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3.30.13 (lotta 3s) Saturday Daily (Read 42 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    My congrats too, PBJ, on PBJster #1 getting into Cornell. Supposed to be a great school in a great town. You'll figure out how to make it happen for him.


    Good luck and have fun today, Wildchild! Smoke 'em...


    Welcome home, Ribs.


    Mariposai, did you get in your sunshine run yesterday after work? I can't eat GS cookies anymore, since I went gluten-free. Maybe that's a good thing...


    Stumpy, nice yin/yang run with the moon and sun yesterday!


    Tammy, enjoy the group run today.


    Imagine that: Marj bumped into Henry out on a run yesterday. And she got to wear shorts and a T!  Smile


    Opie, I agree with Tammy - that was a good article in the club's newsletter.


    Sorry about the deadmill, C-R. You could just skip it and do all your running outside...


    Holly - nice idea to use headlamps at the nighttime Easter egg hunt. You're always thinking, aren't you?


    Congrats on making the deadline at work, Dave, even if the 'go live' date was moved back. You still go the job done on time! Yeah, sorry, but there is no do-over with kids. If there were, I wonder what my folks would have done differently with me the second time around?


    O-M, couldn't hold yourself to an 8:25 pace yesterday, eh? Nice splits!


    Interesting day yesterday, Nancy; x-c skiing and then gardening! What wacky weather?


    Sounds like a great meal, Twocat, except that I just can't do that to asparagus. Sorry.


    Too bad about Eric losing his apartment, Mike. I hope he finds a good home. And I hope you enjoyed your beer yesterday.


    BTY, I'm glad the rehab seems to be working, and that you're focusing on your target race.


    6.7 racewalking miles this morning; 39F with a breeze from the NW under mostly cloudy skies. I heard crickets this morning for the first time this year! But they were only out there for a short while. After that, for another mile or two, all I heard was breathing and shoe strikes. Then I started hearing water lapping at the shore. It was mid-tide, so not too noisy. One time I heard the water running over and shifting the rocks on a short section of shoreline. Then I heard some small waves coming up on a sandy beach - we joke that it sounds like the turnpike, but it does! On my way back home, the crows were out and were making a racket as if someone didn't have their coffee ready on time. Speaking of coffee, DW is just about ready, and we're heading out to our FLD (favorite local dive) for breakfast. After that we'll drive the coast for a bit for our OG (ocean glimpse), and then we'll head to Trader Joe's before coming back to, now that the snow is finally gone, start our spring yard clean-up.


    Have a greta Saturday!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

    MM #5615

      Good morning!


      I am at my 1st event of a busy day filled with grand kid activities.  8:00 soccer game for Allie.  At 10:00, Zac and Molly play, then Jenna plays at 1:00.  Jack has a birthday party from 1:30 - 3:30 up at the bowling alley where my DW works part time.  Somewhere in between games, I have to pick up a ham at the Honey Baked Ham Store.  THEN I get to go home and do my workout.


      I am really not looking forward to my workout.  I'm supposed to do 11 1 mile repeats at 5:40 a mile.  Well, that ain't happening.  Since the track is still covered with snow, I'll go on the street and use the Garmin. I'm hoping to keep them in the 6:20 - 6:30 range.  I should have planned a race for today...they're much more fun.


      Okay--since I'm here, I should, probably, watch Allie.  See ya!

      New skirt in town

        I didn't bump into either Marj OR Henry out on my run today!  Darn it!!  I've come to count on their presence on my Boston Marathon route runs...


        12.1 easy miles on the marathon course this morning, from Brighton into Wellesley and then back again.  Enjoyed the hills, and took the last few miles at marathon pace.  Average pace 9:12.


        I saw a coyote wandering around on Soldier's Field Road on my drive back was stuck in an underpass, snarling traffic and bewildered as to where to go.  There's a State Police barracks right at that very intersection, so I phoned them up.  It was probably all gone by the time they got to the site, but I wanted to make sure everyone was okay.



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          PBJ, congrats to the PBJster on being accepted by Cornell.  BTY, glad to hear the rehab is going well.  Dave, it's got to be a relief to be done with the big project.  Mike, it sounds like you've got a busy day today


          Nice long run for DocRobin and good job on the speedwork for mari.


          Our daughter, son, and daughter in law came home yesterday and will be here for the rest of the weekend.  One of my sisters and her husband will be showing up a little later for Easter dinner today.  It's always good to have family around.


          This morning, my son, daughter, and I went for a run together.  It was in the mid 30s, sunny, and almost calm.  We got in 6 miles at a 10:23 pace.  I enjoyed running with them.


          A good day and good runs for all.


          King of PhotoShop

            Robin, your overall pace today is my MP!  When are you going to dial it back for taper?  I ran just 33 miles this week and the next two will be in the mid-20's.


            Just 3 brisk this morning. I want all my runs now to have a bit of pep in them.  Gorgeous weather here.  Spareribs

              Thanks Jay.  I had the perfect Jack Daniels 2 and a half hour run this morning with the club, about 15 miles.  It wouldn't hurt me to do a 20-miler, I guess, at that pace, in 3:20 next weekend.

              "This is my approach as both athlete and coach: (quoting Steve Magness) Even if the training is perfect, if you don't buy into it, you will not run fast.  Chase Consistency, Not Perfection."  Neely Spence Gracey

                10.07 trail miles for me this morning.  Man, it is almost noon.  I got to get going.

                Humanity runs on coffee.

                  coastwalker all I can say is try it!  I too thought a fried egg on asparagus?  What  idiot thinks this is a good idea?  Then I tried it.  Really good!  Who wudda thought?


                  I got in my last 20 mile run for this shortened training cycle.  This means as of now I finally join many of you in taper mode.  Is this a great sport or what?  Cutting way back on running for a couple of weeks counts as getting fit!

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                    Wow, Mike.  That’s quite a workout.  Good luck.

                    In fact, lots of nice running this morning.  Good work out there.


                    A couple of people PM'd me about that education/income chart yesterday.  It's from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the most recent 2012 version can be found here.  The numbers don't change much from year to year.


                    Also, I thought this column on Boston marathon weather was very well done.  Worth a read, even if you're not running it, since it's really about how weather affects marathoners in general.


                    I hit the trail for an easy 12 miler.  It's always interesting to feel how different this kind of running is.  Lateral movements to zig-zag around obstacles, especially, feels totally foreign after hour and hours of road running.


                    Have a great weekend and happy Easter.

                      Hi friends!!    Started my birthday celebration with a 14 mile HILLY run with my running group - not sure we really needed to do that many hills 2 weeks before Boston but we did it!!  2:17:10   I have a massage booked for 2:30 - cant wait.....then Easter Vigil tonight at 8p - sounds like a glorious way to spend the day to me!!


                      Sounds like great runs all around so far!!  Enjoy the gift my friends!!

                      Tramps - thanks for the link!!


                        Taper time, taper time...hurrahhh!!!! (my poor DH hates taper time because he says that I am very cranky when I taperRoll eyes)


                        13 miles today for a total of 33 miles for this week. Next week is Yakima Canyon Marathon!


                        Well time to shower and then go shopping. I am cooking Easter dinner for a few friends tomorrow. Twocat, your menu sounds yummie, about that asparagus, what Tramps said...Wink.. My menu is not set in concrete yet. I better start working on it.


                        Speaking of menu, what is your Easter menu? I always enjoy learning what other people cook for the Easter/Passover.

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                        Marathon Maniac #957

                          Good afternoon!


                          Lots of excitement around here with so many upcoming races - I love it!


                          Happy Birthday Denise!


                          Last night's Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt was a blast!  The adults got to play, too, and chldren 12 and under (teenagers have theirs tonight).  It was held in a patch of wooded park behind a rec center nearby.  Rather than the usual Easter Egg Hunt, which is over in about 30 seconds, this one lasted at least a half-hour, as everyone roamed around in the dark with their lights, occasionally hearing a happy shout as someone found one of the eggs with a star on it, which you turned in for a larger prize (we found two).  I took DD and two of her friends and another mother, and we all agreed we must do this next year, too.


                          I went to do my fasting bloodwork this morning, so didn't have much time for a run by the time I got back.  DH took DD to her softball practice so I could run to the store and finish my Easter shopping.  Yes, my kids will still get Easter baskets this year, and I filled a zillion plastic eggs with candy, quarters and half-dollars.  I will get up in the middle of the night and hide them around the house, and the kids will start the day with our traditionaly in-house egg hunt. Probably followed by DD's histrionics if she didn't get more eggs....where her brother is concerned, she is so competitive....Roll eyes


                          4 easy-paced miles for me this morning in 33 degrees.

                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                            Wow. This is an active group today.


                            Yup Jay. Now the weather is better its to the great outdoor. Winter kind of suck with my reynauds in my hands so I actually enjoy the treadmill.


                            Great to run with family Tom.


                            That's a buster workout Mike. My legs ache from reading it.


                            Happy birthday Denise.


                            Flashlight Easter Egg hunt. Fun.


                            Didn't get home from working the NCCA basketball games until 1 am so I missed the club run. Went out for my own little 14.5 just a while back. Now its time to 1) do the taxes and 2) clean the garage. Not sure which one of those is worse.


                            Cheers all.

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                              Go WildChild go!!!!!!!!!! 


                              Good luck to our wild marathon maniac on her first 50k!


                              Tramps, thanks for the link!

                              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                                Yes, GO WILD!!!

                                How exciting.


                                I love me some fried eggs with a side of asparagus, they go very well together.


                                5 trail miles today with Remi.  We are having amazing weather this weekend.  Was about 55F at the start of my run and 60F at the end and SUNNY.  I felt so ALIVE by the end.  All that root jumping etc, it is like playing a real live video game!  Except there are consequences I realized later, as I did the most fabulous trip over a root, legs trying to catch up with my upper torso, which was close to ground, but miraculously, and I don't know how it was possible, I stayed upright, although I ended up in some bushes.  I was so prepared for the pain too.


                                I heard tons of frogs in the swamp on my run, it reminded me of Mary (Hopeful).  Here's hoping everything is ok with her.


                                Will be setting up my first outdoor egg hunt sometime this weekend.  I spent a few hours last night doing backyard work, and now I can relax, crack a beer, put my feet up and look at the flowers (and it will be 66F today, 70F tomorrow).  Definitely steak on the BBQ (which does work fine) tomorrow for Easter dinner.

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