thank you for the warm welcome back. Posting here was one of my guilty pleasures that I had to give up a while back due to workload, but I know it'll do me good to come back and post in the daily when possible in order to keep my head on straight during this recovery period.


                      tomwhite, if you ever visit Albany, let me know so I can create a diversion - the police are waiting for you at the border.