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    Joe - How's the cleanup and repair going where you are?  As usual, it didn't take long for Sandy to be come "old news," but I'm sure it's going to be a long time before things are back to some kind of normalcy.


    Good luck with the dreadmill.


    My alarm went off this morning, and The Hub came in to say good morning.  Him: "I'm going to the 8:00 AA meeting since they're worried about me." Me: "I'll be running at the McKay Tract for 11." Him (looking very confused): "Right now? What about church??"  Me: "Isn't it Saturday?" We both stopped for a couple of beats trying to figure out what day it was. Roll eyes  So it was 11 slow miles today - Saturday - then a little bit of yard work getting things ready for winter.  Now it's time to watch ND/USC.  Go, Irish!

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      Leslie - funny story about the two of you being confused over the day...ah, long weekends!


      Joe - yes, how is the cleanup? Will there be a boardwalk again? If you can average over 9 mi per day on a dreadmill that will REALLY be impressive!


      Did my 3 + 9 yesterday and then 16 today and it went well! That just leaves a 6 + 2 + weights tomorrow. And then another week, etc. etc. If I can keep this up, not only will I catch the bunny, but hopefully it will payoff in speed dividends!

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        The whole world said I shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene in John Deere Green!!

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