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Thursday April 19th - running? (Read 56 times)

    5 very easy paper-bag recovery running kilometres.  I rode finished1 my first cycling road race last night, liberally bending Coach's orders for the evening, which didn't much resemble a 45 minute warmup and transport to the course, 30 minutes of high-speed, shoulder-jostling idiocy, and 45 minutes of nominal cooldown on the way home (during which I got swept up in a pack of returning fastees and decided to try to keep up) (self-whap).


    I think I like road racing.


    1Entered my first race a few weeks ago and got my butt handed to me on a platter.  Was so mortified that I slunk off the course and drove home, a black cloud chasing my car all the way back to the ferry.

    Ohhhh how much I enjoy the spice this girl brings to our lives!!!


    You go girl!

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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      Eliz!  Mustand Sally!  Aamos!  I love seeing old friends again!


      Mike - how do you live in MN and not own a snow blower?


      Slo - that word popped up in a FB thread yesterday with one of my non-running friends from GA. Coincidence?

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


      Marathon Iowa 2014

        Two reflections on last week:


        The second was my disappointment at not getting to see PBJ after all these years.  Maybe one day, but I hope you heal up soon Joe.



        The feeling is mutual, Ribs.


        I haven't run a marathon in Texas yet - when't the next one that you might be running?

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          Mike - how do you live in MN and not own a snow blower?


          I'm stubborn.

            I have always loved how Mustang Sally writes! And thanks for the trout, dg. (ha, just reminded me of "and thanks for all the fish" after reading SteveP's post about dolphins...!)


            I agree it's sooo nice to see so many old friends here again. I sure hope you can make it somewhat regular. I'm really sporadic at posting cuz life has just gotten so stoopidly busy. But I spent the lunch hour answering employee questions (why don't they read the stuff I send them??) so just caught up on today's doin's while eating the last of my leftover pasta.


            Eliz, nice to see you dipping your toe in, you can stay, ya know!


            Tselbs, that was a really cute story and it's neat to think of those sort of experiences being done all over the country.


            Jlynne, your weather sounds like ours! We haven't had rain though (oh geez, what a mess that would be) but we have a lot of snow still and with temps barely in the 30's most days, it's not going to melt fast. At least we're not having snow storms like Carolyn, but we still have a very (very) white landscape. I'm more than a little tired of it, but at least the bikepaths are being plowed! I think there's 3-4 feet of hardpack on most of them, so it's taking the road crews awhile to get through it.


            I ran the last couple of evenings on the bikepaths that I haven't run on since last fall (Holly, I went out as far as my parents' house, first time since early Oct!). It's still pretty icy at intersections, but getting better. Strange to feel like running in a tunnel though because the cleared snow is piled up high on either side! More tonight, since it's a wee bit warmer today and the sun is so bright! Comedy club tonight though. Smile